How To Undo in Notion Quickly?

Want to delete the recent changes? Learn how to Undo in Notion

We often make mistakes when writing content or making changes to our workspace. It’s tedious to correct our mistakes by backspacing or erasing them constantly.

Because of this, Notion gives a much simpler and easier option.

UNDO is that option. In this article, we’ll look at how to undo in Notion in a few simple steps.

What Is the Function of Undo?

Notion creates a simple and easy task management environment to help users in their daily tasks. While working in the workspace, sometimes you might want to go back one step in the recent history.

Undo is that option that allows you to change or edit the mistakes that you made a few moments ago.

Having said that, let us understand what page history is all about.

What Exactly Is Page History?

When you lose track of your edits, page history comes in handy. Every action you do in Notion is saved and recorded in the page history. 

If you wish to review the most recent changes made by you or a teammate, this is your option. Page history not only keeps track of your work, but it also remembers the time and dates the changes/editing were done.

Next, let’s see how to quickly undo in Notion.

How To Undo in Notion Quickly?

Undoing is as easy as pie. Simply follow the steps below or use the provided shortcuts.

For Mac: The easiest way to do this on Mac is by pressing CMD + Z (⌘+Z)

For iOS: Shake iPhone back and forth and select Undo.

For Windows: You simply press CTRL+Z.

For Android: On some Android phones, you can swipe from right to left across the keyboard with two fingers. If that doesn’t work, check out the following steps.

  • On any Notion page on your Android phone, tap on the three dots (•••) on the top right corner.
Open a Notion page on Android
  • This will open the Actions window where need to tap on the Undo option under the Styles menu.
undo on Notion in Android

That’s it! Now you know how to undo in Notion no matter what device you use.

But what if you change your mind and want to redo the recent changes made on a page?

Let’s check that out too.

Redo Changes in Notion

You can easily redo the recent changes on each device using the following shortcuts:

  • Windows: CTRL + Shift + Z
  • Mac: CMD + Shift + Z (⌘+ Shift +Z)

On an Android phone, you can find the redo option in the same menu just below the Undo option.

Wrapping Up: How To Undo in Notion

And that’s it! You must now understand how simple and intuitive Notion is to use. We hope this article will help you Undo your problems and make your workspace more enjoyable.

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