65+ Best Notion Templates – Complied in One Place

The best of Notion templates, compiled in a single list.

Best Notion Templates Complied in One Place

Are you looking for the best Notion templates?

With so many Notion templates online, it can be frustrating to try and find the best one for your needs. This article aims to make that process easier for you!

The fastest-growing productivity tool is Notion. It’s great for teams, organizations, and individuals. What’s best about it is that it includes templates that allow users to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

To save you from having to open a dozen tabs to find the template you’re looking for, this article brings 50+ of the best Notion templates from various categories under one roof.

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50+ Best Notion Templates – All in One Place

Notion templates are helpful as they provide a structure for you to work within. This can be especially helpful when you are starting a new project and are not sure where to begin. Having a template can give you a starting point and help you to organize your thoughts.

Additionally, templates can be customized to fit your specific needs, which can make the process of starting a new project much easier.

📖Best Notion Templates For Students

Notion student templates are a great way to organize your school work and keep track of your progress. They can help you stay on top of your assignments and make sure you are meeting your goals. With so many different templates available, it can be hard to pick the right one. Below is a list of the best Notion student templates to help you start right away

Did I mention that all of them are free?🤔

1. The Ultimate Student Hub

Ultimate student hub premium

Do you long for a comprehensive, done-for-you student template that captures every detail of your university life in one place? Well, this is it!

This all-inclusive Ultimate Student Hub template will help you stay on top of everything from coursework to exam schedules to job applications to project management and beyond

main landing page mockup.png

It allows you to effortlessly navigate between all university specifics, so you don’t miss anything.

Students at any level can benefit from this practical template, which aims to create a productive Notion environment for studying.


It makes use of every one of Notion’s views, including the calendar, the gallery, the calendar, and the boards (Kanban).

With the help of this functional and aesthetically pleasing template, you may forego the need to switch between several others.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Dashboard for easy navigation and synchronization
  • Assignment Tracker and Task Manager for seamless tracking of progress and due dates
  • Project Management Tool for overseeing project progress
  • Subject Overview with pre-designed templates for comprehensive subject details
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards for enhanced learning and memory retention
  • Automated Pomodoro Tracker for efficient time management
  • Lecture Schedule for effective planning of study sessions
  • Automated Grade Calculator for effortless GPA calculation
  • Habit Tracker with visual graphs to track and visualize progress
  • Goal Tracker with automated motivational feedback
  • Job Tracker for organizing job applications and interview schedules

And there is still a lot to add to the list.

💡 notionzen recommends this template because it includes all of the features you’d need to stay on track and manage academics for affordable pricing. notionzen readers can buy this template at an even lesser price by using the coupon code “notionzen.”

More Notion Student Templates

  1. Notion University Template
  2. Student Dashboard
  3. Student Starter Pack
  4. School Dashboard by @angelajtc
  5. medicine By Kat D’Urzo
  6. University Class Management
  7. University Hub

⌚Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates

There are many different ways to track your habits, and Notion provides a variety of templates to choose from. You can find templates for daily, weekly, and monthly tracking, as well as specific templates for tracking specific types of habits, like fitness or productivity. No matter what your tracking goals are, you’re sure to find a template that fits your needs.

1. Weekly Habit Tracker Notion Template 

Weekly Habit Tracker Notion Template 

Tracking habits is now much easier with Notion, but what makes it far best is the Weekly Habit Tracker template. If you are looking for a habit tracker that tracks and visualize everything for you, your search ends here. 

Weekly Habit Tracker on Notion offers you three packages stacked with extensive habit tracking features and add-ons. Moreover, you can find other attractive features such as motivational quotes, ideas, strategies, and tips to make your habit tracking more effective and efficient. 

Key Features

  • Weekly goal customization
  • Set your own motivational message and quotes
  • View your habit tracking in more detail, glanced, and calendar view
  • Morning and night template for extensive tracking
  • Habit building strategies and tips for advancing habit tracking and control
  • On the go tracking with a mobile-friendly version
  • Three weekly habit tracker templates to choose among

More Notion Habit Tracker Templates

  1. Minimalist Habit Tracker
  2. Habit Box Tracker

🏋️Best Notion Workout Templates

Notion workout templates are a great way to stay organized and motivated when working out. With templates for everything from tracking your daily workouts to planning your week ahead, Notion can help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a template for you.

