How To Save Page As Template in Notion

Have you ever wanted to reuse the same content on a new page in your Notion workspace over and over? While it is very simple to duplicate an already existing page, you may have wondered if there is a way to save any page as a template that you can reuse.

Well, Notion allows you to easily create templates within a database that one can duplicate with just a single click. 

Let's look at how to make it in this article.

Benefits of Using Template in a Notion Workspace

The main benefits of creating templates in a Notion workspace are:

  • It saves you time and energy by eliminating repetitive work. 
  • Allows you to create content faster.
  • Provide an example for content to fill in.
  • It makes your workflow more efficient.
  • You are less likely to make mistakes.

Now we know the benefits of using templates, let's see how to create them in a database.

How To Create a New Template in Notion Database

If you use a database in Notion, you can easily create a template within the database and duplicate it throughout. Creating a new template is a one-time process that will save you from repetitive tasks.

Let's see how to create a new template in a database.

1. Create a new database in Notion

The first and most important step is to add a database to your Notion page. This can be either an inline or a full-page database.

Select the type of Notion database you want to add

Creating template works with all Notion database types, including List, Table, Gallery, Timeline, Board, and Calendar.

2. Add a new page to the database

After creating the database, it'll automatically add a few default pages to it. You can open any of those or add a new page and open it. 

open a page in table database

3. Click on the ‘Create a template' button

On the new page, scroll down past the database properties and you'll see a message with a hyperlinked text that says ‘Create a template' at the end. Click on it and it'll open the template editor page.

Notion page create a template button

4. Give a name and add content to your template

Give your template a name and begin adding the repetitive content that you want to appear whenever the template is selected. You can use any Notion block, such as tables, images, embeds, and others.

Test template created in table database

After everything is added, you can click the back button at the top to go back to the database page.

Now, whenever you open a new page inside this database, you'll see a new button to add the template content inside the page.

notion save page as template

How To Turn an Existing Page Into a Template

It is no different when creating a template from existing content. Follow the first three steps, and when it comes time to add content to the template, open both the template editor and the content in separate windows side by side.

Select all of the content you want to include in the template, copy it to the clipboard with CTRL + C, and then paste it into the editor.

That's it. The templates created using this method are for internal use within the same workspace.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you are looking for public Notion templates, you can check out these templates:

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