Best Notion Charts Widgets To Display Your Data

Present your data better using notion charts widgets.

Want to embed a chart in your Notion? This article is for you.

When it comes to data management, Notion outsmarts Excel and like tools, but one of the major missing elements is a chart widget. Though Notion does not have its own popular chart embed, you can still use one from third-party widgets.

In this article, we discuss popular third-party Notion chart widgets that you can easily embed in your Notion page.

Best Notion Charts Widgets To Display Your Data

One of the most important things to note when picking up Notion charts widget is what type of chart you are looking for.

A few of the chart widgets are only limited to bar or pie charts, while you might want to use a different one.

Moreover, at times you might sometimes want to make a chart in Excel and then use it in Notion. Such things are to be considered when choosing Notion charts widget.

Let’s check some of the best picks in Notion charts widgets.

1. Nochart – The Ultimate Chart Widget on Notion

Nochart Notion Chart Widget

Nochart is one of the best ways to create charts on Notion with minimal effort. One of the advantages of using NoChart in comparison to other chart widgets is the automatic chart creation. Thanks to AI for making it fast and efficient.

You can also create a chart manually with the database on your Notion and then add the chart to the Notion page using the embed link.

Key Features

  • Easy to embed charts
  • Multiple chart types
  • Beautiful data presentation
  • Artificial intelligence to create charts faster
  • Interactive interface to create charts with no confusion

2. Data Jumbo – Charts for Notion

Data Jumbo Chart for Notion

Data Jumbo is one of the newest yet most efficient chart widgets on Notion with powerful chart options.

You can find a chart for any kind of data on your Notion page from habit tracking, projects, business and budget planning, and life goals. There is a chart for every kind of database you have.

One of the things we love using about Data Jumbo is there are several chart types to pick from. You can find bars, KPIs, lines, calendars, waffles, radar, and many others. Surely, Data Jumbo is one of the best options for data visualization on Notion.

Key Features

  • Multiple chart types
  • Add functions to your charts
  • Dark Mode to match your dark Notion theme
  • Customize color, blocks, and more inside the chart
  • Stay worry-free about your data with the privacy bars

3. Notion Charts from Notion VIP – Now Create Charts From Google Sheets Too

NotionCharts Notion VIP

When you are creating charts on Notion, Notion Charts from Notion VIP are something you cannot miss out on.

Most chart widgets in this list are about how you can create a chart using a database on Notion; however, when you wish to only have a chart and the database is elsewhere, such as Google Sheets, this is the best and most reliable option.

Creating charts from Google Sheets for Notion is pretty much simple; all you need to have is the Google Sheet document ID and permissions set to anyone with the link.

Once you have these, you can pick the chart type (Bar, Line, Column, Donut, Map, and Pie), choose the x-axis and y-axis formatting, and that’s all.

If you wish to match the color scheme, you can also choose your color palette; now, that’s how you create visually stunning charts on Notion with Google Sheets.

Key Features

  • Create a chart for Notion from Google Sheets
  • Data sync each time when changes are made in the Google Sheet (source)
  • Flexible chart embed blocks that respond to the size adjustments you make
  • Visually appealing charts with different color pallets, dark mode, and more

4. NotionCharts – One of the Featured Chart Widgets


NotionCharts is no lesser choice when it is about creating stunning visual charts on your Notion pages.

With among nine charts to choose from, NotionCharts is an interactive chart widget on Notion which needs integration and access to your Notion database. So, the data always sync, and the chart is visualized likewise with an easy refresh.

One of the advantages of using NotionCharts is you can embed each chart on multiple Notion pages. This comes in pretty handy when you are managing larger projects and need to share charts on multiple Notion pages.

Key Features

  • Nine chart types to suit your database
  • Dark Mode and Light Mode to match your theme
  • Sync chart and data when changes in the database are made
  • Easy integration to Notion account and pages
  • Embed chart from multiple Notion pages

5. ChartNerd – Create Notion Charts with Complete Freedom

ChartNerd Notion Chart Templates

ChartNerd is a pick that makes creating charts with complete freedom and flexibility. You can create up to nine types of charts such as Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Donut, Radar, Word Cloud, Map, and Scatter plot.

In addition, you can match up charts with extreme customizations and suit your Notion page theme using dark and light modes.

Key Features

  • Offline support – view charts even when you are offline
  • Nine chart types to suit your database
  • Dark Mode and Light Mode to match your theme
  • Chrome extensions to create charts faster
  • Customize the charts to match your needs

Wrapping up: Create Stunning Charts on Notion with Notion Charts Widgets

Notion charts are one of the best options to visualize your data and make them more presentable.

Since Notion does not have a direct option to create a chart, you can always pick one from the third-party chart widgets for Notion. You can easily sync data blocks, create charts from Google Sheets, and make easy embeds to your Notion page.

Which Notion charts widget did you like the most? Do you have a favorite pick to share? Let us know in the comment section.

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