Best Notion Deadline Templates To Help You Do Projects on Time

Check the best Notion deadline templates to keep track of your to-dos.

Are you having trouble meeting your deadlines? Look no further than Notion templates to get your work done.

Notion is perfect for planning, organizing, and setting your personal and professional goals. However, goal completion and planning are not efficient unless you have a deadline. 

A deadline helps you stay focused on your goals and manage all your tasks on time; while finding such templates is tricky as there aren’t many to choose from.

To make things easier for you, we’ve handpicked some of the best Notion deadline templates for you.

Best Notion Deadline Templates | Make Goal Completion Much Easier

While selecting the Notion deadline templates, it is important to for features that it comes with.

For instance, calendar scheduling, upcoming deadlines, prioritized view filters, and database properties are a few features that make task management for deadline much more easy.

Deadline management is similar to the traditional approach, like marking a date on your calendar or setting a reminder on your phone and continuing to work on your task until you meet or exceed the deadline. It is, however, only better and more clever with Notion.

Here are our top picks on Notion deadline templates.

1. Weekly Agenda – GTD

Weekly Agenda Gumroad

Managing projects can only be tedious and messy if you are not planning and tracking them correctly.

Notion’s Weekly Agenda template includes a way to keep track of goals, statistics about tasks, planning for a project, to-do lists with due dates, and an hourly schedule.

Tracking your goals and making to-do lists with due dates are great ways to stay on top of tasks that need to be done within a certain time. This template has it all.

It also lets you plan the whole project and list all of the tasks in the same dashboard, which makes things more organized.

Key Features:

  • Goal tracking section to always keep you on your goal toes.
  • To-do lists to know your upcoming tasks with a date and deadline.
  • Set priorities and hourly agendas to create a smooth workflow.
  • Plan your projects with a single dashboard to create a single work system.
  • Filter your action items with up to 7 views.

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2. Analog Weekly Planner

Analog Weekly Planner

From tracking your habits to getting things done on time, if you’re looking for a decent Notion template, the Analog Weekly Planner is one of the best options.

The template has several work-related features, such as weekly planners, a list of monthly deadlines, a daily habit tracker, a calendar view database for work schedules, a to-do list page, and more.

With features such as a weekly planner and deadlines for the month, you can always note the upcoming tasks and plan your work hours accordingly. 

Moreover, the daily habit tracker will help you build a positive workflow and improve productivity.

Key Features:

  • Weekly planner to manage all your events for the week.
  • Build a positive workflow with a daily habit tracker.
  • To-do lists to help you stay focused on pending tasks.
  • Monthly deadline list to keep you on your toes.
  • Calendar view of all tasks to manage deadlines better

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3. Content Creation Template

Content Creation Template on Notion

Managing deadlines for content creators is one of the trickiest things to do, and with a template like Content Creation on Notion, you can make it more manageable and relevant to your industry niche.

The Content Creation template showcases dedicated time-based features and performance tracking for your current and future projects.

For instance, you can find a timeline to track and schedule your next post or video or manage production needs.

Overall, it is a good template for content creators who need to manage deadlines specific to the video industry and platforms like YouTube.

Key Features:

  • A timeline view to know your upcoming projects.
  • Easy to switch between multiple views.
  • Sponsor timeline section to manage sponsor’s deadlines.
  • Individual video project tracker with proper video outline.
  • A list of project sponsors to track their financial contributions.

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4. Getting Things Done (GTD) Template

Get things done template on Notion

Getting Things Done is one of the most advanced deadlines templates on this list and is perfect for managing both personal and professional workspaces.

In this template, you’ll find a specific board for your goals with a calendar view, goals for today, tomorrow, and the next seven days, tags, weekly reviews, and point assignments. 

Key Features:

  • Track your goals with a dedicated calendar view.
  • Assign tasks to each activity for easy organization.
  • Engage with your content with a timer-based event.
  • Multiple lists for personal and professional tasks.
  • Assign points to each task for performance review.

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Wrapping up: Best Notion Deadline Templates To Get Things Done

In conclusion, these are some of our best picks on Notion deadline templates.

If you are looking for something advanced, the GTD template is one of the best options, while the Weekly Agenda template is perfect for all purposes.

Also, have you checked out our Notion template collection yet? Find some of the most amazing and productive templates for your Notion workspace.

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