1. Health and Fitness Workout Template

Notion workout template

This is an all-in-one Notion template for fitness that not only lets you track the workout but also comes with a meal planner.

The template makes use of the gallery cards to display the information in a clean and simple dashboard.

It also includes a calorie counter that will tell you how many calories you need to lose based on your weight and age. This is a fantastic feature that will allow you to make necessary dietary changes.

Key Features

  • Calorie Calculator
  • Weekly Workout Tracker
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Exercise Log

The template has custom icons that look great no matter if you use the light mode or dark mode.

More Notion Workout Templates

  1. Advanced Workout Tracker Notion Template
  2. Health and Fitness Tracker

📝Best Notion Journal Templates

There are a ton of different journal templates out there, but the best ones are the ones that are versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Notion is a powerful tool that allows users to create and organize their thoughts, ideas, and work in one place. The best journal templates for Notion provide users with an easy way to track their progress and see their ideas in one place.

1. Morning Journal Dashboard Template

Notion Morning Journal Dashboard Template

The Morning Journal Dashboard template is just the perfect journal template for you. With features such as 5-minute journal boxes, a template on questions such as Why’s to make your goal clear, and dates populated for the next five years, writing your digital journal on Notion is much more fascinating. 

Moreover, the Morning Journal Dashboard template is also minimalist, which makes it more appealing alongside functional. I like the well-designed and thoughtful journal index most about this template. 

Key Features

  • Dates populated for the next five years
  • Automatically populates the journal page for the current day
  • Built-in templates for journal prompts, including the 5-minute journal, The 5 Why’s, morning pages and general prompts.
  • Automatically populates the current week and year (broken down by month) for retrospectives

More Notion Journal Templates

  1. The Happiness Bar Journal
  2. Daily Journal
  3. 5 Minute Journal Template
  4. Life Wiki

🌄Best Notion Daily Planner Templates

Notion is a powerful tool for organizing your life. The best Notion daily planner templates can help you stay on top of your schedule and get more done in less time. With a well-designed template, you can easily see what’s coming up and plan your day accordingly. A good daily planner template will also help you track your progress and see where you need to make adjustments.

1. The Manifest Weekly/Daily Planner

The Manifest Weekly Daily Planner

The Manifest Weekly/Daily Planner is one of the top choices for an efficient and well-planned daily planner. There are a bunch of reasons why you should be planning to use it. 

One of the most liked features of the Notion Manifest daily planner is the timeline view of things to do in the entire day. You plan and depict events based on timely hours and set tags such as “Active,” “Completed,” and “Upcoming” to track the status or progress.

Key Features

  • Straightforward template with no dashboards and messy navigations
  • Daily planner data rolls up into months, quarters, and yearly databases for ease in tracking
  • Tag entries of your journal with a bullet journal like system and differentiate entries based on personal, business, learning, teaching, or content creation
  • Use timeline/roadmap view to plan out projects and organize more efficiently
  • Filter your actions based on project, priority, due date, or time needed

More Notion Daily Planner Templates

  1. Daily Productivity Planner
  2. Notion Daily Planner Template
  3. Daily Planner
  4. Ella’s Daily Planner (All Pink)

💻Best Notion Dashboard Templates

Notion dashboard templates can help you to get the most out of Notion by providing you with a ready-made structure for your work. With a dashboard template, you can easily track your progress and manage your work in a more efficient way.

1. Minimal Dashboard

The Minimal Notion dashboard template

The Minimal dashboard is one of the cleanest and favorite Notion dashboard templates. There is nothing fancy like color boxes or emojis, which gives it a more premium look, while several features of this template outsmart most of the other dashboard templates. 

The overview page showcases a simple list featuring inner templates, such as a finance tracker or a blog journal. Each page is customized as per the needs. For instance, the finance tracker consists of a well-made table to track your daily finances, while the blog templates look more professional than plain journal text boxes. That’s quite appealing. 

