How To Print Notion Page

Print Notion pages and keep a hard copy.

Do you want to know how to print a Notion page?

If you use Notion to create various types of data, you may have come across a situation where you need to keep a hard copy of the data in the form of print pages.

In this article, we’ll show you two simple methods for printing notion pages and keeping a physical record of them.

Can You Print Notion Pages?

Technically, you cannot print pages directly from Notion. The Notion app does not provide any built-in option to direct print pages from the app. However, there is a workaround, which we will discuss in this article.

How To Print Notion Page

To print a page from Notion, you have two options: export it as a PDF and print it, or print it directly from your browser using Notion for Web.

Let’s check out both methods one by one.

1. Export the Page As a PDF

Notion allows you to save any page in your workspace as a PDF file. It is a built-in feature of Notion, and you can save any type of page as PDF, such as a content page, database table, or even a Kanban board. This should be your preferred method of printing the Notion page because it generates a high-quality PDF file of the pages.

Click on Export option in the popup menu

We’ve written a tutorial on how to export a Notion page as a PDF, which you can read to learn more.

Once you’ve exported the Notion page as a PDF, you can open it from your file explorer and use the shortcut of CTRL+P or CMD+P to open the print options. Choose the paper size, printer and print your pages.

Let’s now look at the second method that lets you print Notion pages without having to export and save them as PDF.

2. Print Notion Page From Browser

For the second method, you must use Notion on the web in any browser. We do not recommend this method because the print quality will be poor and some parts of the pages may be cut out.

Open the Notion page you want to print and open the hamburger menu from the top right. Look for the Print option and click on it.

Click Print option in browser

It will open the print dialogue box, where you can set the page size and choose which printer to use. Once you’ve chosen your options, click the Print button to get a hard copy of your Notion page.

That’s it for this short tutorial on how to print Notion page easily. If you found this tutorial helpful, you might want to check other Notion basic tutorials to further improve your Notion skills.

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