Changing currency across the template

Want to change the currency used across the Freelancer Toolkit template? This guide will walk you through the steps to change the currency on pages such as Invoices, Expenses, and Statements.

Changing currency across the template

If your currency is other than US dollars, you need to change it before you start using the template. This will help you avoid errors and inconsistencies in your calculations and reports.

There are three pages where you need to make this change. Let’s look at each one in detail.


Go to the Invoices page and click the dropdown next to the blue New button. This will list the predesigned invoice templates that we have.

click the dropdown to open the pedesigned template

Click the three dots (…) next to the default template, then the Edit button. This will open the default invoice template page, which is added each time a new invoice is created.

Click the Edit button for default template

Scroll down to the Balance Due section of the template page and change the currency symbol.

change currency symbol for Balance Due text

Again scroll down to the Invoice table and click on the Est. Value column header. This will open a menu where you need to click the Edit property option.

Click Edit property

Now, click the Number format option and change the currency to your desired currency.

Click number format

Similarly, click the Total Amount column header → Edit property and change the Number format to your desired currency.

Click Number format for total amount

Finally, make changes to the currency symbols for Sub Total, Total, and Balance Due at the bottom.

Change currency for sub total total and balance due

Now, any new invoices you create will have the updated currency.

Updated currency for the invoices


The Expenses page is the next one where we need to change the currency.

Similar to Invoices, click the dropdown next to the blue New button and open the predesigned template.

Edit predesigned Expense template

Click the Amount property to edit it and change the Number format to your desired currency.

Change currency for the amount property

Exit the template and you should see the currency update on your page.

Expense page with updated currency

Statement & Overview

The Statement & Overview page provides a summary of the funds in your bank and wallet accounts. We need to make changes to three databases here.

First, open the predesigned template by clicking the dropdown next to the blue New button.

Open the predesigned account overview template

There are two properties where you must change the currency. First, click the Account Balance property → Edit property and change the Number format to your desired currency.

Make the same changes to the Total Income property as well.

Account balance currency change

Exit the Account Overview template page and open the Monthly Overview template page.

Click the Total Monthly Expense property text in bold to open the formula editor. Here, cut and paste the dollar symbol with your desired currency. Click the Done button to close the editor. Follow the above same steps for the Total Monthly Revenue property as well.

change currency in formula editor

With that, we only have the Yearly Overview database left to change the currency. Open the Yearly Overview predesigned template and make changes to the Total Annual Expenses and Total Annual Revenue.

Currency change for yearly database

That’s it! Now you know how to change the Freelancer Toolkit currency to your desired currency.