Key Features

  • Curated Notion templates for notes, work, personal and life
  • Manage your lifestyle with trackers for goals and milestones and tasks to do using focus and weekly tracker
  • Professional management using the project management board, tools to use, bulletin, client records, and more
  • Manage personal life to track and improve health, finances, lessons, and purchases
  • Pen down your thoughts from life using a blog, books to read, travel plans, and time management

More Notion Dashboard Templates

  1. Ella’s Notion Dashboard Template
  2. Student Dashboard
  3. Notion Life Dashboard 2.0
  4. Notion Student Dashboard

💖Best Aesthetic Notion Templates

Notion aesthetic templates can help you create a beautiful and cute workspace. They come with soothing color schemes that can make your workspace look polished and welcoming.

The majority of aesthetic templates are used for private use. Whether you’re taking notes, brainstorming ideas, or tracking projects, these templates will help you get the job done in style.

1. Ultimate Aesthetic Daily Dashboard

aesthetic daily planner

Having trouble keeping track of everything in one place? Ultimate Aesthetic Daily Dashboard is a beautiful Notion template that’s a perfect guide to aesthetic living, tailored just for you. You can now organize your life under one single dashboard. 

Get things done task manager

From planning your meals and managing your finances, to following your workout routine, tracking your reading progress, and many more things. Not to mention, it’s super easy to use!

meal planner ultimate aesthetic dashboard

At a very minimal price, this template offers cute widgets and beautiful aesthetic appeal that would make getting things done easier and more fun. 

Key Features

  • Task Manager comprising a built-in sleek progress bar
  • Functional widgets (clock, calendar, weather, counter, unit converter)
  • Event Reminders
  • Ultimate Finance Planner with Income goal widget
  • Easy meal planner with recipe database
  • Workout Routine Tracker
  • Reading list tracker indicating progress 
  • Bookmarks collection

And it has many more functions than that!

💡 notionzen recommends this template as the best aesthetic Notion template because it includes all of the features you’d need in your daily life.

More Aesthetic Notion Templates

  1. Medicine – A medical student’s all-in-one home base
  2. Your Daily Dashboard
  3. Welcome Home
  4. Light Aesthetic Dashboard
  5. Template Lifebook
  6. Class of {20..}
  7. Home Cleaning Database
  8. Light Purple Aesthetic Template
  9. Aesthetic Notion Template for School and Life
  10. Anime Aesthetic Book List Notion
  11. We Bare Bears Template
  12. Vantage Cozy Home
  13. Life Magazine
  14. Spring 2021
  15. Dashboard – Aesthetic Template
  16. Simple Project Management System
  17. Deborah’s World 

🧃Best Notion Grocery List Templates

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your grocery shopping, Notion’s grocery list templates are a helpful solution. By keeping all of your grocery items in one place, you can avoid making multiple trips to the store and wasting time searching for items. In addition, you can easily share your grocery list with others, so everyone can be on the same page when it comes to what needs to be bought.

1. Notion Grocery List Template by Louis

Notion Grocery List Template by Louis

Notion Grocery List Template is an all-in-one Notion template that combines best practices in a powerful yet user-friendly Notion template. You no longer need to be concerned about a disorganized grocery list with the help of this template. It is now easier to organize your scalable grocery list.

Key Features

  • 400+ items pre-added to the template
  • +25 product categories
  • Responsive template

More Notion Grocery List Templates

  1. Notion Meal Planning System
  2. The Happy Kitchen
  3. meal planner

📖Best Notion Book Tracker Templates

Notion book tracker templates help you organize and track your reading list. You can track your progress, add notes and thoughts, and rate the books you’ve read. The templates also make it easy to share your reading list with others.

1. Book Tracker Template by Dave

book tracker template by Dave

Notion users have known this Book Tracker Template for quite a time, and the features justify why it is one of the best options. But do you know what makes it more desirable other than the features? A well-designed interface that comes with pre-made templates and widget counters.

When adding a new book, one can deploy the pre-made templates, and everything will be automatically organized and set up for you.

