Best Notion Wishlist Templates To Track Your Shopping

Say no to impulse, buy smartly.

Are you looking for the best Notion wishlist template to track all your shopping? 

Let’s accept it, one of the hardest things to do is track all the things you wish to buy while you keep adding them to your wishlist and never get back to it.

Also, with so many shopping apps on your smartphone, it is so hard to keep track of all your purchases and wishlist items and wish for one central database for it. 

We heard you, and so did some of the best Notion creators, and they have designed some of the best wishlist templates just for you. 

In this article, we discuss some of the best Notion wishlist templates that are sick and ditch all those wishlists on shopping apps.

Best Notion Wishlist Templates – Say No to Impulse, Buy Smartly

Notion wishlist template makes it easy for you to track all the items you wish to buy from different shopping apps, websites, and even offline stores.

Consider it to be a central database for all your shopping needs, but only better with Notion.

Here are some of our best picks on wishlist templates on Notion,

1. Shopping Wishlist by Notionium

Notion Shopping WIsh List Template

If you wish to manage your shopping wishlist smartly, the Notion template Shopping Wishlist by Notionium is the perfect choice for you.

This template helps you manage your wishlist better with multiple databases and a range of decision-making objectives.

One of the highlights of this wishlist template for us is the organization and categorical representation, which is just what you need and never knew about.

You can wishlist items based on brands, stores, websites, and other categories, helping you to make a more streamlined database.

You can make more stores and categories in the template with easy customization to add more information based on your choices and preferences.

You can find a total of 4 kinds of databases – store database, brand database, category database, and wishlist+purchased item database. You can even add more databases to make the wishlist template more organized and useful.

Once you have all the wishlist items on your Notion dashboard, you can sort them based on priorities and decide if you really need to spend your hard-earned money on them.

You can then make targets and start saving to finally remove items from your wishlist and add them to your purchased items. 

Key Features

  • Multiple databases for a streamlined organization based on stores, brands, and categories
  • A single dashboard makes it easier to map all your items in one place, despite of the website, brand, or store you added them from.
  • Add images and prices to help remember the products better without having to open the link to the store website each time.
  • Minimalistic and easy-to-navigate databases to add or remove items from your wishlist.
  • Make an automated total count of the price of all items and the number of items at the bottom of each database for easy tracking.

2. Wish List Template by Jules Acree

Wish List Template by Jules Acree

The Wish List template by Jules Acree has helped me skip all the impulse buying, and if you are just like me, buying and regretting later, this is the Notion wish list template for you.

The template features multiple tables for creating a decision-making database to buy or not to buy items from your wishlist. So, you need to answer the question of why you want to buy this to get firm confidence and avoid impulse buying.

To make it more specific about the product, you can add information such as price, image, category, and the purchase link to the item.

A fascinating thing about this template is how well organized it is with blocks and tables such as “nice to have,” “really want,” and “really need” that help you make a correct decision.

Most times, we get diverted by advertisements and tend to buy items that are likable but not needed, and this template helps you sort all the chaos.

Key Features

  • Multiple databases to help you make a correct decision and not impulse buy
  • Move items from your wishlist to multiple other databases, such as items that you need, want, and are a must.
  • Skip impulsive buying with a questionnaire such as “why” you need to purchase this item or product.
  • Automatically calculates the total price of all the items in your list at the end of the price column to save you all the time.
  • Create custom tags according to your needs and preferences.

3. Shopping List Database

Shopping List Database Template on Notion

The Shopping list database is not the most visually appealing Notion wish list template, but it is efficient in tracking all the items that you wish to buy.

On the template dashboard, you can find the board view that shows all your favorite picks from multiple websites and stores, which also helps you easily find the item you saved a long time ago. 

You can use the Notion Web Clipper to quickly add items from the shopping websites into the database with just a click. Once the item is added, you can update the relevant tag and price. 

Key Features

  • Multiple tags to organize the items on your wish list.
  • Board, gallery, and table views to showcase all the items from the wish list.
  • Organize your wish list by adding categories to items and viewing wish list items categorically.
  • Add relevant information about items such as price, a link to purchase, or make custom parameters.
  • Add shopping items using the Notion Web Clipper extension.

4. Gift Guide + Wishlist Notion Template

Gift Guide Wishlist Notion Template

As the proverb says, “save the best for the end,” the Gift Guide + Wishlist template is the Notion template which is so much more than just a table. 

On the Gift Guide + Wishlist template, you can find a basic birthday tracker template on the top, which helps you remember to add items to your wish list for a specific relation and what they would love to have.

Below the table, you can find a gift ideas section where you can add unique gift ideas that you come across on social media or other platforms. 

The fascinating part for us is the gifts by category, which is well presented and much more organized compared to any other template on the list.

You can find a board view of all the items based on their category, and all the categories are shown in a drop-down list which ensures there is not much bloating on your dashboard. 

While you can add information such as price, link to purchase, photos, and other information, making the template more efficient, there is an additional feature that no other template in this list showcases – a shareable wish list.

On the Gift Guide + Wishlist template, you can create a shareable wish list and share it with your friends and family to let them add more items to the list or know what presents to buy for you.

Key Features

  • A birthday tracker to know when you have to purchase items from your wish list
  • Create shareable wish lists to share with your friends and family.
  • Organize your items based on categories and show them in board view on the dashboard.
  • Add images, purchase links, prices, and other relevant information to items on your wish list
  • Scribble down unique gift ideas directly on the dashboard under the gift ideas section.

Wrapping Up: Best Wish List Template on Notion

Wish list templates make it easier for you to track all the items that you wish to buy from multiple stores and websites under one single dashboard.

But more importantly, it helps you make smarter decisions over impulse buying and help you save some of your hard-earned money with proper planning.

Which of the above wish list templates fascinates you more? Let us know in the comment section.

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