40+ Best Notion Templates For Students

Organize your school life with Notion templates.

Are you a school or college student looking for Notion templates?

Notion is an amazing tool for students. It is versatile and can be used for so many different things. Whether you need a place to keep track of your assignments, or a way to organize your thoughts, Notion can help you out.

There are a ton of different templates out there, and it can be hard to know which one’s the best for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Notion templates for students. This list includes both paid and free Notion templates for students.

Let’s dive in.

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Is Notion Useful for Students?

Notion is a powerful tool that can help students organize their notes, thoughts, and study materials into one convenient place.

With features like multi-device support, sync to the cloud, a feature-rich free plan, dedicated mathematical and code block, table database & more, Notion is the ultimate app to take lecture notes and organize everything.

What’s more better is that students with a school email address can get the Notion Personal plan for free which allows uploading files of unlimited size.

If you are a student and have just started using Notion, we recommend that you check our Notion student starter guide.

40+ Best Student Notion Templates To Help Them Better Manage Their Time

This article organizes student templates into different categories to make it easier for everyone to find the best template for their needs.

School Dashboard Notion Templates for Students

Dashboard templates enable you to manage everything from one page. They have various database views embedded to track various aspects of your school.

1. The Ultimate Student Hub

Ultimate student hub premium

The Ultimate Student Hub is an all-in-one student dashboard template that has everything you need to stay on top of your student life. You get individual databases for courses, exam schedules, job applications, project management, and more.

It allows you to effortlessly navigate between all university specifics, so you don’t miss anything. Students of any level can use this template, which is meant to help them study in a productive Notion environment.

main landing page mockup.png

It includes various database views, such as the calendar, gallery, and boards (Kanban). With the help of this functional and aesthetic template, you can avoid switching between several other templates.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Dashboard for easy navigation and synchronization
  • Assignment Tracker and Task Manager for seamless tracking of progress and due dates
  • Project Management Tool for overseeing project progress
  • Subject Overview with pre-designed templates for comprehensive subject details
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards for enhanced learning and memory retention
  • Automated Pomodoro Tracker for efficient time management
  • Lecture Schedule for effective planning of study sessions
  • Automated Grade Calculator for effortless GPA calculation
  • Habit Tracker with visual graphs to track and visualize progress
  • Finance Tracker with easy expense and income management
  • Goal Tracker with automated motivational feedback
  • Job Tracker for organizing job applications and interview schedules

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2. Student Starter Pack

Student Starter Pack

Students Starter Pack is a comprehensive free template that’s available both in light and dark modes.

It is a single-page template with different databases for organizing notes, class schedules, assignments, and deadlines are included. You also get a video tutorial to help you learn how the template works and how to make the most of it.

Key Features:

  • Class Calendar Schedule
  • Class Notebook
  • Linked Databases
  • Calendar View

Get Students Starter Pack

3. Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard

The Student Dashboard is a simple and minimal database that allows students to keep organized notes, plan activities, archive previous courses, and track exam outcomes.

It also comes with a dedicated section inside each course that includes a helpful Revision Time Table (RTT) to help you monitor your level of preparation.

Key Features:

  • Course Section (Notes and RTT)
  • To-Do List
  • Lesson Planner
  • Archive
  • Exam Tracker
  • Pre-compiled Templates

Get Student Dashboard

4. School Dashboard

school dashboard

School Dashboard is a free aesthetic Notion student template that organizes everything school-related into one holistic, easy-to-navigate clean dashboard. It comes with an Academic planner which is good for long-term planning and brainstorming.

It also has an optional course schedule page with courses organized in a board view. This is best for sorting your academics by semester or quarter.

Just like other school templates in this list, the School Dashboard also lets you organize assignments, track progress, and get an overview of upcoming classes.

Key Features:

  • Academic plan page with courses organized in a table view
  • Track your assignments
  • Course schedule page
  • Class notes for every course.

Get School Dashboard

5. Notion Student Dashboard

Notion Student dashboard

Get Notion Student Dashboard

6. Student OS Dashboard

Student OS Dashboard

Get Student OS Dashboard

7. Student Hub

Student Hub

Get Student Hub

8. Student System

Student System

Get Student System

Notion Templates for College Students

College students have a verify specific need when looking for templates. They are interested in features such as course and subject manager, note-taking, assignment tracker, reading list, and more.

9. Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

Navigating college life can be difficult, but the Ultimate Notion Template for College Students is here to make it easier for you. Designed to turn chaos into a clear path, this university Notion template is an all-in-one solution for managing courses, assignments, and personal life with ease.

The template also offers a bonus of 12+ Notion AI prompts to help you maximize your productivity and a free Notion widget for added convenience.

Key Features

Get the Ultimate Notion Template for College Students

10. University Hub

University Hub

The University Hub is a free Notion template for students that helps you organize everything in one location.

Each section has different views, filters, and pre-made templates to help you keep track of every part of high school life.

It also includes a how-to video to show you how to get the most out of the template and a free Canva resume template to help you when you’re ready to graduate and start looking for work.

Key Features:

  • Lessons Manager
  • To-do list
  • Course Section
  • Exams Overview
  • Schedule
  • Professors Profiles
  • Work Section

Get University Hub

11. Notion University Template

Notion University Template

The Notion University Template is a free and simple student planner template that one can use to keep track of projects, take notes, schedule events, and other important class data.

