How To Master The Time Blocking Technique Using Notion

Become productive by mastering the time blocking technique.

How To Master The Time Blocking Technique Using Notion

Are you looking to master the time blocking technique using Notion?

Time blocking is a technique in which you divide your schedule into blocks of time. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use the Notion timeline view for time blocking and become productive in your tasks.

What Is Time Blocking Technique?

Time blocking is a time management technique that divides your day into blocks of time. It is a way to plan your day in advance and make sure you are not wasting time on tasks that you don’t need to do.

The technique is based on the idea that we have different types of energy throughout the day. For example, we might be more creative in the morning and more focused in the afternoon. So, it’s important to know when our energy levels are at their highest so we can use them for tasks that require creativity or focus.

time blocking technique
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The technique also helps us avoid procrastination because it forces us to schedule our tasks ahead of time and stick with them.

The Benefits of Time Blocking

Time blocking is a very effective way to manage all of the things that you have to do in a given week, and it can also provide you with the added benefit of ensuring that you have a balanced week between your work life, your personal life, and other responsibilities.

Time blocking ensures that you know exactly what tasks need to be completed for the day, and you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed by your life, which is common when juggling multiple tasks at once. You might even find yourself accomplishing more in less time than before!

Time blocking also allows you to focus on only the most important task or project each day, rather than worrying about other things like emailing clients, returning phone calls, and so on.

It’s clear that time blocking has many benefits and can help improve productivity, let’s see how we can use this technique using the Notion app.

How To Master Time Blocking Technique Using Notion

You might already know what Notion is. It is an all-in-one productivity app with numerous note-taking and management features.

Notion is where I do a lot of my work, and today I’ll show you how to use it to master the time blocking technique.

The databases are the heart of the Notion app. It can be used to create databases, such as a simple table, or a complicated one, such as the Kanban board. Databases in Notion are useful for keeping track of things and managing them.

If you don’t know what databases are, Notion has a short handy video tutorial that explains what it is in simple terms.

Creating a database

One such type of database is the Timeline View and we can use it for the time blocking technique. You can also use the same Timeline View to create Gantt charts in Notion.

Once you have created a Timeline View database, you can right-click on the default tasks and delete them.

delete default tasks

After you have a clean database, you can click on the time dropdown and change it from Month to Day.

change the view from month to day

Now, you can hover your mouse on the timeline view and start adding your tasks based on timings.

Add tasks to your timeline view

If you want to change the start or end time of a task, you can simply grab one end of the task and stretch it using your mouse.

change task duration by dragging the end

You can also toggle the sidebar that shows the table with a list of your tasks.

click toggle to view the tasks table

To make it more interesting, you can add tags to your tasks and make them show up in your timeline view.

assign tags to the tasks

You can do this by clicking the three dots → Properties and then selecting what properties to show in the timeline view.

click three dots and select properties to show

The status will show up on the right side of the task.

tasks with tags in timeline view

That is all for this tutorial. You can further customize your timeline view with more properties to make it your own.

Time Blocking Technique Notion Template

To make it easy for you to get started, you can copy and duplicate the template we created. You can delete the dummy data or edit it to make the template yours.

Conclusion: Time Blocking Technique

Every person has their own way of doing things that they are most efficient at. The time blocking technique helps improve your productivity by making you focus on a single task that’s important at a particular time.

You can make use of Notion’s Timeline View database to easily create a time-blocking dashboard.

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