5 Best Notion Goals Templates To Make Goal-Tracking Easier

Keep track of your goals and become more productive.

Are you looking for the best Notion goals template?

One of the hardest things to do is to keep track of and evaluate your progress toward your goals. It can be hard to keep track of and assess your goals, especially if you are still using the old pen and calendar method.

But what if you could track them more easily and evaluate your goals much better? Well, now you can!

Notion has tens and dozens of goal-tracking templates that make tracking goals easier. Through Notion, you can create tracking sheets for daily, monthly, and yearly goals that will ultimately help you reach your goals and review your progress.

Let’s check out some of the best Notion goals templates that’ll make your life easier.

5 Best Notion Goals Templates To Make Goal-Tracking Easier

Keeping track of goals is easy with Notion, but what should you look for in a goal-tracking template?

The first and foremost part is choosing a Notion template that allows you to track your daily, monthly, and yearly goals. It is best if they have priority tags and progress bars or tags to help you keep track of how far you have come towards the goal.

The second most important factor is to have a goal evaluation sheet such as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time frames) that helps you correctly analyze your performance and heads you up in the right direction.  

But which are the best Notion goal templates? Let’s check our handpicked list. 

1. SMART Goals by Atul Anand

Smart Goals Best Goal Tracker Template for Notion

One of the best Notion goals templates that you can have on your workspace is “SMART Goals” by Atul Anand.

This well-designed template holds a lot of information for goal tracking and helps you dissect your goals in a much more detailed and understanding manner. 

The SMART Goals template comes in two themes; one is the colorful emoji theme, and the other one is much more minimalist for those who like to keep it simple.

The template features a quote section to keep you motivated, a huge progress bar for weekly, monthly, and yearly goal tracking, a SMART Goals section, a Habits to maintain block, and a well-made habit tracker table.

Alongside, evaluating the goals is much easier with detailed questionnaires such as the SMART goals question, what habits you need to develop, evaluation such as the reasons for failing, and even list out the actions needed to complete the goal.

Key Features

  • SMART Goals Tracking and Evaluation
  • Habit tracker and development window
  • Comes in two themes: emoji and minimal.
  • Action section for achieving your goals.
  • Progress bar for weekly, monthly, and yearly goals

2. SMART Goal Planner

Smart Goal Planner Template

Goal affirmations are not alone important when you are serious about progressing in life.

A deep and detailed evaluation of your goals and how you will achieve them is a more actionable way, and the SMART Goal Planner template on Notion is just the perfect choice.

SMART Goal Planner comes with a detailed evaluation for those who want a much clearer understanding of how they wish to achieve their goals.

Also, this SMART questionnaire is available for every goal you set, which is a great way to evaluate your goal. It has three task status tags: Want to do, in progress, and done. So you’ll always know what goals you still need to attain.

One of the best things about a SMART goal planner is that it has daily tasks and inspiration blocks to keep you going. Getting small tasks done every day is a great way to reach long-term goals, and this template will help you do it in the best way.

Key Features

  • SMART questionnaire-based evaluation
  • Daily tasks planner
  • Priority tags to organize goals in a better way
  • Inspirational block to keep you motivated towards your goals

3. Goal Setting and Tracking Board

Goal Setting and Tracking Template on Notion

The goal setting and tracking board is one of the best and well-made Notion templates to track your goals on your toes.

It is a navigational Notion template with access to five prominent databases: Goal setting, task list, goal tracker, brag book, and reflections.

Each of these individual Notion pages gives you effective blocks and sections to meet your goals and progress in everyday life.

The Goal setting block contains two most important sections: a SMART way to set goals and organize them and setting due dates for goals (which comes in a calendar view). You can track your progress, set tags for goal types, and create a detailed SMART questionnaire for them.

The task list, on the other hand, allows you to create all the goals that you wish to achieve, which can later be tracked using the goal tracker page.

With pages like “Brag Book” and “Reflections,” you can keep track of all the feedback you got while achieving your goals. You can also learn how achieving these goals has made you better with a self-evaluation question bank, which is by far the best.

Key Features

  • Goal-setting and monitoring blocks
  • Set a due date in the calendar view for your goals.
  • Reflect and self-evaluate with the brag book and reflection pages
  • Create a homepage goals to-do list.
  • Progress bars help track individual goals.

4. Project and Goals Hub

Projects and Goals Hub Template on Notion

If you are one of those who have dozens of professional goals to achieve for a better outcome of projects, the Projects and Goals hub template is just one of the perfect Notion Goal templates you need.

One of the most different things about this template in comparison to other templates on the list is you can collaborate with other users from the same project team. 

Another best part about this goals template is the status priority tags which are not limited to individual status. There are also unique priority tags for the company and team goals which give you a better perspective of project development.

Additionally, you can link multiple related pages in the project section to ensure proper documentation of all your professional goals.

Managing project goals can be tough when there are many users and tasks involved. In this situation, it’s best to have multiple views, such as goals by priority, assigned goals, launch calendar, and other related views.

Fortunately, this particular template includes numerous views, which makes it perfect for organizing them.

Key Features

  • Multi-user project goals template.
  • Multiple statuses and task tags.
  • Check goals weekly, monthly, or quarterly in calendar view.
  • Timeline view to monitoring overlapping goals.
  • Better manage subteams and goal groups.

5. The Cozy Library | Aesthetic Goal Templates

The Cozy Library Goals Template for Notion

While most of the goal-tracking templates are professional and boring, they can often leave you uninspired or unmotivated.

The Cozy Library is one of the aesthetic and dedicated templates for tracking goals related to writing a book. This template is well-designed with an engaging audio block and multiple other reading blocks to help you with completing your book review.

The book tracker section comes along with multiple useful sections such as the introduction, writing, characters, world-building, themes, and conclusion.

You also get the “Librarian Desk” block that navigates you to other databases from your library, such as “on my bookshelf,” “collections,” and “favorites.” You can even make new databases and pages and navigate them using the same librarian desk.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic template library with an audio block.
  • Track your reading goal with a progress bar.
  • Gallery view to organize your reading goals much better.
  • Database for your favorite books.
  • Book review template for characters, themes, and other aspects.

Wrapping Up: Best Notion Goals Templates to Assess Goals

Tracking goals and evaluating them is one of the most important parts when you want to meet your goals. The above list is perfect for those who want to assess both personal and professional goals.

The SMART Goal Planner by Atul Anand is one of our top picks because it provides a framework for objectively assessing whether or not a goal has been achieved.

Which Notion goal template on the list is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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