7+ Best Notion Templates for Gardening and Plant Tracking

Keep track of your plant buddies and their needs. 

Do you happen to be a plant lover who has a jungle of plants at home, but frequently forgets when to water them?

Are you often stressed about the last time you gave your plants fertilizer or if they’re receiving enough light? 

Do you sometimes misplace your plants and wonder where they are? 

It can be challenging to keep track of your plant buddies and their various needs. 

Does this sound familiar to you?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we have picked some of the best Notion gardening templates to help you be the best plant parent ever.

Why Notion? Notion can be a useful tool for anyone looking to track and manage their gardening and plant-related activities in a more organized and efficient way. 

It’s easily customizable, user-friendly, and has tons of unique features.

Best Notion Templates for Gardening and Plant Tracking To Help You Care for Your Plant Buddies

1. Notion Plants Manager

Notion Plant Manager Template

The Notion Plants Manager Template is for plant lovers who want a better way to keep track of their plants and make sure they get the care they need.

Key Features

  • Custom dashboard for managing plants that can be shared with multiple users.
  • Visualization of plant care needs in the form of lists, calendars, or timelines.
  • Complete documentation and guide for plant care.
  • Configurable watering and fertilization schedule for each plant.
  • Ability to set up photo albums to track plant growth.
  • Record keeping for dead plants.
  • Room-based plant management.
  • Scoreboard for tracking plant characteristics such as age, cost, light, and water needs.
  • Journal for recording important events in the care of plants.

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2. Gardening Hub Template

Best Notion Templates for Gardening and Plant Tracking - Gardening Hub Template

The Gardening Hub Template is designed for gardening enthusiasts who want to plan and organize their gardens efficiently. It is also ideal for beginners who are looking for a centralized place to learn, save and plan.

Key Features

  • Organized planner to help you plan your garden easily and quickly.
  • Clear garden planning tools to keep track of your plants, beds, and materials.
  • Completed knowledge base with all the information you need about the most important plants in the garden.
  • Ultimate encyclopedia with the most important garden plants and all the information you need.
  • Seed tracker to help you keep track of your seed inventory.
  • Journal to write down your gardening experiences.
  • Task management to help you stay on top of your gardening tasks.
  • Expenses tracker to keep track of your garden expenses.
  • Diseases database to help you identify and treat common plant diseases.
  • Resources section to provide you with useful gardening resources.
  • Inspirations database to help you find inspiration for your garden.
  • Activities section to provide you with fun and creative gardening activities to try.
  • House plants tracker to help you keep track of your indoor plants.
  • Material management to help you keep track of your gardening materials.
  • Bed planner to help you plan and design your garden beds.

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3. Garden Hub Template

Garden Hub Template

Garden Hub Template, helps you manage your entire garden, including planning and tracking, health management, shopping list, and resource management, all in one place.

Key Features

  • 9 interconnected databases to manage your veggie garden, and indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Formulas for harvesting plants to know when to harvest.
  • Four main dashboards to provide an overview of your garden.
  • Track the health of your plots, veggie plantings, plants, and trees with a full history.
  • Garden shopping list, filing cabinet, materials database, and tags database included.
  • Track when plots are resting, what’s in each plot, and what was in their last year.
  • Calculate when the harvest is due based on what you planted and when.
  • Record any health issues and treatments used for your indoor plants, outdoor plants, and trees.

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4. Plant Hub Template

Plant Hub Template

Plant Hub Template is an all-in-one plant management dashboard designed to help you keep track of your plant babies, their needs, and relevant resources in one central location.

With this dashboard, you can easily manage your indoor plants and become a successful plant parent.

Key Features

  • Plant database to keep track of all your plant babies.
  • Pre-made templates to record all your plant needs, such as water, temperature, light, soil, and propagation.
  • Grower’s Journal section within each plant template to reflect on your plant-parent journey for each plant.
  • Dashboard that reminds you which plants need water.
  • Checkbox to indicate whether a plant is safe for your pets.
  • Resource database for all your plant-related resources, including pest control, fertilizers, and tools.
  • Automatic tracking of how long your plant babies have been alive.
  • R.I.P section to record unfortunate deaths of your plants.

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5. Plant Care Template

Plant Care Template

Organize and centralize care instructions for your plants with the Plant Care Template. This template is designed to help you keep track of your plants’ needs and their locations in your home.

Key Features

  • Organize your plants by type, watering and feeding schedule, and location in your home.
  • Integrated with Notion Web Clipper to save information on future plant purchases.
  • Share the database with a plant sitter to make their commitments to temporary plant parenthood easier.
  • Personalize the database with fun plant names, Latin classifications, and more.
  • Gallery view for a quick and easy overview of your plants.
  • Formulas pull relevant quick-display info.
  • Save future plant purchases from your favorite online stores for easy reference.

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6. Plant Care Tracker Template

Plant Care Template 1

The Plant Care Tracker Template is designed to help plant lovers track and organize care information for their plant buddies. Keep all your plant care information in one place with this easy-to-use tracker.

Key Features

  • Database of all your plants with their location in your house.
  • Track care requirements such as watering, fertilizing, and other notes.
  • Calendar to keep track of when you last watered and fertilized your plants.
  • To-do list to stay on top of plant care tasks.
  • Customizable with different fields to personalize your plant tracker.
  • Integrated with Notion Web Clipper to save plant-related articles and resources.
  • Shareable with others, such as plant sitters, to make temporary plant parenthood easier.

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7. Personal Plant Manager Template

Personal Plant Manager Template

A simple yet efficient template to track your plants’ progress individually.

Key Features

  • Separate pages for each plant to track their progress.
  • Keep track of each plant’s watering, fertilizing, and sunlight needs.
  • Record the last date you watered and fertilized each plant.
  • View pages by category to easily identify which plants need attention.
  • Track plants that have died or are no longer in your care.

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8. Plant Tracker Template

Plant Tracker Template

Keep track of your plant collection with this Notion template designed for plant lovers. Track your plants’ visual growth, watering schedule, and other important information.

Key Features

  • Table database to track all plants owned.
  • Includes relevant data such as acquisition date, name (with botanical name), location in the house, and water propagation.
  • Dates when plants were last watered and fertilized.
  • Column to keep track of important information about plant care and maintain notes.
  • View your plant collection through visual growth tracking.

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Wrapping Up: Best Notion Templates for Gardening and Plant Tracking

Using Notion to track your plants and garden can be a game-changer in keeping your plants nursery, healthy, and organized. 

With so many customizable templates available, there’s no need to start from scratch. Experiment with the templates we’ve suggested, and feel free to tailor them to your specific needs. 

With a little effort, you can create a Notion garden and plant tracking system that will help you stay on top of your gardening tasks and achieve your green-thumb goals.

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