How To Export a Notion Page to PDF

Save a copy of your Notion page as a PDF.

How To Export a Notion Page to PDF

Are you looking to export a Notion page as PDF?

Because Notion is so flexible, anyone can use it for a variety of purposes and store a wide range of data. However, sometimes you may want to export the content or data you create in Notion as a PDF file for printing or to keep a physical record.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily export Notion pages to PDF in a neat and customizable format.

How To Export a Page As PDF in Notion

The export Notion to PDF functionality is built into Notion and you don’t have to rely on any external tool to do it. Also, no matter if you have a database table or a kanban board, everything that’s on the Notion page will be included in the PDF. If you use Notion in dark mode, the pages will automatically render in a light background.

The steps for exporting a Notion page to PDF are the same whether you are using it on the web browser, a desktop, or a mobile phone. Follow the steps below to export a Notion page to PDF:

  1. Open the Notion page that you want to export as PDF and click the hamburger menu (three dots) at the top right. 
Click on the three dots to open menu
  1. This will open up a popup menu on the sidebar. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Export option. 
Click on Export option in the popup menu
  1. Another pop-up will open where you need to select the Export format as PDF.
Change the export format to PDF
  1. Next, you can select if you’d like to include images and files in your PDF, If you want those, select Everything from the dropdown for Include content or change it to No Files or Images if you don’t want them.
Notion export to pdf include content
  1. Next, you can select the page format between different page sizes such as A3, A4, Letter, and others. You can also define the page scale percent that you want or keep it at 100% as default.
Notion export to PDF page format
  1. If you have an Enterprise plan, you can also include all subpages of your main Notion page in the PDF document.
  2. When done select all the options, click the Export button and the Notion page will be downloaded as a PDF file on your device. 
Click on Export button

That’s it! Isn’t easy to export Notion pages in PDF format? Apart from PDF, you can export the page in other formats too. Let’s look at what all other file options are available.

What Other Formats Can You Export a Notion Page In?

Notion allows you to export pages in CSV and HTML formats in addition to PDF. Other than the page format and scale percentage, the other options are familiar across all formats.

Change the export format to PDF

The Enterprise-only feature of including subpages in PDF format is available to everyone in CSV and HTML file formats.

 That’s all for this short tutorial. You can also check out our other tutorial on how to add a table of content in Notion.

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  • Hi Ahmed,

    I have some problems in exporting PDF. Is there any solution to make the “include databases” options appear again. Before that I saw it every time I exported, but now I am not seeing that option anymore.


    • A

      Hi Khang,
      I just tried the PDF export function on a page with two different databases, and it included the database entries in the PDF file. If you have a database that isn’t a table database, Notion will convert that to a table in the PDF.

      Regarding the “Include database” option, I don’t recall seeing it in the export popup. I think you must have misunderstood it with the “Include subpages” option.

  • Great post Ahmed! For more advanced formatting, I would recommend (I am not affiliated). It allows you to configure the PDF in more ways, although it lacks perfect support for databases and some other stuff.

    • A

      Thanks for providing the link. I checked the tool and it is indeed very useful. I will add about it in the article.

  • Steven

    When i export to PDF my text, the file is in A4 format pages and notion do it without following a criterion and obviously the pages cut the paragraphs and it mess my text. How can i fix this problem? Can i organize the pages before the download?
    Thank you so much

    • A

      Hi Steven,
      Here are a few things you can try to stop Notion from making a mess of your export:

        In the export option, reduce the page scale by a factor of 10 until everything fits correctly.
        If you have a cover image on the page, remove that.
        If your page is set to full width, change it to default.

      I hope this helps.

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