Key Features

  • A book summary and quotes section
  • Organize bookshelf based on books by author and genre
  • Quickly filter your bookshelf as per your preferences
  • A book counter that keeps track of the number of books a user has read in a year 
  • Pre-made templates for a quick setup of your bookshelf

More Notion Book Tracker Templates

  1. Book Tracker Notion Template by Keep Learning
  2. Notion Book Tracker by Notionway
  3. Notion Reading List by Easlo

💰Best Notion Finance Templates

Notion finance templates are a great way to keep track of your finances. They help you budget your money and track your spending. They also help you keep track of your bills and payments. There are also templates for tracking investments and creating a financial plan. No matter what your financial needs are, there is likely a finance template on Notion that can help you.

1. Smart Finance Tracker

smart finance tracker

Smart Finance Tracker is an all-in-one Notion budget dashboard for automating, visualizing, and managing your finances. With this template, you will never lose track of your finances, and it will assist you in creating an ideal budget and goal.

Smart Finance Tracker allows you to track your stocks, cryptocurrency, and investments directly into the Notion. There are three versions of the finance tracker, with one version being superior to the others.

Key Features

  • Transactions & Budget Tracker
  • Accounts manager
  • Subscriptions and Goals Tracker
  • Investment Tracker

More Notion Finance Templates

  1. Automated Finance Tracker
  2. Notion Personal Finance Dashboard
  3. Notion Finance Tracker
  4. Subscription Tracker Notion Template
  5. Personal Finance Tracker
  6. Personal Finance Tracker Template

🍽️Best Notion Recipe Templates

A recipe template in Notion can help you keep track of your recipes, ingredients, and cooking times. It can also help you plan your meals and grocery list. Plus, it’s a great way to share your recipes with friends and family. So, if you’re looking for the best Notion recipe templates, here are a few of my favorites.

1. Notion Recipe & Meal Planner Template 

Are you ready to take your meal planning to the next level? Look no further than this Notion Recipe and Meal Planner Template – the ultimate solution for organizing your meals, grocery shopping, and budgeting.

Meal Planner Dashboard 1

This template is designed to make mealtime fun again. With its pre-built recipe template, you can easily store all your favorite recipes in one place.

Moreover, the template’s customizable and easy-to-navigate interface allows you to sort and filter your recipes under different categories to find the exact dish you’re looking for.

Meal Planner 2

The Notion Recipe and Meal Planner Template isn’t just a recipe organizer, though. It also includes an ingredient database that links directly to your recipes, making it simple to keep track of all the ingredients that you have on hand and what you need to buy.

Shopping list

Overall, this Notion Recipe template offers a seamless solution for all your meal-planning needs.

Key Features

  • Pre-built recipe template with fields for ingredients and instructions
  • Customizable views for recipes and meal plans
  • Offers both free as well as pro versions.
  • Ingredients database linked to recipes
  • Grocery budget tracker for cost management
  • Custom grocery list creation
  • Weekly and Monthly Meal planner

Get Notion Recipe & Meal Planner Template.

More Notion Recipe Templates

  1. Recipe box by Kylie
  2. Recipe & Shopping list manager
  3. Notion Recipe Manager Template

✒️Best Notion Templates for Writers

If you’re a writer, then you know how important it is to have a good workflow. Notion templates for writers can help you streamline your writing process so that you can get more done in less time. By using a template, you can focus on your writing and not worry about other things that are distracting.

1. Blogging Manager

Blogging Manager

With a growing demand for blog content, it can be hard to keep up with the amount of work from article marketing, guest posting, and other tasks. That’s when a comprehensive Blogging Manager helps. With this template, you’ll have everything you need to manage all stages of writing posts in one place. You can plan posts using ready-made templates, manage guest posting, and keep track of progress and upcoming posts.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of great Notion templates out there. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best ones for you to check out. Whether you’re looking for a template to help you stay organized or one to help you keep track of your projects, there’s a Notion template for you.

We’ll be updating this article with more templates from time to time. I will suggest that you bookmark the page to keep yourself updated with new template additions to the list.

What are your favorite templates from this list of the best Notion templates? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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