What Is Notion: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide to know about Notion in detail.

What is Notion? Well, Notion is an all-in-one tool that promotes itself as the ultimate productivity tool.

It combines to-do lists, notes, Kanban boards, calendars, and tables under one roof. This saves you from having to switch between apps for different tasks.

It is made to work for everyone. No matter if you are a student, designer, or marketer, you can use Notion to streamline your workflow. You can use it for your personal work such as a meal planner or for work to run your business.

It comes with a set of blocks that you can add to any page to add the content. You can easily drag and drop the blocks around the page.

What is Notion and What Can You Do With It?

There’s a lot of things that you can do with the Notion app. Here are some of the popular things that people use Notion for:

1. Project Management

Project Management using Notion

Many teams around the globe use Notion to plan, track and collaborate with each other. It lets you add your project in the Kanban-style boards, timeline, and tables to let teams do impactful work.

It makes it easy for teams to be on the same page with less back and forth meetings and emails to get the work done. All team members can see important project information with just a glance.

It brings all information about a project on a centralized platform to keep everyone in the team synced with the progress.

2. Take Notes

Lecture Notes in Notion

You can use Notion as a note-taking app to store all important information in one database. It lets you rapidly create structured, flexible content that you can think of using the different blocks it comes with.

It includes numerous text formatting features such as headings, numbered lists, and bullet lists to help you in creating a formatted piece of article. The Notion app is popular among college students, who use it to take notes.

With the toggle feature, you can hide your notes. You can type a key phrase or term that will help you in determining what notes are hidden beneath. This is useful when you’re going over your notes to revise.

3. To Do List

To do list in Notion

It’s hard to get things done when you don’t have a proper plan. With Notion, you can create a to-do list of all things you want to do and get those things done on time.

From a simple checklist of daily chores to full project boards, Notion is flexible enough to help you get into action. Once the task is done, you can archive it or move it to a different card.

To make the to-do list truly yours, you can add custom properties such as tags, numbers, emails, URLs, and many more. You can also use the date property to set task deadlines. And, if you’re working in a group, you can easily assign tasks to different people.

4. Get Organized


Notion lets you create a hierarchy of pages inside a workspace. It includes powerful navigation to make it simple to find the information you require.

You can create a dashboard and use it to display links to all important pages. If you have a lot of pages in a workspace and are having trouble finding them, you can use Quick Find at the top of the navigation panel.

The Notion app also allows you to save similar formatted pages as Templates, saving you time when designing the same pages.

You can use Notion to organize everything in a single app, whether it’s personal finance, a reading list, recipes, a gym workout, or anything else.

5. Build websites

Because Notion is a web-based application, it allows you to publish the pages you create with it to the internet. Everyone who has access to the link will be able to view your content on any device, just like a regular web page.

You can even personalize your public Notion pages with a yourdomain.notion.site URL. Follow this guide to know more about how to set the domain for notion.site links.

If you want to use Notion on a custom domain of yours, you can do that too.

You also have the option to enable search engine indexing for your pages. This allows people all over the world to find your Notion pages via Google and other search engines.

List of Blocks Available in Notion

Notion includes a number of blocks, which contribute to making it a powerful app. Below are all the Notion blocks categorized into different types.

Basic BlocksInline BlocksDatabase BlocksMedia BlocksEmbedsAdvanced Blocks
Text blockMentionsTable – InlineImageTweetTable of Content
Page blockPage MentionsBoard – InlineWeb bookmarkWhimsical boardBlock Equation
Heading 1Date or ReminderCalendar – InlineVideoLoom recordingTemplate Button
Heading 2EmojiGallery – InlineCode blockEmbedded web pageBreadcrumb
Heading 3Inline EquationTimeline – InlineFileGoogle DriveSynced Block
Bullet listsList – InlineAudioGoogle Maps
Numbered listsLinked DatabaseGitHub Gist
Toggle listFigma
Link to pageFramer
Simple TableSketch

Notion Availability on Different Platforms

Notion is available for web, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS. It’s also a web app that you can access from any device with a browser.

For mobile users, Notion has both a dedicated iOS app and an Android app (with the latter being more recently updated).

Notion Pricing

The Notion pricing model is simple. There are three options for individuals, teams, and enterprise users.

Notion pricing 1

Individuals can sign up for a free Personal Notion account, which includes unlimited blocks and pages and a 5 MB file limit. In addition, free users can invite up to 5 guests to their workspace.

Individuals can also sign up for a Personal Pro account for just $4/ month. It includes all of the free account features plus unlimited file upload of any size, unlimited guests, and 30-day revision history.

Teams and businesses can get going with Notion by paying $8/ month/user and it includes Unlimited team members, Collaborative workspace, Sharing permissions, and Admin tools.

If you’re a big enterprise, you can contact the Notion sales team for custom pricing based on your requirements.

Wrapping Up: What is Notion?

Numerous people have found the Notion app to be very helpful in getting organized, as it provides features that are not available on other productivity apps.

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