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Are you looking for the best book tracker templates for Notion?

One of the most frustrating things about book reading is organizing and keeping track of the books you want to read. We keep adding so many books to our wishlist that it becomes hard for us to find that one book we eagerly want to read. But did you know you could easily organize your booklist using Notion?

Notion book tracker templates help you easily organize; for instance, you can manage your books based on genres, author, format, rating, and status. You can also do a few other things, such as highlight important notes and quotes, read summaries on the go, and keep track of your reading progress.

In this article, I am going to list the best Notion book tracker templates. So, let's cut the chase and check out the best options.

4 Best Notion Book Tracker Templates – Keep Track Of Your Reading Progress Quick And Easy

When it comes to choosing a book tracker, several options can leave you confused. Most importantly, we often lose out on helpful features when blindly selecting a Notion book tracker. For instance, a few book trackers templates on Notion help you with tracking your reading progress and also allow you to make book reading goals. 

This list will discuss the book tracker templates on Notion with features such as easy organizing, note highlighting, managing books based on genres and authors, and much more.

1. Book Tracker Template by Dave

book tracker template by Dave

Notion users have known this Book Tracker Template for quite a time, and the features justify why it is one of the best options. But do you know what makes it more desirable other than the features? A well-designed interface that comes with pre-made templates and widget counters.

When adding a new book, one can deploy the pre-made templates, and everything will be automatically organized and set up for you.

Key Features

  • A book summary and quotes section
  • Organize bookshelf based on books by author and genre
  • Quickly filter your bookshelf as per your preferences
  • A book counter that keeps track of the number of books a user has read in a year 
  • Pre-made templates for a quick setup of your bookshelf

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2. Book Tracker Notion Template by Keep Learning

Notion Book Tracker Template

When I first used this Book Tracker Template on Notion, I was impressed with how well the books are organized. It is the only book tracker on Notion that allows you to categorize books based on authors, genre, format, rating, and status. So, you don't have to search through tens of books from one author, as picking books becomes more manageable now. 

With the book summary feature and author database, you can pick a book that actually interests you without reading it halfway through. Once you start reading your book, you can track the progress and set a reading goal to make reading easier. 

Key Features

  • Organize your books and book series
  • Track your reading progress and set a goal using the progress bar
  • Quickly access the book summary using the book summary template feature
  • Get book progress information directly on the dashboard
  • Organize based on authors, genre, format, rating, and status

3. Notion Book Tracker by Notionway

Notion Book Tracker by Notionway

Notion Book Tracker is one of the most organized book templates I have ever used. If you are very peculiar about organizing your books and want meta details such as reading time, the number of pages left, and collecting books based on authors or genres; this is the most suitable notion book tracker template for you. 

Honestly, book progress is my favorite feature of this Notion book tracker template. The meta-information about the book is pretty accurate, and you can easily set your reading goals. 

Key Features

  • Easily track books
  • Organize bookshelf as per author and genre
  • Snip out quotes from your favorite books and easily access them
  • Track the number of pages and time left to complete the book with the book progress feature.

4. Notion Reading List by Easlo

Notion Reading List

One of the most popular Notion book tracker templates, the Notion Reading List is a must-have. From organizing books to tracking your progress, Notion Reading List does the job seamlessly for you. Moreover, the template costs you $0.

What I like the most about Notion Reading List is the highlight feature which lets you save important notes and quotes from your favorite books. Guess that saves you from actually marking your screens using a highlighter pen.

The reading progress bar is one of the other features I love to use on the Notion Reading List book tracker. Now, this might not sound like a great feature, but it is pretty helpful in setting your reading goals and tracking your progress every day. 

Key Features

  • Reading progress
  • Save and access articles from the web
  • Organize books in categories and collections
  • Set reading goals

Wrapping up: The Best Notion Book Tracker Template

Finding your favorite book or tracking your reading progress can be hard when your shelf is unorganized. Thanks to the above best options on the book tracker templates for Notion, organizing books is now a one-click task.

I definitely recommend you to go with these book trackers for Notion, and if you have any other notion book tracker suggestions for us, mention them in the comment section. 

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