Notion for YouTubers: 5 Best Templates for Content Planning

Efficiently plan your content creation process using Notion.

Are you a YouTuber looking for ways to improve your channel and grow your audience? You can’t afford to miss this list of Notion templates.

While creating videos for social media platforms or a more prominent platform such as YouTube, a lot goes into creating them.

From writing scripts to managing team members, video production, editing, and finally uploading the video, it requires proper planning and blueprints.

While you can pen these down in Word documents and spreadsheets, managing them can be a lot more difficult. This is exactly where you can use Notion templates to create stunning blueprints for your YouTube videos.

But which are the best Notion templates for YouTubers? Let’s check out our top picks.

Best Notion Templates for YouTubers – Create Killer Videos with Smarter Planning

When choosing a Notion template for a platform like YouTube, YouTubers need to make certain choices and need to look for specific features.

For instance, it is important to look for a content and resource manager, production status, members involved, expense management, and a few more video creation-related objectives.

In our picks below, we have ensured the Notion templates cover most of these parameters and objectives to make managing and planning an easier process for you.

1. Content Creation Hub by Atul Anand

notion for youtubers

Content Creation Hub Template is one of the best templates and the features totally justify the hype.

Not only restricted to a video platform like YouTube, Content Creation Hub is designed for multiple other platforms like social media, SEO, marketing campaigns and strategies, and much more.

But let’s discuss a little more about how you can plan your videos for YouTube with this template as of now.

There are six creator tools you get with this template – mainly the curation board, where you can plan your content, check for growth, and apply marketing strategies.

Similar to the platform you are creating videos for, you can use tags to organize your content and create your videos without deviating from your niche, which is one of the best options we have come across with this template.

With the content manager, you can list out your content requirements and create projects with a detailed blueprint.

To make your research more prominent, you can store all your resources under one tab with the resource database and make planning easier.

There is also a “repurpose content” database that has proven to help you get more views by repurposing content on other different platforms such as social media – Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Such strategies help you get your videos more visibility and credibility. Likewise, you also get a SMART Goal Planner integrated within the template to help you stay focused and move in the pre-planned direction to work towards your video goals.

Key Features:

  • Made for multiple platforms and not just YouTube.
  • Integrated with a goal planner to help you stay focused on your goals.
  • The curation board helps you search, ideate, and inspire your video creation process from the scratch.
  • Repurpose your content on other social media platforms to get more visibility and credibility.
  • Manage your content, research, and planning with multiple databases like a content manager, resource database, and curation board.

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2. Content Creator Dashboard

Content Creator Dashboard for Notion YouTubers

One of the simple yet efficient dedicated video creator dashboards for creating videos, the Content Creator Dashboard is one of the most loved Notion templates by YouTubers.

You can here find the three dedicated dashboards for videos, motivation, and resources. On the video page, you can find multiple tables such as content list, video in progress, ideas at a glance, publishing schedule, and archives.

There are several pages embedded inside the template page that have an outline of the video creation process, such as video info and content sections such as description, research, notes, title and thumbnail ideas, and much more.

This is perfect for creating video scripts and planning your entire YouTube videos from start to end.

There is also a calendar view to help you plan the schedule of all your videos after production. Overall, you can find all the tools you need to plan and prepare for your next YouTube video in a single dashboard.

Also, it is pretty much customizable to add more blocks to make it more of your own.

Key Features:

  • Multiple databases such as videos, motivations, and resources to help you plan your videos.
  • Plan your videos with an outline, description, production, research, and notes.
  • A resource database that helps you keep all your resources in one place.
  • Brainstorm ideas and create thumbnails for your upcoming video projects.
  • Describe your project to make an appropriate video script and organize your videos all your videos directly in the dashboard.

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3. Video Project Tracker Template for Notion

Video Project Tracker Template

The Video Project Tracker Template for Notion is your one-stop for planning and organizing video content for platforms like YouTube.

Here, you can find several features and databases that make your video creation process easier.

