How To Delete Notion Account

Erase account data from Notion server

Do you want to know how to delete your Notion account?

There are many reasons why one would want to delete their Notion account. One might want to delete after knowing that Notion does not provide end-to-end encryption

In this article, we’ll show you how to easily delete your Notion account in a few easy simple steps.

How to Delete Your Notion Account

Before you decide to delete the Notion account, you should know the risk behind it. You’ll lose access to all of your Notion data forever and it won’t be possible to restore it.

Once you are ready and understand the risk, log in to the Notion app on any platform.

From the Notion sidebar, click on Settings & Members, and navigate to the My Account section.

Click Settings Members from Notion sidebar

Scroll down on the page to the Danger Zone section and you’ll see a button Delete my account.

Notion delete my account

Click on it and a popup will open. You need to enter the email address that you used to create the account and click on the Permanently delete account button.

Notion enter email address to delete account permanently

Your account will now be deleted from the Notion servers along with all the workspace associated with that account.

What Happens when A Notion Account Is Deleted?

When you delete a Notion account, it will:

  • delete the account associated with that email address.
  • delete the private workspace data
  • delete the public workspace data in which you are the only admin.
  • remove your account from public workspace in which your are a member or admin.

Can You Recover Deleted Notion Account?

If you have accidentally deleted your Notion account, you can recover it by emailing the support team at

They will be happy to help you restore your account and get back to where it was earlier.

Do note that Notion can only restore the account if you contact them within 30 days after deleting the account. If you fail to contact the support team within 30 days, your account will be deleted forever and you cannot recover it.

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