How To Set a Reminder in Notion

Are you looking for a way to set a reminder in Notion so that you…

Are you looking for a way to set a reminder in Notion so that you never miss out on important tasks?

We often have a lot going on in our daily lives and naturally tend to forget things that we need to get done.   

This problem is common with people who are always multitasking and have to jump between several tasks on a daily basis.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set reminders in Notion so that you can keep up with all the important things that you need to do.

How Are Reminders in Notion Helpful?

Notion has been the go to tool for many when it comes to productivity. It has stopped being just a note-taking app and now offers a wide variety features that make it a one stop shop for organizing your personal and business life.

Notion offers a simple yet effective way to help you set reminders and keep track of deadlines and recurring tasks so that you can take your productivity to the next level.

Reminders in Notion help you to stay on top of your to-do-list and keep you updated about the important action items in your schedule.

How to Set a Reminder in Notion

You can set a reminder in Notion by using the in-line ‘@’ command (@reminder) anywhere on the page.

First, navigate to the section where you want to add a reminder and type ‘@remind’ followed by a date and time you want to be reminded.


Next, select the date from the window or hit Enter to set the reminder.

Your reminder will appear in a blue tag as shown below.

Reminder appearing in blue tag

You can also manually change the date and time of your reminder by clicking on the blue tag and choosing a different date and time from the calendar window.

Choosing different time and date from calendar window

You can also set reminders in databases.

How to Set a Reminder in Notion Database

To do this, click directly on a date in your table. This should open the Calendar window.

Calendar window

Next, go to Remind and choose when you want to be reminded from one the listed options.

going to remind to see listed options

If you want even more specific reminder options, enable Include Time. This will give you more control over when you want to be reminded.

enabling include time

Select the option of your choice to set the reminder.

selecting option to set reminder

But wait! Now that you have set the reminders, you would want to be notified about them too, right?

How to set up notifications for reminders in Notion

You can turn on notifications in Notion by going to the Settings and Members > My notifications and settings and turning on notifications for:

  • Mobile Push
  • Desktop Push
  • Email notifications
  • Always send email notifications

turning notifications on

You are all set to receive Notion reminder notifications across all your devices.

That’s it! Now you know everything about setting reminders in Notion. If you liked this walkthrough, be sure to check out our other Notion tutorials to learn more.

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