Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates To Become Productive

Track and build good habits easily.

Are you looking for the best Notion habit tracker templates?

Breaking and making habits are essential to living a happy, disciplined, and healthy life. However, do you ever track them?

Tracking habits help you analyze how well you are growing in life, and Notion enables you to do this seamlessly and in a more organized way.

Using the reminders or to-do list apps on your smartphone or the workstation is a pretty traditional way to track your habits. But it doesn’t allow you to make customizations with your goals, design a detailed vision, and is quite messy to manage and organize. 

This is where you can use Notion templates to make habit tracking a more exciting and customizable process. 

In this article, I will discuss a few of the best habit tracker templates for Notion that will make it easier, reliable, and customizable to track your daily habits and work around them. 

3 Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates | Habit Tracking Now Made Much Exciting and Easier

Tracking habits is an everyday process, and there are a lot of factors that make it possible. With Notion habit tracking templates, it is time to get smart, and this template list does the same. These habit tracker templates come in handy, from managing your goals to motivating you to cultivate a better lifestyle. 

So, let’s discuss three of the best Notion habit tracker templates and look at why these are popular, 

1. Weekly Habit Tracker Notion Template 

Weekly Habit Tracker Notion Template 

Tracking habits is now much easier with Notion, but what makes it far best is the Weekly Habit Tracker template. If you are looking for a habit tracker that tracks and visualize everything for you, your search ends here. 

Weekly Habit Tracker on Notion offers you three packages stacked with extensive habit tracking features and add-ons. Moreover, you can find other attractive features such as motivational quotes, ideas, strategies, and tips to make your habit tracking more effective and efficient. 

Key Features:

  • Weekly goal customization
  • Set your own motivational message and quotes
  • View your habit tracking in more detail, glanced, and calendar view
  • Morning and night template for extensive tracking
  • Habit building strategies and tips for advancing habit tracking and control
  • On the go tracking with a mobile-friendly version
  • Three weekly habit tracker templates to choose among

2. Minimalist Habit Tracker

Minimalist Habit Tracker

Minimalist Habit Tracker is one of the most incredible and best habit tracking templates on Notion. Though minimalistic in design, this Notion habit tracker is loaded with attractive and valuable features making it the perfect choice. 

Key Features:

  • Extensive tracking of your habits on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Get weekly and monthly statistics on your habits
  • Reflection board to get a clear picture of your ongoing progress
  • Custom Notion icon pack and cover to make your template more desirable
  • Light and dark mode Notion to make the template compelling

3. Habit Box Tracker

Habit Box Tracker

Habit Box Tracker is a simple and aesthetic Notion habit tracker template that comes with powerful tracking features. One of the best things about this template is its simplicity, making it easier for users to track their habits. 

You can then visualize your progress using the monthly chart feature. This should help you motivate and work efficiently around your daily habits. 

Key Features:

  • Track easily with a readymade template
  • Customize as per your needs/habits
  • Use the monthly chart to track the progress visually
  • Mobile-friendly template to track your habits on the go

Wrapping Up: The Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates

Habit Tracker templates on Notion are pretty easy to use and come in handy when breaking or building your habits. The above list showcases some of the best and must-have habit tracker templates on Notion to efficiently work on the same. 

Let us know in the comments what habits are you planning to build and which is your favorite Habit Tracking template from the list.

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