How To Enable Dark Mode in Notion (+Automatic Switching)

Enable dark mode and make Notion easy on the eyes.

Are you tired of straining your eyes while working in Notion? Do you want to switch to the Notion dark theme?

This article provides a step-by-step tutorial for enabling dark mode on Notion’s web, desktop, and mobile apps. With just a few clicks, you can give your Notion a darker, more soothing interface to work in.

How To Enable Dark Mode in Notion

The easiest way to enable night mode in Notion is to use the keyboard shortcut. Simply press ⌘ + Shift + L on macOS or Ctrl + Shift + L on Windows to quickly change between light and dark mode. This keyboard shortcut works on the web as well as in the Windows and Mac apps.

If for some reason the shortcut does not work, you can always enable it in the Notion settings. As the interface for the desktop apps is similar, let’s look at how to put Notion in dark mode.

1. Notion Dark Mode on the Web and Desktop Apps

If you are using Notion on the web in any browser or the native Windows and Mac app, follow the below steps to easily enable dark mode on it.

  1. Log into your Notion account and click Settings & Members in the sidebar (press CTRL/CMD + \ if you don’t see the sidebar).
click on settings in the side bar
  1. In the popup, go to My Settings → Appearance and change the theme to Dark. You can choose Use system setting option if you wish to sync the Notion theme with your device’s mode.
change notion appearance to dark mode

That’s it! Dark mode will now be enabled across your Notion workspace for easier viewing. Let’s now check how to enable it on mobile devices. 

2. Notion Dark Mode on Android and iOS

The steps for enabling dark mode on Android and iOS are similar. For this tutorial, I will add the screenshots from my Android phone, but you can follow the same steps from your iOS device. 

  1. Open the Notion app and tap the three dot menu to access Settings.
  2. Scroll to the My settings option and under Appearance, tap the dropdown arrow.
notion mobile homescreen settings
  1. Select Dark and the dark mode will be applied across Notion’s app interface.
Notion mobile appearance to dark mode

That’s it for mobile devices. With a couple of quick taps in the settings, you can quickly toggle the dark mode. 

How To Turn Off the Dark Mode on Notion?

If you want to switch back to Notion’s default light mode interface, just reverse the same steps:

  • On the web and desktop, go to Settings → My Settings → Appearance and change the theme to Light.
  • In the Android and iOS apps, tap the three dots and go to Settings. Then, scroll down to My settings choose Appearance, and select Light mode.

How To Schedule Automatic Light and Dark Mode in Notion?

While Notion doesn’t have a built-in scheduling option, you can automatically enable dark mode at certain times by using your device’s settings:

Then with Notion’s appearance setting set to Use system setting, your workspace will shift to dark mode automatically based on the schedule you set. This provides an easy workaround to get timed dark mode activation in Notion.

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  • Out of date. ‘Appearance’ is no longer a setting tab for desktop. It uses My Notifications & settings now, like the mobile ones.

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