The template showcases a resource section where you can store all your video resources, such as thumbnails, tools, stock footage, and more.

There are also options for content scripting and researching, which can be used to write down your entire video script after thorough research.

Unlike other YouTube templates in this list, there is one script in this template that fascinates us more and is super important – the B-Roll.

The B-Roll table helps you view and store all the timestamps for different sections or chapters of your YouTube video.

You can also use this table to specify if you have gathered information about these chapters, used them in the video, and also showcased them in the premiere.

Another important section of this video template for YouTube on Notion is the video meta section. When creating a video for a platform like YouTube, it becomes important to take care of technical and descriptive information for post-production.

This is exactly where the video meta helps you out – you can here specify the title, keywords, sponsor information, editing, and publishing checklist.

Key Features:

  • A B-roll table to store and view timestamps of multiple chapters of your videos.
  • Get quick access to meta information such as production status, publishing date, sponsor, topic, assignee, and video URL.
  • The resource section helps you with all the video resources, such as links to stock footage and thumbnails, information, platforms to gather research, and more.
  • Create a video script with a pre-made helpful template and make research easier with a dedicated section.

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4. Content Mastery – Perfecting YouTube

Content Mastery

Creating videos for YouTube requires you to have a comprehensive system that helps you create consistent videos

Content Mastery is one such Notion template that helps you to create videos with ease for several platforms, primarily YouTube, for a smooth workflow.

The most mesmerizing section of the Content Mastery Template on Notion is the video script block.

If you wish to create a perfect video outline for your upcoming videos, the script section makes it easier for you with its pre-made questions and template.

So, you won’t be spending enough time with writer’s block and creating better scripts for your video.

But that’s not all; the Content Mastery template also showcases several other features, such as a video content calendar with a sub-task calendar, which is perfect for scheduling all your tasks and videos in the future.

Likewise, in the video project tracker template, you can also find a B-Roll table that helps you collect and view timestamps of all the chapters of your video.

This is a perfect system to organize, plan, script, and post-production all the videos to make your YouTube channel more efficient.

Key Features:

  • Video script template to make content scripting a much easier process.
  • Schedule and view all your content and tasks with an efficient content calendar.
  • B-Roll table to store and view the timestamps of all the chapters of your videos.
  • Publishing checklist to view the upcoming dates to publish your videos.
  • Fast access with pages optimized for mobile viewing.

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5. YouTube Notion Templates Repository

Youtube Repository 1

Structuring your videos is one of the important elements of creating and planning your videos, and this becomes easier with YouTube Notion Templates Repository.

But it is not everything that makes this Notion template one of the best for YouTubers; there are more reasons for this.

With YouTube Notion Templates Repository, you can have ease in writing video scripts, structuring and managing videos and YouTube channels, repurposing content, and more.

The template pages are pre-filled with questions, guidelines, and several other elements of the creation process, so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch.

For instance, title ideas, thumbnail concepts, description, audience, hooks, intros and outros, and much more.

Video and script templates make the scripting and creation process much easier. There is so much more to this template than just the scripting, which makes it one of the best Notion templates for YouTubers.

Key Features:

  • Video and script template to make the video creation process easier.
  • Repurpose your videos easily on multiple social media platforms.
  • Create video scripts using the HIVE framework, the perfect way to create engaging videos.
  • Exclusive video resource page to store all your resources and research in one place.
  • Manage publishing dates, monitoring, ideas, logistics, and much more under one tab.

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Wrapping Up: Notion Templates for YouTubers

Creating videos for YouTube or any platform takes proper planning, managing, creating, and scripting from start to end.

The whole process, from the beginning to the end, can take a lot of spreadsheets, documents, time, and many more writer’s blocks.

The Notion templates above make it easier for you with the entire video creation process, management, and publishing.

Which is your favorite Notion template from the list above, as a YouTuber? Let us know in the comment section.

Also, have you checked out our Notion template collection yet? Find some of the most amazing and productive templates for your Notion workspace.

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