35+ Best Notion Widgets To Bring Life Into Your Notion Pages

Add widgets to Notion and design creative workspace

best Notion widgets to bring life to your Notion dashboard

Are you looking to spice up your Notion dashboard with some Notion widgets?

Widgets are third-party integrations that allow you to embed different types of content and features into your Notion pages. Whether you want to track your habits, check the weather, or listen to music, there is a widget for that.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best Notion widgets that’ll help you level up your Notion experience.

Let’s dive in!

How To Add Third-Party Widgets to Notion?

It is very easy to add widgets to your Notion page. No matter the type of third-party widget you want to embed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Copy the link of the widget you want to embed.
  2. Open your Notion page and add the Embed block (“/embed”).
add Embed block to your Notion page
  1. Paste the link you copied and hit Enter.
  2. Resize your widget to the perfect shape by dragging its edges.

Now that we know how to add a widget, let’s look at the best Notion widgets available in the market.

35+ Best Free Notion Widgets to Bring Life into Notion

Most of the Notion widgets mentioned in this list are free. Some will require you to create an account while some can be used right away.

We’ve grouped the widgets based on the category to make it easy for you to find the right widget.

Table of Content

Weather Notion Widget

Do you like to check the weather forecast before you start your day? You can make Notion your new weatherman!

1. WidgetBox’s Notion Weather

WidgetBox is a collection of Notion widgets and one of them is the weather widget.

You can use it to display the single-day weather forecast in circular and square shape or a five-day weather forecast to prepare you for the week to come.

Notion weather widget 1 1

Get WidgetBox’s Notion Weather widget here (paid)

2. Indify Weather Widget

Indify Weather widget

Indify is another fantastic collection of Notion widgets that includes a weather widget. It allows you to customize the widget’s colors, set your preferred units, specify your location, and choose the number of days you want to display, up to a week.

Get Indify Weather Widget here (requires sign-up)

💡 Tip: Read more about weather widgets in Notion by reading our dedicated article on it.

Notion Clock Widgets

Time is money, and productivity is all about accomplishing more in less time. Having a clock right inside the Notion dashboard makes it easier to keep track of time.

3. Digital Clock

Notion Avenue Digital Clock

The Digital Clock Notion widget from Notion Avenue is a simple, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing way to display the current time on your Notion page. It lets you choose the color of the font and the background and easily switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats.

Get Digital Clock here (free)

4. Aura Clock

aura digital clock for Notion

The Aura Clock is designed to be both functional and aesthetic. You can use it to add a touch of elegance to any Notion dashboard.

Get Aura Clock here (free)

5. Affirmation Clock

Affirmation Digital Clock in Notion

Work with positivity, purpose, and focus with the Affirmation clock. Choose the affirmations to be displayed on the clock and you are done.

Get Affirmation Clock here (free)

6. Digital Retro Clock

Retro Digital Clock Notion widget

The Digital Retro Clock widget is a unique and nostalgic addition to your Notion dashboard. This widget showcases a classic flip clock design with the option to choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour time format.

Get Digital Retro Clock here (requires sign-up)

7. Analog Clock

Analog Notion clock widget for Notion

Looking for a break from digital clocks? Add a touch of nostalgia to your Notion dashboard with WidgetBox’s Analog Clock widget. You can customize the appearance with your preferred colors and test it in light and dark modes.

Get Analog Clock here (requires sign-up)

8. Indify Clock Widgets

Indify clock widget

Indify offers a wide selection of clock widgets, including six analog clocks and two digital clocks. All of them are fully customizable with options to use 24 hours format, hide the seconds text and customize background and watch colors.

Get Indify Clock here (requires sign-up)

Link Button Notion Widget

Sometimes in your templates, you may need to add a button with a webpage link. As Notion doesn’t have a built-in button block for this purpose, using widgets that offer link buttons can prove to be useful.

9. Indify Button

indify button widget

Indify’s Notion Button widget is a new addition to their collection and our favorite. It has a unique feel and comes with preset color themes. You can add multiple buttons to the same widget and change their fonts, color, size and layout.

