How To Add Spotify Playlist to Notion

Set the work tone with your favorite Spotify playlist in Notion.

Wondering if you could add a Spotify playlist to Notion and, if yes, how to do it. This guide is all you need.

From aesthetic to journal templates on Notion, the best thing you cannot miss out on is adding your favorite music or podcast to make them more personal.

We often spend a lot of our time on Notion and also kind of share the friendlier dashboards with friends and family.

In such a case, it is best to also share your favorite music or podcast, but the question is, can you actually add a music playlist from a platform like Spotify on Notion? This tutorial is all about it.

Can You Add a Spotify Playlist to the Notion Template?

Notion does not have a direct block to add a Spotify playlist or podcast. However, fortunately, there is an alternative option that helps you add Spotify playlists directly to any of your Notion templates.

In this tutorial, we’ll look in detail at how to use Spotify’s embed feature to add playlists and podcasts directly to your Notion template, and trust me, it is the simplest thing to do.

How To Add Spotify Playlist to the Notion Template?

To add a Spotify playlist to your Notion template, you will need to have a Spotify account, and it doesn’t have to be premium.

However, if it is a public playlist that you have come across and want to add to your Notion template, you won’t require a Spotify account either.

This tutorial works best when you can access the Spotify platform from a desktop or laptop rather than a smartphone.

This also comes with a significant advantage that you can customize the whole block on the Notion template with much more flexibility. 

However, you can also do it with your smartphones, such as an Android or an iPhone, but it will require you to have the Notion app installed on your device and have a Spotify account (Subscription is optional). 

In addition, the playlists are shared as links instead of a proper embed but are still directly shareable from the app.

How to Add Spotify Playlist to Notion using Desktop/Laptop?

  • Open the Spotify website and navigate to your favorite playlist or podcast that you wish to add.
Spotify Playlist on Notion
  • Tap on the horizontal three-dot icon right below the playlist description and tap on the “Share” label in the pop-up menu.
Embed Spotify Playlist on Notion
  • Now, choose the “Embed playlist” option, and you will be shown a new block with customizations such as size, color, and compactness.
  • Once you are done with the customizations, you can either tap on the “Copy” button or click on the “show code” to view the hard-written iFrame code and make technical changes, if any.
Embed Spotify Playlist on Notion Template
  • Now, open the Notion page where you wish to add the Spotify playlist, and then use the “/” keyboard shortcut to open the quick actions. In this case, type the following “/embed” and tap on the embed option.
Embed music on Notion template
  • Now, paste the code or link you just copied from Spotify and then click enter.
Adding Music to Spotify Playlist

That’s it! You’ve now added a Spotify playlist to your Notion page with ease.

Embedding Music on Notion

How To Add Spotify Playlist to Notion Using a Smartphone

  • Open the “Spotify app” on your Android or iPhone and navigate to the playlist you wish to add.
Sharing Spotify Playlist on Notion
  • Now, tap on the three-dot icon and tap on the share button to view all the sharing options.
Add Spotify Music to Notion using Android or iOS
  • Copy the link to the playlist to your clipboard.
  • Open the page on the Notion mobile app to which you wish to add the playlist.
  • Tap the plus “+” icon at the bottom left and select the embed block.
select Notion embed block
  • Paste the link into the box and tap the Embed link button.
past spotify link in Notion embed block
  • Adjust the appearance, and once you are done, your favorite playlist is added to your Notion page.

That’s all! You now understand how to add a Spotify playlist to the Notion page.

Please keep in mind that the embedded playlist will only play the first 25 seconds of audio. With this restriction, it works best with instrumental or lo-fi music.

Wrapping Up: Embed Spotify Playlist to the Notion Page

You can easily add a Spotify playlist to your Notion page using the embed block in the Notion app. After adding the playlist, you can resize it or change its alignment.

Apart from Spotify, you can also embed many other types of widgets, such as charts, weather, calendar, and more. We’ve covered the best free Notion widgets in one of our articles.

I hope this tutorial has guided you with ease; for more tutorials, you can check out our tutorial page and for productive personal and professional templates, check out our template library

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