18 Best Notion Grocery List Templates to Help You Organise your Shopping List

Never go unprepared for your grocery shopping

Are you looking for the best Notion grocery list templates to help you organize your weekly shopping at the supermarket?

We all are tired of writing lists and keeping track of them. Even when you make a list, you always end up forgetting something. Shopping without a list and a budget is an open invite disaster.

This is where these Notion shopping list templates come in handy. They can help you in organizing your shopping list, saving you money, time, and effort. It enables you to keep track of your shopping budget and predicted costs with ease.

Let’s take a look at some of the best templates available.

18 Best Notion Grocery List Templates to Easily Organise your Shopping List

Notion is a powerful tool that can help people organize all of their groceries, recipes, meals, and budgets into one convenient place. This article includes 15 different meal planning and grocery shopping templates, each having its own set of features.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Notion Recipe & Meal Planner Template 

Are you ready to take your meal and grocery planning to the next level? Look no further than this Notion Recipe and Meal Planner Template – the ultimate solution for organizing your meals, grocery shopping, and budgeting.

Meal Planner Dashboard 1

This template is designed to make mealtime fun again. With its pre-built recipe template, you can easily store all your favorite recipes in one place.

The Notion Recipe and Meal Planner Template isn’t just a recipe organizer, though. It also includes an ingredient database that links directly to your recipes, making it simple to keep track of all the ingredients that you have on hand and what you need to buy.

Shopping list

Overall, this Notion Recipe template offers a seamless solution for all your meal and grocery-planning needs.

Key Features

  • Pre-built recipe template with fields for ingredients and instructions
  • Customizable views for recipes and meal plans
  • Offers both free as well as pro versions.
  • Ingredients database linked to recipes
  • Grocery budget tracker for cost management
  • Custom grocery list creation
  • Weekly and Monthly Meal planner

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2. Notion Grocery List Template by Louis

Notion Grocery List Template by Louis

Notion Grocery List is the most powerful and comprehensive shopping list template for meal planning and grocery shopping. After using this template, you don’t have to worry about a disorganized grocery list or making shopping lists.

Key Features

  • 400+ items pre-added to the template
  • +25 product categories
  • Responsive template

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3. Notion Meal Planning System

Notion Meal planning System

The Notion Meal Planning System is a powerful yet user-friendly Notion template that lets you get an overview of your grocery list and its estimated cost with no effort. Using this template, you can prepare your grocery list ready based on the meals and recipes ahead of time.

It includes a food database that has most of the commonly used ingredients.

Key Features

  • Budget planning
  • Advance Grocery Planning
  • Ingredients
  • Recipe instructions
  • Meal database

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4. The Happy Kitchen

The Happy Kitchen Notion Meal Planning System

The Happy Kitchen is a fully integrated and dynamic solution for meal planning and grocery buying. This template is extremely simple and easy to use. It excites you about mealtime and lists your grocery shopping with absolutely no effort. The fact that days are pre-built for the entire year is a plus for this template.

Key Features

  • Automated Grocery list generation
  • An extensive list of grocery items, 200 in total, pre-added to the template.
  • One-click meal planning
  • Tooltips to help you guide through the template

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5. Meal Planner

meal planner

Meal planner minimizes time, cut down your trips to the store and allows you to track your weekly groceries. It assists you in creating a list of ingredients with customized labeling (sauces, veggies, etc). It also keeps track of leftovers and helps you avoid wasting food. Meal planner lists recipes with separate recipe directions, in addition to ingredients.

Key Features

  • Weekly meal planning
  • Recipe listing
  • Leftovers
  • Ingredients labeling

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6. Grocery List

Grocery List

Use this template to never forget what you need to buy at the store.

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7. Shopping/Groceries List Manager

Shopping List Manager

Say goodbye to paper shopping lists and keep track of everything you need to buy in one place.

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8. The Perfect Notion Meal Planner

The perfect notion meal planner

Save time each week by planning your menus in advance, including making a grocery list and sticking to a budget.

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9. Meal Planner [Minimal]

Meal Planner Minimal

Use this template to organize and save recipes, automatically create grocery lists, and easily find meals to make with existing ingredients.

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10. Ultimate Meal Planner

Ultimate Meal Planner

This meal planner template includes daily food log, weekly meal plan, and recipes database for easy organization of your grocery shopping list.

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11. Meal Planner [Anime Aesthetic]

Meal Planner Anime Aesthetic

This template is similar to the meal planner mentioned above, but it has a different aesthetic theme for anime fans.

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12. Notion Meal Plan Dashboard

Notion Meal Plan Dashboard

Manage your recipes with your recipes database and generate a shopping list directly from your recipes. Includes a grocery list with 100+ items.

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13. Meal Planner

Meal Planner

Organize your weekly meals and get your grocery list automatically generated.

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14. Ultimate Meal Bundle

Ultimate Meal Bundle

The Ultimate Meal Bundle includes everything you need to track, record, and shop for food. It has a master shopping list that has every food, ingredient, and item you could possibly need when grocery shopping. It also has Mini Shopping List wherein you can check off any item on the Master, and it’ll magically appear on your Mini Shopping List.

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15. Stressless Meal Planner

Stressless Meal Planner

A simple template for meal planning, recipe organization, and ingredient tracking. With collection and tags, you can easily keep track of your recipes and make a grocery list out of ingredients that are out of stock.

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16. Recipe Book & Meal Planning

Recipe Book & Meal Planning Notion Template

This is a great template for anyone looking for a place to organize their recipes and plan their weekly meals.

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17. Meal Planner For Families

Meal Planner for families

This template is aimed to help you in planning regular weeks, fortnights, or months. It’s ideal for families who have regular dishes they rotate through and require an easy way to plan and easily add items to their grocery list.

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18. Grocery Shopping

This template is designed to help you save time while grocery shopping. It can accommodate one large shop as well as several small shops such as butchers, bakers, fruit markets, pharmacies, and so on.

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Wrapping Up: The Best Notion Grocery List Templates

If you want to save time and cut down on grocery shopping each week, Notion grocery templates can help you.

These templates can help you organize your meals and grocery shopping. Notion also makes it easy to manage, allowing you to easily modify their shopping list. The Notion templates featured above are the finest at grocery listing.

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