Notion Inspiration Ideas To Create Beautiful Notion Templates

Notion inspiration Ideas to create beautiful templates.

Are you looking for Notion inspiration ideas for your next template?

One of the things that make Notion unique is that it allows its users to create customized pages using elements such as blocks and widgets. Without these, Notion is just a blank page.

If you are a beginner in creating Notion templates, you might need some inspiration to fuel your thought process. There are overwhelming choices in Notion widgets, blocks, icons, tables, and so much more.

To make it easy for you, we list out some of the inspirational ideas that Notion experts use in their template and how it adds value when you use them in your templates.

Notion Inspiration Ideas To Create Beautiful Notion Templates

When creating Notion templates, picking up the right widget, database blocks, adding proper spacing, and all the elements in the design create a huge difference.

You are one block away from creating amazing Notion templates that others will love to buy. 

Let’s discuss a few Notion inspiration ideas that’ll help you create stunning Notion templates.

1. Headings With Icons

Most commonly, when creating a Notion template, we often use design elements such as headings and subheadings. These help us to convey to users what the block or the space is about.

However, these look monotonous as the whole template is majorly about tables and text. But, if you can pair the headings and subheadings with icons, they do give a little spacing and make the design look more attractive and cleaner.

For instance, you can look at one of Dave’s (Notion creator) student workspace templates where he uses icons along with heading, and it is quite captivating. 

Headings With Icons

The material icons and their size makes the whole design breathable with all the added white space and breaks the all-text-only drama from your template. You should definitely consider using icons with headings in your next Notion template.

2. Using Tags and, Say Yes to the Colorful Ones

It is most likely that you will create Notion templates for various purposes, including journals, listings, note-taking, activities trackers, and many more.

One of the handy practices to organize all the data when managing activities or types of entries is to use tags.

Using tags, you can segregate or extract the same kind of data into an isolated database for better organizing and analysis. Using tags, you can also understand what activities or entries you end up doing the most or have to do later.

But having tags is alone not enough from the design perspective, and this is something that Fronk inspires fellow creators to do.

For instance, Fronk uses colorful tags in the subscription tracker template to give a captivating look while making it easier for later to organize and analyze each kind of tag with separate databases.

colorful tags by Fronk

3. Gallery View To Showcase Important Information

While most Notion creators stick to the traditional table view to showcase and view data, it is not a good option with larger projects.

In such a scenario, it is best to include the gallery view to show databases with brief information allowing users to declutter the view and see valuable information.

Gallery view on Notion

For example, Hugh, one of the Notion creators, appropriately uses the gallery view in the Notion morning journal dashboard template. Managing journals in a list can be too disorganized and confusing.

However, when you use the gallery view, you can easily navigate between each block and view the brief information on the tab itself.

4. Add Widgets, Make it Look More Interesting

Keeping your Notion template simple is great but let’s not forget to add widgets to make it more functional and attractive. Widgets are perfect when you are creating Notion templates such as a journal or note-taking dashboards.

If you are spending most of your time on your Notion page, you can add a few widgets such as a Spotify playlist, weather updates, images, and much more. Widgets help you to make the environment of your Notion page more user-friendly. 

As you are spending most of your time on it for professional and personal needs, a widget such as a calendar is great to help you check what’s new and important in the coming days. While widgets such as daily quotes and Spotify keep you going every day.

While there are several widgets to choose from for each kind, it is best to keep the one that reflects changes and keeps things more interactive.

For instance, in the Student Workspace dashboard template by Dave, you can find an interactive and changing weather widget. Such widgets keep both the Notion page attractive and interactive.

Widget Blocks

5. Use Material Icons

Material icons are the designer’s favorite for every design field, and if you are creating a Notion template, it is best to use them. These are clear and attractive, and there are too many to choose from.

I never thought of using material icons on the Notion template and used them only in the app and web designing until one day when I came across Dave’s Student Dashboard template.

The material icons that Dave uses in his templates are captivating and attractive while also functional. In his template, Dave uses these icons to allow navigation between various databases, especially for each individual subject.

Material Icons on Notion template

It is surely an inspiration and does create a stunning and universal Notion template while maintaining all the integrity of the template. Don’t know where to find icons? Read our article on the best Notion icons to use in your templates

Wrapping up: Notion Inspiration Ideas to Create Beautiful Templates

When you are creating a Notion template, it is obvious that you want to make it look attractive while also functional alongside.

Adding Tags, Icons, and Gallery Views are only a few Notion inspiration ideas that bring captivating looks and functional needs to your Notion template, and there are several more to enhance it overall. 

Which Notion inspiration idea do you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section. 

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