How To Use Notion With a Custom Domain?

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Are you looking to add a custom domain to your Notion public page?

Notion allows setting a custom URL for your workspace but that still uses the domain extension.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can set a custom domain for your Notion workspace.

What Does It Mean To Use a Custom Domain With Notion?

A custom domain is a domain name that you own and control. It’s the perfect way to build your brand, and it’s easy to set up. For example, is a custom domain of this website that only we can use.

Custom domains are great for business because they give you a unique URL that you can use to promote your business. You can also use them for email addresses, social media profiles, and more.

A custom domain in Notion means that people will be able to access your Notion public workspace using the branded URL instead of the domain. Anyone who types in the URL in the browser will get to see the public Notion page you have.

How To Use Notion With a Custom Domain?

There are two ways you can use Notion with a custom domain. The first and the most meaningful way is to use a service like Potion to set up Notion public pages on a custom domain. 

The second method is to get a domain and set up a redirect to the actual Notion URL. 

The first method is the better way as you get control over the URL of the publically available pages. In the second method, a user will type in the ‘’ URL in the browser and it will redirect to the Notion URL that contains the Notion domain.

For both methods, you’ll first have to purchase a domain for your brand with an extension of your choice. Domain extensions are the letters after the period (.) in a domain. Notion uses the .so extension while we use the .com extension for this website.

I use Namecheap for all my domains as it let me easily manage all my domains under one roof and it is cheap.

You can choose any other domain registrar if you want. If you choose any other registrar, the steps will vary a little but the concept will remain the same.

To register a domain, go to the Namecheap website, enter your brand name in the search box, and hit Enter. 

namecheap domain search

It will show you the domains with different extensions for the keyword you entered. If the .com extension is available, you can purchase it right away. If not you can scroll and look for some other extension. You can find the .xyz and .online domain extensions for as cheap as just $1-$2. Add the domain of your choice to the cart and complete the transaction. 

domain suggestion in namecheap

Once you have purchased the domain of your choice, let’s see how to set up a Notion custom domain using Potion.

1. Use Potion To Turn Your Notion Workspace Into a Website

Potion is a Notion website builder service that allows you to create a website using Notion on a custom domain. It also gives you control over URLs, allowing you to create pretty URLs for SEO with your own domain.

We have a detailed tutorial on how to create a website with Notion using Potion that you might want to check out. Once you’ve created a website on a Potion subdomain, you can move it to your own custom domain. 

In your Potion dashboard, under Sites, open the settings for the site you just created. Under the Setup, you’ll find an option for Custom Domain. Toggle the option to On and enter the domain you have purchased.

add custom domain to potion website

This will add a new DNS option in the setup steps. You’ll see some data that you need to add to your domain record. 

DNS recors to add for your domain

Go to your domain registrar, Namecheap in my case, and in the dashboard click on Manage next to the domain. 

Click on manage domain

Next, click on Advanced DNS at the top navigation and under Host Records, click on Add New Record.

namecheap add DNS records

Select A record as the Type, enter the value provided by Potion as the Host and Value, and leave the TTL set to automatic. After you’ve entered both records, click the green checkmark to save them.

DNS records

Now, you’ll have to wait for some time, usually up to 24 hours, before the changes are propagated. You can check the status from the Potion dashboard, and once it changes to live, you’ll be able to access the Notion page from the domain.

domain live on Potion

Isn’t that easy? Let’s now check the second method that only adds a redirect from your domain to the Notion page without actually changing the URL.  

2. Set Redirect From Domain Control Panel

Another way to use a custom domain for Notion is by adding a redirect. 

Once you’ve purchased the domain and logged in to your dashboard, click the Manage button next to the domain. On the new page, you’ll see a section labeled Redirect Domain

add redirect to domain

Below it, click on the Add Redirect button, and in the source URL, type in the URL of the domain you just purchased, and in the Destination URL, add the public Notion page URL. Check if everything is correct and click the green checkmark to save the changes. 

redirect the notion page to the domain

Now when anyone types in the custom domain URL in the browser, it will redirect them to your Notion page.

Wrapping Up: Notion Custom Domain

Notion cannot be used on a custom domain by default, but there is a workaround. If you want to serve the pages via pretty URLs, using a website builder like Potion makes sense.

If all you want to do is set up a redirect from your domain to the Notion page, the second method is preferable.

That’s it for this tutorial. If you liked this tutorial, you can check out more such amazing Notion tutorials from our blog. You can also consider sharing this on social media. 

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