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Are you looking for the best Notion journal templates?

Journaling your thoughts no longer need you to keep diaries and carry them around. Many popular platforms allow you to express your life events digitally and keep them private or public. One such platform is Notion, where you can maintain a journal to pen down your thoughts, ideas, and life. 

Notion does have several journal templates that allow you to write your thoughts, but only a handful of them are the best. In this article, we discuss the best Notion journal templates that will make you forget ever keeping diaries. 

5 Best Notion Journal Templates – The Secret to Write Successful Digital Journal

When writing a journal on Notion, you may want to use tables, lists, or add images. So, your Notion journal template should be the one that has such blocks and make it appealing and functional. 

This list discusses 5 of such best Notion journal templates that will make journaling much more fun and intriguing. 

1. Morning Journal Dashboard Template

Notion Morning Journal Dashboard Template

The Morning Journal Dashboard template is just the perfect journal template for you. With features such as 5-minute journal boxes, a template on questions such as Why’s to make your goal clear, and dates populated for the next five years, writing your digital journal on Notion is much more fascinating. 

Moreover, the Morning Journal Dashboard template is also minimalist, which makes it more appealing alongside functional. I like the well-designed and thoughtful journal index most about this template. 

Key Features

  • Dates populated for the next five years
  • Automatically populates the journal page for the current day
  • Built-in templates for journal prompts, including the 5-minute journal, The 5 Why’s, morning pages and general prompts.
  • Automatically populates the current week and year (broken down by month) for retrospectives

2. The Happiness Bar Journal

The Happiness Bar Journal Notion Template

The Happiness Bar Journal is an aesthetic Notion template full of vibes and openness; this single page journal template allows you to add images, list down things that make you happy, and listen to your journal’s soul music with a Spotify’s free Notion widget

What I like the most about this template is the calendar view at the end, which allows you to view your journals based on the days. It is appealing and easy to find all the journals based on your life’s best events and days.  

Key Features

  • Write a letter to yourself with widget boxes
  • Happiness station to pen down your physical and spiritual body
  • Listen to your favourite music while journaling and add images to showcase your thoughts
  • Calendar and table view to read/write your journals and find them in a systematical way 

3. Daily Journal

Notion Daily Journal Template

Daily Journal is a pretty straightforward template for those who wish to pen down their emotions, thoughts, and everyday events. Daily Journal’s template has a to-do list, habit tracker, thoughts and writing exercises, and wellness routines. 

That’s quite a lot of information to have in a journal and indeed fills the need. Moreover, apart from all the widgets and text boxes, I like the calendar view that allows you to find all your journals in a quick search. 

Key Features

  • A to-do list to track your habits and goals
  • Track your training milestones and wellness
  • Journal your thoughts for a better tomorrow and settled past
  • Exercise your writing habits with a letter to yourself, a dream journal, and intuitive writing
  • Calendar view to easily find your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly journals

4. 5 Minute Journal Template

5 Minute Notion Journal Template

Journaling is all about expressing your emotions and being thoughtful about your goals and changes you wish to bring in life. The 5 Minute Journal template on Notion is the perfect choice to express your journaling. 

What I like the most about this Notion journal template is most journal templates provide you with a daily journal template, but here, you can find widgets and text boxes even for the time of day. For instance, you can pen down your thoughts in the morning and later in the evening with two different text boxes. Moreover, you can add images, quotes, ideas, affirmations, a list and many more to write a perfect journal with the 5-minute journal template on Notion. 

Key Features

  • Add images to express your journal more emotionally
  • Well-designed and thoughtful list for affirmations, gratitude, and things for the day
  • Rate your journal to match the experience of the events in your life
  • Different sections for morning and evening to journal more expressively
  • Calendar and table view to find your Journal on a quick search

5. Life Wiki

Life Wiki Notion Journal Template

Life Wiki is a journal cum personal dashboard template that helps you track and pen down important days of your life. The template is divided into four sections: writing, planning, growth, and the week ahead. 

The writing section helps you write the long-form of journals that are likely to an article. You can pen down journals, notes, and drafts in this section, which fills the basic need for journaling. Apart from this, you can plan your travel, meal and things to do.

I like the weekly planner that allows you to schedule your events and manage your lifestyle, which I haven’t seen in most of the journal templates.

Key Features

  • Pen down your mindset, gratitude, and events with simple text boxes
  • Scribble your ideas and notes using the notes and draft template
  • Goals, habits, and book tracker embedded in the journal 
  • Weekly planner to plan and manage your days
  • Add podcast, images, and other relevant media formats

Wrapping Up: Best Notion Journal Template

The above list is perfect for those looking for a journal to scribble their thoughts, ideas, and gratitude. Journaling is expressing your emotions, and you can do it anywhere with the Notion app; no need to carry those diaries around anymore. Which is your favourite Notion journal template from the list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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