Get Indify Button here (requires sign-up)

10. Butn Widget

Butn Notion Button maker

Butn is a simple tool that allows users to generate call-to-action buttons to be used in Notion. It gives you options to customize the font, color, padding, alignment, border, and shadows, and even set the button to open links new tab.

Get Butn here (free)

11. WidgetBox’s Button

widgetbox button widget

WidgetBox’s Button is easily customizable with options for icons, emojis, background color, text color, and border color of your preference.

Get WidgetBox’s Button here (requires sign-up)

Habit Tracker Notion Widget

Many people use Notion as a productivity tool and to work on their good habits. Set goals and keep yourself accountable with these habit tracking widgets.

12. Blocs Habit Tracker

The Notion Habit Tracker widget by Blocs lets you track your habits and present them as streaks. The new feature lets you create a special link to share your progress with friends.

Habit tracker widget in Notion 1

Get Blocs Habit Tracker here (requires sign-up)

13. Kairo Habit Block

Kairo Blocks are cute Notion widgets with which you can build new habits and keep yourself on track. You also get a daily intake Notion water tracker widget that makes it a super fun & interactive way to keep yourself hydrated.

Kairo habit tracker

Get Kairo Habit Block here (free)

Countdown Timer Widget

If you have a special event such as a friend’s birthday or your anniversary coming up, you can set up a countdown to the big day by using countdown timer widgets in Notion.

14. Indify’s Countdown Widget

Indify has a great collection of widgets and the countdown timer is one of them. It is a simple and minimal Notion widget that lets you add a title and choose the date and time to the countdown. You can select which units to display in the countdown and customize it.

indify countdown timer

Get Indify Countdown Timer here (requires sign-up)

15. Kairo Countdown Block

Time your study sessions with Kairo’s countdown timer widget. You can set the counter for up to 9 hours and change the colors, text, and icon of the widget.

kairo countdown timer

Get Kairo Countdown Block here (free)

16. Notion Widgets Countdown Widget

The Notion Widget countdown block is the most customizable of the three, allowing you to change the colors of each unit of the countdown. You can also choose between light and dark mode for the timer.

Notion Widgets Countdown widget

Get Notion Widget Countdown here (requires sign-up)

Pomodoro Timer Widget

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that lets you focus on work in short bursts of time. If you’re looking for a Pomodoro widget to include in your Notion dashboard, check out these widgets.

17. Pomofocus

Promofocus lets you add multiple tasks at once. You can choose focus/break time, alarm sounds, background sounds, set reminders to get notifications, and much more. It also gives you a visual report to see how you’ve been focusing.

Pomofocus Pomodoro widget for Notion

Get Pomofocus here (free)

18. Kairo Pomodoro Tracker

Kairo Blocks also includes a Pomodoro Tracker, which is a simple widget that allows you to track a preset timer.

Kairo Pomodoro Tracker

Get Kairo Pomodoro Tracker here (free)

19. Blocs

The Pomodoro widget by Blocs is a perfect blend of simplicity and aesthetics. With its visually pleasing circular design, as the timer counts down, the circle gradually fills up, adding to its appeal.

Blocs Pomodoro tracker

Get Blocs Pomodoro Timer here (requires sign-up)

20. Notion Avenue Pomodoro Timer

The Notion Avenue Pomodoro Timer will add a splash of color to your Notion dashboard while being an effective productivity tool. Choose from different backgrounds and font colors to match your Notion aesthetic.

notionavenue pomodoro widget

Get Notion Avenue Pomodoro Timer here (free)

Calendar Notion Widget

A great-to-have along with the Notion clock widget is a calendar widget. You can have a simple calendar or a widget that syncs your Google Calendar.

21. WidgetBox Calander

WidgetBox offers another Notion widget called the Simple Calendar. The calendar is highly customizable, with the ability to change its color and appearance.

Simple calendar widget made using WidgetBox 1

Get WidgetBox Calander here (requires sign-up)

22. Apption Google Calendar Widget

Connect to your Google account and have it display all events from it inside Notion with the Apption Google Calendar.

Google Calendar widget from Apption 1

Get Apption Calander here (free)

Quote Notion Widget

Because Notion is a productivity tool, a good quote on the dashboard can provide you with the right motivation and set the tone for the day.

