7 Best Custom Notion Icons Set for Your Workspace

Use custom icons to make your Notion workspace appealing.

Are you looking for the best Notion icons to use within your workspace?

Notion provides emoji icons to help you make your workspace more appealing to visitors. However, these emojis have a lot of colors to them. You might prefer something minimal and one that adds a professional touch to your workspace.

To help you make the best Notion templates, we’ve listed 6 different sites that offer minimal and professional looking icon sets.

Let’s take a look at them.

How To Add or Change Icon in Notion?

Adding to changing a page icon in Notion is very easy. When you add a new page to Notion and hover over its title, you’ll see Add Icon button appear.

Add icon in Notion

When you click on it, Notion will add a random icon from emojis to the page. Click again on the icon and it’ll open the emoji panel where you can select anyone and set it as the icon.

Emoji panel in Notion icons

If you want to set a custom icon, switch to the Upload an image tab and upload the icon file. If you have the icon URL, you can paste it into the Link tab and that icon will appear.

Upload a custom icon in Notion

Isn’t it easy to add icons in Notion?

Best Notion Icons to Make Your Workspace More Appealing

Adding icons to your Notion workspace adds a fun layer to it. Having consistent style and color scheme throughout the pages gives your Notion workspace a different vibe and sets it apart from the competition.

This articles

1.The Noun Project

The Noun Project Icons

The Noun Project offers a diverse collection of over 3 million free minimal icons to help you make any idea more memorable. Each icon in Noun Project is perfect for a Notion workspace as they are high-quality. You can easily download the file as a PNG or SVG file for editing.

These icons are free, but you’ll need to add attribution if you plan to use it for commercial purposes. They also have paid plans that give you access to royalty-free licenses.

Key Features

  • Art-quality Notion Icons
  • Curated & Accessible
  • Over 3 million Icons

2. Super.so Icons

super.so icons

Super.so free icons have been created specifically for Notion with a minimalist and professional style in mind. You get both the dark mode and light mode styles to choose from. Icons that are simple and work well with Notion.

To use the icons, simply click to copy the icon URL and then paste it as a link when selecting an icon in Notion.

Key Features

  • Dark-mode and Light-mode
  • Notion specific icon

3. Notion VIP Icons

Notion VIP Icons

Notion VIP Icons are the most convenient way to use beautiful icons in Notion. Here you can find brand logos and beautiful simple icons with a dark-mode option.

Key Features

  • Dark-mode and Light-mode
  • Free-to-use

4. Line Icons

Line Icons

Line Icons contains 5000+ Notion Icons organized into 40+ different categories. Depending on your workspace, you can change the icon size, colour, theme, mode, and so on.

AI, EPS, SVG, and PNG files are included.

Key Features

  • 40+ different categories
  • Download SVG

5. Vyshnavg Notion Icons 5.0

Notion icons

In collaboration with Feather icons, Vyshnavg Notion Icons provide a pack containing 286 icons in 10 different colors. This pack provides you with a total of 2860 Icons. You can customize the size of icons, stroke width, colors, etc.

Key Features

  • Dark-Light mode
  • 2000+ Notion Icons
  • Customizing Icons

6. Flaticon


Flaticon gives you access to over 4 million icons in various styles. It has the largest vector icon database and is available for download in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. However, you can only download PNGs for free, and attribution is required when used for commercial purposes.

Key Features

  • Free Editor
  • 4 million icons
  • Flat-style icons

7. Unicons


Unicons has a collection of over 4500+ icons in 4 different styles: Line, Thin line, Solid, and Monochrome. Unicon assists you by suiting the best icons for your workspace. You can filter the icons by categories or by any keyword. You can also change the color to match your workspace or brand.

Unicon is a great option for minimal icon lovers.

Key Features

  • 4500+ icons in 4 different styles
  • Icon library
  • Exclusive Icon Packs

Wrapping Up: The Best Notion Icons

There are numerous options for Notion Icons, as well as a great list of Notion Icon Websites to assist you in making your workspace appealing. You can select any website that appeals to you and assign an icon to a suitable workspace. This article will help you find the right icons based on your preferences and tastes.

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