How to Password Protect Notion Pages

Find out how to secure your Notion page with a password.

Notion is a great tool for organizing and keeping track of your work, thoughts, and daily tasks. You can also use it to create website, knowledge base, blog, and many other use case.

Sometimes, you may not want everyone to have access to your Notion pages.

In this article, we’ll show you how to password protect your pages so that only people with the password can view them.

Why You Might Want to Add Password to Notion Pages?

There are many reasons why you might want to password protect Notion pages.

Maybe you’re working on a page that’s not ready to be shared with the world. Or maybe you simply want to keep certain pages private and only allow specific people access to them.

Whatever the reason, adding password protection to a Notion page is easy to do. Let’s look at it in detail now.

How to Password Protect Notion Pages

Notion by default does not have a solution to limit access by a password. If you want to share a page, you can either enter the email address of the person or publish and share the page URL with them.

Both of these are not viable options because you cannot keep manually adding everyone from time to time, nor you’d want to share the public URL, which can easily be shared with everyone.

That’s where third-party tools come in handy. One of the best ways to password protect your Notion pages is to use Potion. It is a Notion website builder that also has a password protection feature.

You can use it to create some amazing websites. Visit the following link to check out Notion websites and examples built with Potion.

The password protection feature is only available for the top two tiers, so you’d want to pick one of those two plans.

The 3-site plan costs $30 per month but if you subscribe to a yearly plan, you can avail a 20% discount.

Step 1: Set Up Potion

Once you’ve set up the account and you’re into the dashboard, click Add New Site button at the top right.

Click the Add Site button at top

A popup box will appear where you have to enter the name of your site and paste the Public URL of your Notion page. You can also configure a Potion subdomain for your site, which you can later change to a custom domain.

Set up your Notion site

Click on the Continue button and Potion will create your Notion website in few seconds.

Notion site created using Potion

Step 2: Add Password Protection in Notion using Potion

Potion allows you to add password protection to both the entire site and a single page. In the editor, click the Default Settings button in the right sidebar, followed by the Page Settings button in the top bar. This brings up a menu with various options that apply to the entire site.

Set default settings for entire site

In the menu, toggle the Password Protect Page option and enter the password in the box below. Remember to click the Save button to update the changes.

Set password protection for entire Notion website

This will secure your entire workspace or website, preventing anyone who does not have access from viewing the content. If someone tries to access your website, this is what they’ll see.

That’s great. But what if you only want to secure a single page? Let’s take a look at that now.

In the editor, click on any page from the right sidebar and then click on the Page Settings button at the right top. This will open the settings that will only apply for that specific page. In the same way, as above, toggle the Password Protect Page option and enter the password in the box below.

password protect individual Notion page

People can now browse your website normally, but when they get to that specific page, they will be prompted to enter a password.

Enter password to access Notion page 1

Does Notion has a free way to lock page access?

There’s no free way to add a password to a Notion page but an alternative is to use the built-in lock feature. You can learn more about it from our tutorial on how to lock pages in Notion. It adds protection to your Notion page and prevents other people from making changes.

Wrapping Up: Password-Protect Notion Pages

Password-protecting your Notion pages is a great way to keep your information safe and secure. This article provides a detailed and helpful guide on how to password-protect Notion pages. It explains how to employ it across the entire site as well as on individual pages using Potion.

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