Best Notion Gaming Tracker Templates

Organize your gaming life with these templates.

Best Notion Game Tracker Templates

Are you tired of losing track of your gaming progress? Do you wish there was a way to manage your gaming activities?

In this article, we’ll show you the best Notion gaming tracker templates that will revolutionize your gaming management.

With these templates, you can efficiently organize your game library, monitor your achievements, and set goals for yourself.

Our recommended Notion templates are chosen with gamers like you in mind – they are easy to use, visually appealing, and highly customizable.

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Best Notion Game Tracker Templates

With the rising popularity of Notion for organization, clever creators have developed specialized Notion templates for gamers. These pre-made templates allow you to easily track your gaming experiences, progress, and stats all in one place. Whether you play console, PC, or mobile games, there is likely a tailored Notion template that fits your needs.

In this section, we will showcase some of the best, well-designed Notion gaming tracker templates available and summarize their key features. These templates will help take your gaming organization to the next level so you can focus on playing while Notion handles the tracking.

1. Notion Gaming Tracker

Track your Steam games using Notion and

The Notion Gaming Tracker is an automated template that incorporates, which allows you to keep track of your Steam games in an easy and simple manner.

Key Features

  • Tracks Steam games efficiently.
  • Simplifies game organization and management.
  • Add game data automatically by creating the integration.

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2. Notion Games Tracker

Notion Games Tracker

The Notion Games Tracker is a comprehensive template that offers a detailed overview of your game collection. It helps you organize preferences and track your gaming progress efficiently.

Key Features

  • Game Tracking Card: Record game details including platform, hours played, and game status.
  • Remaining Hours Count: Track remaining playtime for games with estimated durations or single-player campaigns.
  • Game Wishlist: Create a future purchase list with notes and comments for each desired game.

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3. Arcade OS

arcade os gaming tracker

Arcade OS allows you to capture, classify, and interact with your game collection in Notion. It makes use of extensions like Notion web clipper or Save to Notion to automatically add status tracking, game time logging, and wishlist management.

Key Features

  • Capture games into your Notion with web clipper, Save to Notion, or manual entry
  • Organize games by status, platform, rating
  • Track play time for each game
  • Manage want to play/buy list and favorites

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4. Video Games Tracker Notion Template | Midnight Edition

Video games Tracker Notion Template Midnight Edition

The visually appealing, midnight-themed Video Games Tracker template allows you to organize your gaming library, track both upcoming releases and games you’ve already played, and rate each gaming experience, ensuring all gaming memories are kept in one place.

Key Features

  • Organized and well-maintained library.
  • Track games to play and games completed.
  • Rate games on a scale.
  • Keep track of pre-orders.

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5. GameLog: Ultimate Game Tracker Template for Notion

GameLog Ultimate Game Tracker Template for Notion

GameLog is a feature-rich game tracker allowing hardcore gamers to organize their gaming library, track play status, rate titles, analyze stats, and easily suggest new games to friends.

Key Features

  • Prepopulated 1000 most popular games with data like genre, release year, ratings
  • Customize gaming status like playing, completed, up next
  • Rate games and highlight your favorites
  • View stats on games played, in progress, and top-rated
  • Get free game notifications with live widget

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6. Video Game Library & Tracker Notion Template

Video Game Library Tracker Notion Template

This free template lets you easily add new video games to your library and categorize them based on gaming platforms, genres, and franchises. You can also use it to stay updated on upcoming game releases by adding their release dates and tracking them in the template.

Key Features

  • Includes databases such as Games, Genres, Platforms, and Franchises.
  • Categorize games by platforms, genre, and franchises.
  • Track current game progress.

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7. Gaming Overwatch Dashboard

Gaming Overwatch Dashboard

The Overwatch Dashboard template, as the name implies, is a Notion video game template for Overwatch. It offers a comprehensive database of heroes, maps, and your personal gaming history to help analyze your performance, identify areas for improvement, and strategically plan for optimized Overwatch gameplay.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive database of heroes with stats, and moves.
  • Links to practice workshops and tips for gameplay improvement.
  • Database of maps including Overwatch 1 and 2, with key hero recommendations.
  • Games database to analyze successes, losses, and find patterns.

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That’s all! With this diverse selection of gaming templates, you can find the perfect fit for your needs, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player. 

Wrapping Up: Best Notion Gaming Templates

Notion’s flexibility allows for the creation of specialized gaming templates that can greatly improve organization and gaming experiences. The templates we covered showcase some of the best options with features like gaming libraries, tracking components, rating systems, analytics, and more.

Whether you want to log your video game journey, keep stats on competitive play, or simply organize your collection, these templates have you covered.

Let us know which one is your favorite template. 

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