5 Best Notion Mood Tracker Templates to Improve Your Mood

Track your mood and gain insight into your life.

Best Notion Mood Tracker Templates to Improve Your Mood

Are you looking for the best Notion mood tracker templates? 

Tracking moods can help you evaluate and reflect on how well you are growing in life. Believe it or not, our everyday moods play a vital role in deciding the life direction we are heading towards and also affect our other decisions in life.

But it is really hard to keep track of moods we are going through. Only stating, “I had a good day today,” does not really help you evaluate your moods correctly.

This is exactly where you need a Notion mood tracker template to help you evaluate your moods better and reflect positively on life.

Below are our top picks on Notion mood tracker templates that will help you track your moods better on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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5 Best Notion Mood Tracker Templates – Reflect Your Moods Better

There are several mood tracker templates to choose from the template library on Notion and what sets them apart is how efficiently you can track your moods and reflect on them. 

Though templates on Notion are customizable once you have them in your workspace, it is always best to choose one that fits your needs without any bigger customizations.

For instance, if you need a more basic and minimalistic template to track your emotions and moods, a bigger mood tracker boilerplate will fit no use. 

Let’s check a few best ones,

1. Reflection Journals by Atul Anand

Reflection Journals Mood Tracker Template by Atul Anand

Atul Anand is one of the finest template creators on Notion, and Reflection Journals is one of the must-have mood tracker templates in your workspace.

The best thing about this template is its minimalistic design that holds only the required and necessary information.

Besides, we also like the different types of blocks that have been used in this mood tracker template to make tracking an easy process.

Blocks such as checkboxes, lists, and short text boxes help you keep your mood tracking organized and to the point for easy evaluation.

The template also has weekly and monthly mood tracker database.

This way, you can easily track your moods with informative blocks such as rating your month and week, challenges for the next period, highlights of the month, lessons learned (things to keep doing and not to do), and a brain dump.

It is a well-curated Notion template to make mood tracking a more desirable and easier process.

Key Features

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly mood tracker
  • Rating system for multiple events of months such as business, career, finance, relationships, and more
  • Checkboxes and lists to make mood tracking an easier process
  • Brain dump block to pen down your thoughts, notes, and ideas
  • Things to do section to keep track of events throughout the day, week, and month

2. Notion Mood Tracker

Notion Mood Tracker Template

Notion Mood Tracker is one of the next best choices among Notion mood tracker templates, and it is because of its simplicity.

There are not many features and blocks in this mood tracker template that can confuse you or make mood tracking a boring process. 

Instead, you can easily pen down how your day was and capture your mood, reflect, and lessons to learn from it. It consists of a simple journal block where each block signifies a new day to enter your emotions and feelings. 

On the top, you can find a mood-tracking block where you can mention your overall mood of the day with a simple tag such as happy, sad, or even have your own customized new tag.

The template is customizable, so you can easily add Notion widgets to customize it as per your needs.

Key features

  • Mood tracking block with mood tags
  • Journal block to write down your day
  • Customize the template by adding new widgets
  • Minimalistic and simple design to make mood tracking easier

3. Mood Tracker Template by Breewitched

Mood Tracker Template by Breewitched

If you are looking for a creative and colorful mood tracker template, Mood Tracker by Breewitched is one of the best options for you.

Unlike other mood tracker templates on Notion, you cannot find a detailed journal or questionnaire system as the template is more relative to only tracking the moods and not describing them. This helps you to avoid all the extra work and stick to tracking moods only. 

The color-coded system is one of the best things about this mood tracker template on Notion; there are five colors for five types of mood, and at the end of the month, you can easily figure out how well or bad your mood was for the entire period.

You can track your mood every day just by selecting the mood tag, and that’s it; your mood is recorded.

Another best thing done in this template is the direct table view of all the days and months on the main screen, so there is not much navigation and going here and there each time. 

Key Features

  • Color-coded scheme to showcase moods
  • Daily and monthly table view for quick access
  • Skips the journal system for all the extra work
  • Customizable Notion template allowing users to add widgets to make it more efficient and creative

4. Mood Journal Notion Template

Mood Journal Notion Template

By far, the Mood Journal Notion template is the ultimate pick and one of our favorites when it comes to tracking moods, and it is all because of the features.

To start with, the Mood Journal template on Notion is available in both light and dark modes to make it more comforting than any other mood tracker template on Notion.

The dashboard showcases the overview section with brief information about your moods for the month, followed by journal prompts.

These prompts with information such as date, mood tags, the number of moods, and mood progress make the whole mood-tracking process easier.

Out of all mood-tracking elements, mood tags is one of the fascinating section of the mood-tracking journal template. It consists of a huge list of moods that can be used to make a select choice of moods you are going through.

But that’s not everything; once you have selected all your mood tags, the mood progress is automatically calculated. So, you will easily know if you are having a tough day or a good one just by using mood tags.

Key Features

  • Available in both light and dark modes
  • Overview section to highlight your mood information for the month
  • Easily archive the older months from the overview section to make space for new days and months
  • Mood progress is automatically calculated using the mood tags
  • Morning and Evening prompts with a set of questions to make a highlight of your day

5. Mood Tracker by Ashley Ward

Mood Tracker by Ashley Ward

If you are not a fan of funky and large templates, the mood tracker template by Ashley Ward is a good choice for you. More than being creative and colorful, this mood tracker template is rather efficient and helps in reflecting on your day.

It lets you track the number of hours slept, medications for morning and evening, and the calculated average based on your past history.

One of the downsides of using this mood tracker template is no dedicated view for monthly and weekly mood tracking.

However, you can create duplicates for this template for each month inside the main template page to track your moods for the month. 

Key Features

  • Track your medications and number of sleep hours
  • Reflect on your day with journal pages
  • Create multiple entries for the same day
  • Customize by adding more column information such as diet, nutritional value, progress bar, and more
  • Automatically calculate all your entries for medications, moods, and sleep hours for easy tracking

Wrapping up: Mood Tracker Templates on Notion

If you’re into tracking your moods and want to reflect better on your days and progress towards life, these are the best mood tracker templates for you on Notion.

Some of these templates are creative and large, allowing you to track more information about your moods, while some of these are quite simple enough to keep your mood tracking on point.

Which is your favorite mood tracker template on Notion? Let us know in the comment section. Also, have you checked our Notion template collection yet? Do check it out for some amazing picks.

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