How To Center Align Text in Notion

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How To Center Align Text in Notion

If you’ve ever tried to center align text in Notion, you’ll know that it’s not as simple as clicking the center align button. The reason for this is that text alignment option is currently unavailable in Notion.

Many of us use Notion for everything from taking notes to more complex tasks like building websites. While it is an extremely powerful tool, it does lack some features.

One of those features is the option to center align the text. However, there are some workarounds. In this article, let’s check those out.

How To Center Align Text in Notion [2 Ways]

All content on Notion is left aligned by default. However, there are two ways can center align it until Notion brings the feature to the native editor.

The first workaround is very simple, but it only works for heading blocks. Simply add any of the heading blocks to the page, position your cursor at the beginning of the heading text, and begin hitting the space bar until the text appears to be in the center.

Center text in Notion by adding space

The second method is to make use of the equation block and a LaTex formula. First, add the equation block by clicking on the “+” icon on the left side of a new line and then selecting “Block Equation” from the dropdown blocks menu.

Add block equation to the page

You can also make use of the “/” shortcut followed by the name of the block (Equation Block) to add it to the page.

Next, enter the following code into the equation block: \text {your text here}. Change the text inside the brackets to the text you want to center align.

Add LaTex equation to center align text

Finally, hit enter and your text will be center aligned!

center aligned text using block equation

You can use the same formula for headings too. Just replace the word “text in the formula \text {your text here} with huge or large. For example, \large {your text here} for medium sized headings and \huge {your text here} for big headings.

You can also use the LaTex formula to use custom fonts in Notion.

And that’s it! With these two workarounds, you can center align text in Notion until it is natively added to the editor.

How To Justify Text in Notion?

It is not possible to justify text in Notion. The app does not have the option available to enable it, so users are unable to make their text look neat and aligned.

Other word processing app, like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, do offer justification, but unfortunately this feature is not included in Notion.

How To Highlight Text in Notion?

Unlike center align and justification, Notion does offer an option to highlight the text. We have already written an in-depth article on it that you can check out to learn more about the topic.

Wrapping Up: How To Center Align Text in Notion

Centering text in Notion is a simple yet effective way to make your documents look neat and organized. Unfortunately, the text alignment option is currently not available in Notion.

But, with the two workarounds mentioned in this article, you can center align the text and headings in your documents until Notion introduces the feature.

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