Notion Encryption: Is It End to End Encrypted

Are you curious to know how Notion encryption works? Is it end-to-end encryption?

Many people use Notion to organize their everyday life. Students use Notion to plan their study schedules. Having concerns about data security is understandable. Before storing your personal information in it, you would want to make sure that your data is stored securely.

In this tutorial, we'll look at how Notion encryption works and how it stores your data on the server.

Notion Encryption: Is It End to End Encrypted

Notion uses a cloud server from Amazon Web Services based in US West, Oregon to run its app and software. It is a virtual private network that cannot be accessed via a normal public internet.

According to an employee from Notion, they use encryption at rest and in transit but it is not end-to-end encryption. The end-to-end encryption will make it difficult to implement some features like real-time sync and workspace full-text search.

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They have Amazon CloudTrail turned on all the time which makes it easy for them to track API usage and stay compliant with all the security regulations.

They perform quarterly independent security audits with the help of well-known security audit firms. Also, they have completed both SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 reports, which certifies that their security policies and controls continuously meet the highest industry standards.

It is important to note that Notion claims that its employees can access user information after receiving explicit consent from a user, though they are legally obligated to keep the information confidential and private.

Notion has a system in place to keep a log of all instances when a user's data is accessed, which they review on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions on Notion Encryption

Can You Opt-Out of Notion Analytics Tracking?

Notion also uses analytics software to track some non-sensitive user behavior data in order to improve the software experience. It does, however, provide an option to opt-out, and you must email the support team at [email protected] to do so. You will lose access to the in-app support chat feature as a result of this.

Will You Be Notified About a Data Breach at Notion?

Notion monitors and performs security audits on a regular basis, and if a security breach is discovered, it will notify all users within 72 hours.

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