Notion Templates: Where to Find Them?

Websites to help you find the best Notion templates.

Notion is an app that you can use for multiple purposes such as note-taking, productivity, habit tracker or to keep track of everything.

Creating the pages inside Notion from scratch is a time taking job. That’s where the Notion templates come into the picture. They give you a head start on what you want to achieve with it.

The templates have the structure and blocks added to the page and act as a wireframe. There are many places where you can find cool Notion templates and I am going to list them one by one in this article.

Let’s check them out.

Where to Find the Best Notion Templates?

You can find Notion templates created by individual creators on their website or you can use one website that houses templates from all creators.

I have included both types to help you in picking the best template.

1. notionzen Library

notionzen is a one-stop shop for all Notion templates. The ever-expanding library includes both free and premium templates from various individual creators all over the world.

Notion Basic template library

The various filters in the sidebar make it simple to fine-tune your search and get relevant results.

The website offers the ability to rate the templates, which allows you to find the highest rated templates from other website users.

The best part about the notionzen template library is that you may discover hidden gems that you won’t find on other websites.

2. Notion Template Gallery

How can an article about the best notion template library be complete if it does not mention the official Notion template gallery?

Official Notion Templates Gallery

The Template Gallery contains templates created by the Notion team and community members. They are divided into categories, and you can view the templates from any of them by clicking on the category name in the sidebar.

The majority of the templates are free, but you may come across a few paid templates from the individual creator.

3. Red Gregory

Red Gregory is a Notion Ambassador who enjoys sharing tips and tricks for improving the Notion app experience.

She’s made some really cool advanced Notion templates based on formulas. She has a YouTube channel where she teaches people how to use her templates.

Red Gregory Templates

Her template collection at the moment of writing this article has more than 200 templates and all of her templates are free to download from her website.

4. Easlo

Easlo is a well-known Notion Ambassador and template creator, specializing in creating minimal templates for productivity and getting things done.

Easlo Notion Templates

He has a wide range of Notion templates that are high quality and well thought. Some are available for free while some are paid.

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