How To Check Word Count in Notion [Easy Way]

View word count and track your writing habit.

Do you want to know how to view the word count of a page in Notion?

If you are a student, writer, or someone who wants to develop a writing habit, you would want to keep track of the words you write.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily and quickly view the word count of a page within Notion.

Does Notion Database Have a Word Count Property?

As of the time of writing this tutorial, the Notion database lacks a word count property that can calculate the total number of words used on a page. However, if you want to know the total word count on a page, there is a workaround.

How To Check Word Count in Notion [Easy Way]

Notion includes a built-in word count tracker hidden within the hamburger menu. The word count tracker is very basic, only showing you the total number of words on a page. When you highlight a section of text in your document, it does not display the word count of the highlighted text.

To view the word count of a page in Notion, click the hamburger menu on the top right.

Click on the three dots to open menu

Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and you’ll see the Notion word count listed.

notion word count

If you want a more feature-rich word tracker, you can use the Word Counter Plus chrome extension plugin on Notion web to see the word of the highlighted words and other statistics.

Is It Possible To Check the Notion Page Word Count With Formula?

Unfortunately, using a formula to calculate the word count in Notion is not possible. The only way is to check, as previously described.

That’s it for this short tutorial. I hope you found the tutorial helpful. If you do, please consider sharing it on social media. You can also check out other Notion tutorials on this blog to up your skills. 

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  • Mr De La Bruyère

    Just an example with a formula :

    if(empty(prop(“Tweet 1”)), “”, if(length(prop(“Tweet 1”)) / 280 <= 1, "✅ " + format(length(prop("Tweet 1"))) + "/" + "280", "⛔️ too many characters! "))

    Enjoy ✌️

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