How To Lock Database in Notion

Prevent changes to the database by locking it.

How To Lock Database in Notion

Tired of having database properties and views changed time and again by your team members or guest?

The database in Notion is extremely flexible and can be displayed in a variety of views such as the Timeline View, Kanban Board, or Calendar.

Team members and guests with the edit role can add new properties to the database.

We have a solution to prevent changes to the database in Notion.

Let’s find out how…

What Is The Database Lock in Notion

The database lock prevents others from making changes to the table properties without your permission.

This is a simple solution to lock your databases in Notion so that nobody can mess with its properties.

How to Lock Database in Notion

Locking a database in Notion is a simple yet effective solution to have more control over your Notion page and its properties.

To lock a database, simply click on the three dots menu at the top right of the window.

Next, turn the lock database toggle on.

toggle on to lock database in Notion

This should lock your database and prevent changes from being made to it. You can confirm this by checking the lock icon on the top left of the page or in the page navigation.

Lock icon for database lock

However, please keep in mind that your team members will still be able to add new rows and edit the data inside the database.

If you want to prevent changes to regular pages, Notion has a page lock feature for that.

And you’re done! That’s all for this quick tutorial on how to set a database lock in Notion.

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