Key Features:

Get Notion University Template

12. University Class Management

How I prepare for a new semester | Notion 2021

University Class Management is a very well thought out template with each section containing features to manage the task efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Brain Dump – To store all of your thoughts and scribbles.
  • Exam/Assignment scheduler.
  • Weekly Time-Table
  • Calendar view with monthly due dates.

Get University Class Management

13. The University Semester Assistant

The University Semester Assistant

Get The University Semester Assistant

14. Student OS in Notion

Student OS in Notion

Get the Student OS Template

15. School Notion Kit

School Notion Kit

Get the School Notion Kit Template

16. All-In-1 Student Template

All-In-1 Student Template

Get All-In-1 StudentTemplate

17. Notion Student’s Index

Notion Students Index

Get the Notion Student’s Index Template

Course / PhD Notion Templates

The following templates will help keep track of your graduation requirements, paperwork, and deadlines. They can also help you organize your thoughts and plan your research.

18. medicine

medicine student template

medicine is an aesthetic Notion template for medical students with numerous databases linked to each other. It’s not only a school template; the dashboard also has personal and work areas to manage your personal and professional life together.

Key Features

  • Course & Assessment Tracker
  • Lecture Database + Built In Note Taking Templates
  • Clinical Skills & Placement Database
  • Extra-Curricular Database
  • Manuscript & Abstract Tracker
  • Wellness Habit Tracker

Get medicine Template

19. Grad School/Ph.D. Notion Hub

Grad School PhD Notion Hub

Get Grad School/Ph.D. Notion Hub

20. Computer science student dashboard

Computer science student dashboard

Get Computer science student dashboard

21. Academia – Academic Management System for University Students

Academia - Academic Management System for University Students

Get Academia

22. Academic Research Hub

Academic Research Hub

Get Academic Research Hub

Aesthetic Student Templates

Aesthetic Notion templates are visually appealing templates that have a calming color theme. They are perfect for students who want their Notion pages to look good.

23. notion – student life planner template

notion - student life planner template

Get the student life planner Template

24. Aesthetics Student Planner

Aesthetic Student Planner

Get the Aesthetic student planner Template

25. Notion Student Planner – Light Academia

Notion Student Planner - Light Academia

Get the light Academia Template

26. Student Workspace

Student Workspace

Get Student Workspace Template

27. Academic Planner – Class Home

Academic Planner - Class Home

Get Academic Planner Template

28. Student Notion Template

Student Notion Template

Get Student Notion Template

29. Uni Hub

uni hub

Get the Uni Hub Template

30. College Student — Notion Template

College Student Notion Template

Get the College Student Template

31. Student Hub

student hub

Get the Student Hub Template

32. Modern & Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Modern and Aesthetic Notion Student Template

Get Modern StudentTemplate

All in One Students Templates

33. Student Notion Workspace

Student Notion workspace

Get Student Notion Workspace Template

34. The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

The Ultimate Student Productivity Pack

Get Student Productivity Pack

Non-university Notion Templates for Students

Aside from studying, a student might be interested in other activities such as watching movies and maintaining one health and fitness. Below are some of the templates that may be of interest to students.

35. Notion Watchlist

Notion Watchlist powered by API

Keeping track of your favorite movies and TV shows can be difficult. With Notion Watchlist, you can easily organize and keep track of movies and TV shows you want to watch.

The template differs from other movie trackers such that it automatically retrieves data from TMDB when you enter the name of a movie or show. You don’t have to copy and paste each field individually.

Key Features

  • Fill in the relevant data for the movies and show them automatically.
  • Maintain and update existing titles on a regular basis (update properties with new info).
  • Control the watch status of new episodes.

Get Template

36. Health & Wellness Habit Tracker

Health and Wellness Tracker

The Health and Wellness Habit Tracker is a database template that can help you stay on track with your workout goals.

The template will give you space to track holistic wellness goals, such as meditation, exercise, and nutrition. It’s easy to keep up with your health habits and chart your progress.

Key Features

  • Sleep (bedtime, wake time, notes, feeling of being rested)
  • Food (water, food diary, indulgences, protein sources, appetite, photo food diary, meds)
  • Body (weight, hygiene, pains, physical symptom notes)
  • Activity (overall exercise, strength, stretching)
  • Mental health (meditation, thoughts, mood, focus level, motivation, social activity)
  • Energy levels

Get Health & Wellness Tracker Template

37. Finance and Budgeting

finance and budgeting

Managing your money can be challenging. It’s time-consuming and often hard to remember what you spent and how much money you have left. Fortunately, the Finance and Budgeting Notion template is here to help you stay organized and on top of your finances.

Key Features:

  • Track all your income in one place.
  • Stay accountable for your spending habits with this expense tracker.
  • Keep all your bank accounts and credit cards in one place.
  • Category-based grouping of expense.
  • View your transactions in a calendar view.

Get the Student Finance Template

38. Notion Resume / CV Template

Notion Resume Template Mockup

Get Notion Resume Template

39. Personal Website Notion Template

Personal Website Notion Template

Get the Personal Website Template

40. Book Tracker Template

book tracker template by Dave

Get Book Tracker Template

Wrapping Up: Best Notion Templates for Students

As a student, you are constantly looking for ways to streamline your studies and improve the learning process. Notion is a powerful tool that can help you accomplish that. In this article, we have compiled the best Notion templates for students to help them organize their studies, stay on track, and achieve their goals.

You can use these templates to create a personalized learning system that works for you. Whatever your learning style is, there is a Notion template to help you optimize your studies.

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