23. Notion Quotes Widget

Get your daily inspiration with Notion Quotes Widgets. Choose from two different themes, four font sizes, and six quote types.

Notion Quotes widget

Get Notion Quotes here (free)

24. Quote Widget

The Quote widget by WidgetBox displays a new quote every day inside your Notion dashboard. You can select from three different text styles and can change the background color, icon, text, and border.

Notion Quote widget by Widgetbox

Get Quote Widget here (requires sign-up)

25. Indify Quotes

Get quotes from five Instagram accounts right in your Notion dashboard with the Indify Quotes widget.

indify quote widget

Get Indify Quotes here (requires sign-up)

Life Progress Bar Widgets

Although no one can predict their death, you can enter your birthday and expected life span and the widget will show you a progress bar of your life.

26. Indify Life Tracker

Indify Life Tracker is a fun Notion widget that gives you the estimated number of years, months, and days you will live and helps you gain perspective.

life progress bar by indify

Get Indify Life Tracker here (requires sign-up)

27. WidgetBox Life Progress Bar

WidgetBox’s Life Progress Bar allows you to change the colors of all bars and add a border to make the widget more visually appealing.

widgetbox life progress bar

Get WidgetBox Life Progress Bar here (requires sign-up)

Contact Forms Notion Widget

With contact forms in Notion, you can let people contact you. This way you don’t need to expose your email address and can save all submissions within Notion.

28. NoteForms Widget

NoteForms is super flexible, and you can add any form fields such as email, text, number, select, multi-select, phone, paragraph, and much more.

notion form widget

Get NoteForms here (paid + requires registration)

29. Chillipepper Forms

Chillipepper is another form widget that comes with different field types such as text, selects, and numbers. The forms are customizable and can be embedded on any Notion page for public or private use.

chillipepper notion forms

Get Chillipepper Forms (Free option available)

Other Notion Widgets

In addition to the major category of widgets listed above, there are also other Notion widgets that offer some amazing features.

30. CoinMarketCap Crypto Notion Widget

Crypto is a hot topic these days and it’s no wonder that people want to keep track of it. CoinMarketCap allows you to track any of the crypto coins in comparison with a number of international currency options.

Crypto Notion widget 2

As you can’t directly paste the code given by CoinMarketCap into Notion, you’ll need to use Apption’s DIY Embed URL to make it work.

Get CoinMarketCap here (free)

31. Slashy

Slashy is an open-source extension that lets you create custom commands for Notion. Make camera and audio recordings, draw, and create reusable components. You can also create your own commands as templates or scripts using the SDK.

slashy widget

Get Slashy here (free)

32. Comments Notion Widget

Comments for Notion is a widget from Apption that enables anyone to post comments on a Notion page. This includes even those without a Notion account

comments for Notion widget 1

Get Comments for Notion here (requires sign-up)

33. Spotify Notion Widget

If you like listening to music during focus work, the Spotify widget has you covered. You can embed your favorite Spotify playlist into your Notion dashboard and listen to some soothing music while you work.

Spotify Music Notion widget 1

If you use Apple Music, you can also embed that using Apption Apple Music Widget. It works with albums, playlists, artists, and even podcasts.

34. Whiteboard Widget

The Witeboard is a highly interactive widget that lets you draw, write, or sketch whatever you want all within the Notion app. This comes in handy when brainstorming creative ideas.

Witeboard notion widget

You can also embed the Canva Whiteboard, but you won’t be able to make any changes to it.

Get Whiteboard here (free)

35. Actions Product Widget

Actions Product Notion Widget

Do you sell digital products that you want to showcase inside of your Notion page? Actions let you promote your products as cards with the product name, an image, and the CTA button.

Get the Actions Product Widget (paid)

That’s all! These are some of the best third-party Notion widgets that will help you level up your Notion dashboard.

We’ll be adding more widgets to this list as time goes on. You can bookmark the page or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the content is updated.

Wrapping Up: Best Notion Widgets

This article discusses the top Notion widgets. These widgets range from simple ones like clocks and weather cards to more advanced ones like habit trackers and forms. Most of the widgets we listed are free to use, making them accessible to all Notion users.

If you’re looking for templates, you can check out the best Notion templates compiled into one post.

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