Best Notion To Do List Templates for Your Daily Tasks

Are you looking for a To-Do list template on Notion?  Notion is one of the…

Best Notion To Do List Templates for Your Daily Tasks

Are you looking for a To-Do list template on Notion? 

Notion is one of the best platforms for workspace management, and you can find several work-related templates that can make it much more manageable. One such kind of template on Notion is a to-do list or task manager template.

A to-do list template is best when you want to manage your tasks and set them in priorities. These are simple, less complicated, and allow you to set multiple parameters and not just a simple paper to-do list. Interesting right? 

To-Do list templates are also one of the best when you want to manage daily, weekly, or monthly tasks for both smaller and bigger projects. These allow you to create perfect time management for all kinds of personal and professional projects, and you can customize them to add more. 

But which are the best to-do list templates on Notion? Here are our top picks and why you should be using them.

Best Notion To-Do List Templates – Ditch the Sticky Notes, This is All You Need

While there are too many choices to pick from Notion templates for a to-do list, it becomes quite important to pick one that can fit your needs. Though templates are customizable, it is best to save time as you are already worked up with a lot of tasks to do from your list.

To-do lists can be simple, fun, and colorful, but what makes a difference while choosing one is how well you can put it to use. In the following list, we showcase five of the best to-do list templates that you can duplicate to use as per your need.

1. Focus OS

Focus OS Notion To Do List Template

The first to-do template on our list is the Focus OS, which is an all-in-one package for tasks and goals management. With the Focus OS template on Notion, you can ensure there is minimal distraction on your dashboard while having maximum productivity in your daily life. 

One of the best things about Focus OS is you can customize it to add and remove a few features to make it a perfect template for you. In addition to this, you can also seamlessly use the Focus OS on other compatible devices, such as a smartphone, to ensure your to-do list is accessible from any device.

Key Features

  • Set goals based on objectives and key results
  • Prioritize tasks based on GTD
  • Additional features such as Habit and Book tracker
  • Mobile-friendly for quick use
  • Ready-made templates for each table

2. The Focus Hub: Daily Task Management Notion Template

Focus Hub Notion To-Do List Template

Managing tasks is not only about ticking the boxes on your list, and Focus Hub on Notion helps you dodge such misconceptions. There are a lot of reasons why one should start using Focus Hub for daily task management

One such advantage is committing your work in cycles. Usually, we overcommit to work and often end up messing all the tasks together and skipping deadlines or pressurizing ourselves. Focus Hub helps you set a to-do list for eight cycles for proper management of tasks and setting up priorities. 

You can also see the progress bar to check the current status of the work or filter work based on tags such as completed, pending, upcoming, and many more.

That’s not everything that Focus Hub has to offer, and it comes with a lot of features that push you towards healthy productivity and management. It is a must-have for those who manage a lot of tasks together. 

Key Features

  • Work in cycles to manage better and not overcommit
  • Track task status with a progress bar
  • Weely and upcoming tasks with an active action zone to work better
  • Filter tasks based on tags such as completed, upcoming, later, and more
  • Multiple to-do lists based on project scenarios and tags

3. Task and Project Management System – Notion Template

Task and Project Management Template

One of the problems with most of the to-do list templates on Notion is they have limited views, databases, relations, and dashboards. Task and Project Management System template on Notion exactly solves this problem while maintaining its simplicity.

One of the best things about this template is there are too many options to choose from, and these are highly customizable. So, when you are working on personal or multiple professional projects, you can easily set up a to-do list as per the requirement. There are also today, tomorrow, and weekly templates that make it easier for you to manage your upcoming tasks.

Key Features

  • Showcases all popular kinds of views (lists, boards (Kanban), calendars, timelines, and galleries)
  • 30+ pre-built dashboards for a quick setup (personal and team dashboards)
  • 4 clean and easy-to-manage relational databases
  • Page templates for every new task, project, topic, and area (dedicated preconfigured template)
  • Progress bar to track your task status

4. Ultimate Tasks

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Task management has never been so robust unless we used the Ultimate Tasks template on Notion. This template features a lot of detailed and priority-based scheduling to help you manage tasks better, and it has never been so easier to track your to-do list.

While there are seven databases that help you manage tasks precisely, you can view all your to-do lists in a single master database called “All Tasks” that helps you manage tasks from the other databases.

There is a lot of information that goes in with each of the databases to help you manage your tasks better. For instance, you can assign details to your tasks such as due date, project, type (recurring or one-time), state, priority, assignee, and much more.

With multiple views, daily tasks, priority-based and more, Ultimate Tasks is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to well-manage their tasks.

Ket Features

  • Multiple views (Gallery, list, table, board, and archived), including board-view and tag view for better management
  • Seven databases to organize your tasks better
  • Several parameters with each task, such as priority, due date, type, state, and tag
  • A single master database for all tasks makes it quicker to analyze all the pending tasks

5. To-Do

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When you are managing a to-do list and have a lot of priority tasks in queue, it is best to have a decluttered workspace. To-Do is one such simple yet powerful to-do list for everyday chores.

One of the things we love about this to-do template on Notion is the team management it has to provide. You can find tasks assigned by various other teammates, priority-based tasks, and the due date for better management.

Though simple in design, each task on your to-do list on this template holds crucial information, such as the description of tasks and a “child” to-do list to complete tasks in bits and pieces. It is best for those who want to keep things minimalist and also don’t compromise on the feature.

Key Features

  • Write a description of each task for a better understanding
  • Get tasks assigned by teammates
  • Prioritize time-sensitive tasks with a tag
  • Create a “child” to-do list within a task to complete tasks in bits and pieces

Wrapping up: Best Notion To-Do List Templates

Managing personal and professional tasks with a to-do list on Notion is much easier when you have a dedicated to-do dashboard or template for prioritizing tasks, setting a due date, or even filtering tasks based on different planners. These can do it all. 

Which is your favorite pick among all these to-do list templates on Notion mentioned above? Let us know in the comment section.

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