7+ Best Notion Templates for Teachers to Streamline Their Workflow

Revolutionize your teaching efficiency with these Notion templates!

Best Notion Templates for Teachers

Are you a teacher looking for a way to effectively manage your workload?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the best Notion templates for teachers.

Notion templates help you keep all your classroom materials, lesson plans, and student information in a single place so you can easily access and manage them.

You can share information with colleagues and teach classes together, as well as invite students to view and edit pages, making learning fun and encouraging collaboration.

Notion templates are highly customizable, which is ideal for teachers as it allows them to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Other applications like Google Drive and Slack can be easily integrated into your Notion workspace.

With a whole range of options for templates, it may get a bit confusing.

To make your job easier, we’ve picked out the 8 best Notion templates for teachers so you can get started right away.

Best Notion Template for Teachers to Stay Organized

1. EMStudio Pro: Education Management System in Notion

EMStudio Pro Education Management System in Notion

The  EMStudio Pro template for Notion is an all-in-one education management system designed for teachers to manage and organize their teaching activities. 

Its goal is to make the administrative side of teaching more manageable by bringing everything together in one system. 

Key Features

  • Dashboard: The main control panel where all appointments, tasks, classes, notes, resources, etc. are organized in one place.
  • Curriculum: A separate calendar for planning the entire teaching year.
  • Classes: Can be used for weekly schedules, private tutoring, or individual students.
  • Lessons: Created with premade templates and easily moved using drag & drop.
  • Students: Keep track of all students with a student profile template.
  • Notes: Store important reminders and interesting information.
  • Projects & Tasks: Show main tasks on the Dashboard calendar.
  • Resources: Store any important or valuable teaching resources.
  • P.A.R.A. Method of Storing Information: Organizes information into Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archive.
  • Video Tutorials: Extensive video tutorials to help maximize the use of EMStudio.

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2. Teacher OS Notion Template

Teacher OS Notion Template

Teacher OS is a pre-made Notion template designed for teachers taking online classes. It helps teachers manage their daily tasks and keep track of students’ learning and progress.

Key Features

  • Add/edit School, Class, Subject, Online Class Batch, and Students.
  • Associate multiple students in a single batch.
  • Take student attendance for every class.
  • Manage fees for each batch.
  • Manage and share Lesson Plans, Study Materials, Assignments, and Bookmarks.
  • Assign and share homework assignments and exams to batches.
  • Upload assignments and exam answer submissions.
  • Add marks to assignments and exams for each student.
  • Pre-made Notion database templates to view all details of a student, e.g. attendance, assigned tasks/exams, submitted answers, grades, submitted fees, receipts, school, class, subjects, and associated batch.
  • Add and upload fee receipts with dates.
  • Monthly income and expense logger.

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3. Plan Perfect – Teaching Ideas: Pack 2

Plan Perfect Teaching Ideas

The Plan Perfect Notion Dashboard – Pack 2 is a collection of templates designed to help educators save and organize their best teaching ideas. 

Key Features

  • Ideas Bank Database: A database where you can store and categorize your teaching ideas for easy reference.
  • Week and Term Planning Template: A template for planning your lessons for the week or term.
  • Student Progress Template: A template for tracking the progress of your students.
  • “With Our Powers Combined” Collaboration Database: A database for collaboration with other educators, where you can combine your knowledge and resources.

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4. Teacher Lesson Planner

Teacher Lesson Planner

Teacher Lesson Planner is designed for teachers who want to keep track of their classes, lesson plans, resources, and teaching topics in one place. With the Teacher Lesson Planner, you can easily organize your classes, write and save lesson plans, capture relevant resources, and categorize teaching topics.

Key Features

  • Teacher Lesson Planner Dashboard: Includes relevant views of classes, lesson plans, resources, and topics.
  • Classes Database: Record important details about what you’re teaching now, in the future, and those you’ve completed.
  • Lesson Plans Database: Plan and write your lesson plans for classes you are teaching now and in the future.
  • Lesson Plan Template: This template includes prompts to help you write great lesson plans, faster.
  • Resources Database: Save resources you find online and other files and materials from past and current courses.
  • Topics Database: This helps you keep track of topics you are teaching, across classes, to help you see patterns and reuse resources.

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5. Teacher Home Template

Teacher Home Template

Teacher Home Template is designed to simplify the teaching process for teachers and their students. It provides a central location for tracking student progress, building a class website, and organizing all teaching-related things.

Key Features

  • Curriculum Dashboard: A centralized database for organizing lessons, units, and standards.
  • Other Resources Dashboard: A list of resources that may be helpful for substitute teachers, including a class directory, generic pages, and sub-notes.
  • Sharing Space Dashboard: A place for teachers to add pages that will be shared with their students.

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6. Classroom Home Template

Classroom Home Template

The Classroom Home template is a one-stop source of information for students, providing them with class information, course materials, assignments, announcements, scheduling, and more. This web page can be easily edited by the teacher, making it simple to share information with students.

Key Features

  • Syllabus Dashboard which includes the teacher’s name, office, and timings at the top of the page. 
  • Includes course description, prerequisites, and enrollment information.
  • Includes databases for the course syllabus, compulsory readings, course schedules, marks and grading of assignments, and exam preparation.
  • Option to view all required reading texts in a gallery view.
  • Weekly Schedule table: View the class timetable for the week.
  • Announcements table: A place for the teacher to post important announcements related to the class.

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7. Lesson Plans Template

Lesson Plans Template

Lesson Plans Template is a simple template designed for teachers and trainers to keep track of their lesson plans. The template is based on Harvard Business School’s Elements of Effective Class Preparation.  

 Key Features

  • Contains a database of all lesson plans that can be viewed in both Table and Board formats.
  • Stores detailed information in each lesson plan block, including:
    • Learning Objectives
    • Teaching Opportunities and Challenges
    • Class Design (Structure, Opening, Discuss Leadership, Closing)
  • Allows for easy tracking of the status of each lesson plan.
  • Facilitates the organization of all related notes in one place.
  • Helps to keep track of progress in lesson planning.

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8. Homeschooling Template

Home-schooling Template

If you are a home-schooling parent, then the Homeschooling Template is your best bet. 

It provides a convenient way to keep track of schedules, parent duties, and children’s classes, teachers, and subjects. The School Filing Cabinet allows students and parents to add completed work, resources, and plan projects and assignments.

Key Features

  • Two databases with several properties are already set up.
  • Dashboard for each family member (Parents and Students).
  • Full instructions for parents and student help videos.
  • Individual dashboards for each family member, including parents, to view their schedules and work.
  • Parent helpers can access the full timetable and view everyone’s work.
  • Ability to track children and parent helpers (no limit).
  • Option to share dashboards with teachers and teacher’s aids.
  • Ability to add completed work, and resources, and manage and plan assignments.
  • Instructions and videos are included, plus a “Student Help” section.

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Wrapping Up: Best Notion Templates for Teachers

In a nutshell, these are our picks for 8 of the best Notion templates for teachers to stay organized and manage their workload effectively. 

If you’re looking for something advanced, then you can go for the EMStudio Pro. But if you’re someone who needs a simple template, then the Teacher Lesson Planner template is the one for you.

We hope this article was helpful for you to find the template you need!

Before you go, take a look at some of the best templates to help you complete your deadlines and projects on time. 

And also check out the best Notion project management templates to streamline your workflow.

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