How to Use Notion as a CRM

Master Notion to build a better relationship with your customers.

One of the prime factors of doing a great business is continually establishing a professional relationship with your customers to manage them and increase sales.

Imagine having hundreds of clients and creating paper files or excel sheets to withhold all the business information with them. There are a lot of problems with this traditional way, and this is where Notion helps you out.

You can use it to create an engaging, organized, and easy-to-use simple customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard that helps you manage your clients better. 

Moreover, you can use it on multiple devices and easily add your teammates to create an engaging and shared database.

Let’s look at how to use it as a CRM dashboard.

How to Use Notion as a CRM | More Devised Tips to Manage your Clients Better

Notion comes with some database blocks that can help you efficiently manage your contacts. Efficiency is crucial when you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur who has to manage the entire database and business by yourself. 

Here are some tips on how to use Notion as a CRM more effectively using the database blocks.

1. Use Tables

Use Tables

Table view in Notion makes it easy to list and view all the items on your CRM in one place. It is much like a summary table where the entries are available from the bird’s view. This makes it great to get an overview of your CRM items and quickly find the information you need.

2. Calendar Scheduling

Calendar Scheduling

In business, being timely is one of the most important factors as it brings more value and discipline, which showcases your clients and investors that you are a responsible person.

The Notion Calendar database can help you keep track of all individual meeting notes, agendas, and contact info in one place.

You can also easily view your upcoming meetings and appointments, just like you would with Google Calendar or any other calendar tool.

3. A Kanban View 

Kanban View

If you’re not using the Kanban View in Notion CRM yet, you’re missing out on a great way to see your sales pipeline and track your progress.

You can configure your board based on the Status to see how many prospective clients have turned into leads, qualified, or closed deals.

This is an invaluable way to see where your sales team is excelling and where there may be room for improvement.

Now that we know how to use Notion as a CRM, let’s take a look at some of the templates that can help you get started.

Best Notion CRM Templates to Manage Business Better

All the above tips are great for using Notion as a CRM; however, it sure does require a good amount of time and the need to know the basics of how to use Notion.

If you need to save some extra time there and want to start using Notion as CRM software right away, check out three of our handpicked, best CRM templates below. 

1. Advanced CRM by aNotioneer

notion crm

The Advanced CRM template by aNotioneer is perfect for those who looking for an advanced CRM with dedicated sections for sales, companies, people, meetings, products, reports and lead re-engagement.

Relatively, this CRM template on Notion is also much easier to understand than most other complicated CRM templates.

The sales section uses a kanban view to show all your entries with multiple tags such as qualified, unqualified, negotiating, contract issued, and closed won.

Similarly, the companies, meetings, people, products, and opportunities sections give you a similar layout to manage your business efficiently. 

Key Features:

  • Dedicated sections for sales, companies, meetings, people, products, and opportunities
  • Well-designed parameter set to meet most of your management needs in each aspect of your business
  • A pre-made workflow structure to personalize and make changes as per your needs
  • Added sections such as lead re-engagement, team member dashboard, calls, reports, and more
  • Schedule your meetings, add teammates, and direct assignments through this single advanced CRM dashboard

Get Advanced CRM Notion Template

2. Hotswap’s CRM

Hotswaps CRM Dashboard

The next on our list is Hotswap’s CRM template which is a Notion CRM template for your professional needs and business.

The template features dedicated sections to manage your business with sales, companies, contacts, and much more. 

The sales dashboard is presented in the kanban board view which helps you with quick access to the summary of the sales dashboard, such as company name, point of contact, email, phone number, and even priorities.

The companies section helps you add client and company-related information such as the name of the company, user pages, and important notes.

In addition to all these, you also get a pain and gain section that helps you add pages with information that you need to work on to better the relationship with the clients.

Overall, it is one of the best lightweight CRM templates for starters who need no advanced features. 

Key Features

  • A dedicated kanban view to show you the summary of sales based on product lead, qualified and closed
  • Store the company/client information based on the name of the firm, contact, and related notes
  • More detailed information on the customer or client, such as background information, history of interactions, and request/action items
  • A pain and gain section that helps you add pages with information that you need to work on to better the relationship with the clients

Get Hotswap’s CRM Dashboard Template on Notion

3. Notion Personal CRM Template by Hugh

CRM Notion Dashboard by Hugh

Not all CRM templates are designed to help you manage your business; CRM dashboards are perfect for individual and personal use too.

For instance, the Notion Personal CRM Template by Hugh is perfect for managing important days, events, and updates in your life.

It features automatic reminders that help you connect with your friends, family, and colleagues on important days and updates in your life.

To make it more personal, the template comes with a birthday calendar and reminder that will help you never forget the birthday of important people in your life again.

Key Features

  • Automatic reminders to connect with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Add birthdays to the built-in calendar section and get on-time and recurring reminders
  • Add contacts to your CRM dashboard like a phonebook
  • Pen down your important notes, conversations, and more that matter the most to you
  • Let close people in your life know everything by adding them to your CRM dashboard

Get Notion Personal CRM Template by Hugh

Wrapping up: Using Notion as a CRM

Notion as a CRM is one of the best options when you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur with limited managing resources.

Notion’s kanban-style board makes it easy to track your sales pipeline, and its flexibility means you can tailor it to your specific needs.

You can create one yourself, but if you want to save time, you can always rely on the 3 best Notion CRM templates we shared in this guide.

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