5 Best Notion Project Management Templates to Streamline Your Workflow

Manage your project better.

Best Notion Project Management templates to Streamline Your Workflow

Are you looking for the best Notion project management template? 

Task and project management is no longer a complicated process, and thanks to Notion templates for making it easier. On Notion, you can find dozens of project management templates that have on-point and perfect features that help you manage smaller to bigger projects with a complete roadmap, goal trackers, tasks to do, and much more. 

While choosing the best project management template, it becomes quite important to see which template meets your requirements and if additional customization is required. Now, that might be quite a work.

But don’t worry; we’ve picked some of the best Notion templates to meet all your project requirements – big to small.

5 Best Notion Project Management Templates – Managing Projects is Now Easier

Duplicating a project management template is pretty easy, but when picking one, it is important to note if the template meets your requirements. You might not be needful of complicated and large databases for smaller projects, while at times, the templates might provide you with too few information parameters for bigger projects. To avoid this confusion and help you pick the right project management template on Notion, we listed out some of the best as per different needs.

1. Side Project OS

Side Project OS Template

Side Project OS is the complete project management module that helps you manage medium to bigger and, in some cases, even smaller kinds of projects. The Side Project OS template on Notion features some of the powerful databases, relational models, and much better organization to track progress and manage your long awaiting projects. 

What I like the most about Side Project OS is the well-offered lists and blocks for different areas of projects. You can manage content creation, build strategies, work on products and operations, and analyze workloads on multiple other factors of projects for better management.  

It is a fully-fledged and near-perfect Notion template for project management which is a must-have.

Key Features

  • 30 unique modules to help you ideate, plan, manage and track your side projects.
  • 8 strategy modules to help you frame your problem, market, solution, and strategy. Also has a dedicated MVP module and module to track finances and subscriptions.
  • Task management module that defines tasks laddering up into sprints so you can manage your time.
  • Track user feedback and feature requests, and monthly review templates to reflect on your progress.
  • Content hub to help you plan and manage content with templates for all major socials, blogs, videos, and email.
  • Deal pipeline to track, manage, and close deals.

2. Universal Project Management

Universal Project Management Template on Notion

Simple to use interface but with advanced databases and parameters, the Universal Project Management template on Notion is just what you need to make managing projects and related tasks easier.

You can find several blocks in the template to break down your tasks and manage them better. Firstly, there is an “All Projects” and “All Tasks” section that stores information on all your current, past, and upcoming projects and tasks. You can then find a “Tasks for Today” sections which also acts as a to-do list.

You can keep track of all your tasks with a progress bar and assign time spent on it, which later adds to the total spent on the project, including all the other tasks. This is quite relevant and important as it helps you to allocate appropriate time and ensure you are not committing more or less.

Key Features

  • Complete tasks with drag and drop.
  • Assign priority to each task using a star-based priority system.
  • Write down task total time (in minutes).
  • “All projects” and “All tasks” section to manage all your work efficiently.
  • Get relevant information on each task and project, such as “progress,” “time spent,” “assignee,” and due date.

3. Task & Project Manager Notion Template

Task and Project Manager Template on Notion

If you have been using boring excel sheets that need a lot of workarounds to manage projects, it’s to switch to a Notion template. In this case, Task & Project Manager template on Notion is one of the perfect choices as Notion has a lot to offer.

Unlike most of the other templates, you will here find three packages with additional features in each of them to meet your managing requirements. Each of them features a smart status for your tasks, project and task stats, task management with priority, a project manager, and managing tasks based on projects and due dates. 

Additionally, you can find smart features such as a progress bar, productivity planners, schedule tasks section, multiple Notion project dashboards, and more.

Key Features

  • Manage your tasks by projects, priority, and due date
  • Schedule tasks section to easily set due date
  • 6 productivity planners along with 3 dashboards to choose from
  • Featuring, smart status, task status, project stats, and a progress bar to track your tasks
  • Support for recurring tasks in Notion

4. Notion Template – Simple Project Manager (Doodables)

Simple Project Manager Template

The most common problem with project management templates is they look complicated while they are super simple. However, this is not the case with the Simple Project Manager template on Notion. Here, the template is much clean, simple, and minimalist while featuring solutions to most of your management issues.

On the Simple Project Manager template, you can find a lesser complicated and easy way to manage your tasks, assign priorities to them, assign them to other teammates, and also set a due date. But that’s not everything about this template. 

The template features three major sections, Process, Resources, and Goals, that allow you to manage related tasks efficiently. For instance, you can set meeting overviews, research, documents, and other notes in the resource section, while other sections, such as the goal section, can have review cycles, problems to solve, and other related topics.

Overall, it is a well-organized, minimalistic, and efficient Notion template for Project Management which is a must-have for any kind of project. 

Key Features

  • Synced menu bar
  • Simple automation between actions, work packages, and updates
  • Notes database linked to actions
  • Simple but efficient meetings dashboard
  • Database with cycles and reviews

5. Simple Project Manager

Notion Simple Project Manager

If you need a Notion project management template that offers the best features for small and medium size of projects, Simple Project Manager meets just your needs. 

Simple Project Manager is a simple to use template for managing projects with efficient features to manage better. You can create marketing strategies, brainstorm new ideas, pen down important notes, and create a roadmap for your projects. 

It is simple and best for those who are looking to increase productivity and not just limited to managing tasks. 

Key Features

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Create a roadmap for all your projects
  • Integrate with Twitter to schedule tweets directly from the project manager
  • Multiple databases to manage your products such as Published, Working on, To Start, Community, Drafts, and Board view.

Wrapping up: Best Notion Project Management Templates

It is time to ditch those sticky notes and boring excel sheets as managing projects and tasks is now much easier with Notion. The above-listed Notion project management templates are perfect for any kind of project and have a lot to offer to bring more productivity and ease in the management of your personal and professional projects. 

Which is the template that you loved the most? Do let us know in the comment section.

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