Best Notion Templates for Developers, Programmers and Coders

Optimize your workflow and become a Pro dev with these Notion templates.

Best Notion Templates for Developers Programmers and Coders

Are you a programmer looking for an easier way to stay organized and get more done?

In the ever-evolving world of coding, organization and productivity are key. And Notion stands out as a great tool that can help you in achieving these goals.

In this article, we’ve gathered the best Notion templates specifically designed for developers like yourself.

How does Notion Help Software Engineers, Developers, and Coders

Notion is an invaluable tool for software engineers, developers, and coders alike. Whether you’re working on a project, handling tasks for software development, or keeping up with your coding assignments, using Notion can make a huge difference. 

Beyond serving as a project management tool, it integrates with platforms like GitHub, CodePen, GitLab, and Replit, amongst many others.

using Notion for project management

This integration makes it easier to access and leverage code repositories, snippets, and development environments inside Notion. And if your team uses Jira or Linear for issue tracking, you can reference them in Notion for streamlined collaboration as well. 

Notion’s integration capabilities extend beyond development-specific tools. It also effortlessly integrates with popular file storage platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. This allows to embedding of code-related documents and resources directly within Notion.

Notion Templates for Programmers for Increased Productivity

We’ve grouped the templates into two categories: those for coders who want to use Notion at work and those for learners who want to improve their coding skills.

Below are some of the best Notion templates for developers and programmers.

Notion Coding Templates for Developers

Juggling multiple projects and tasks as a programmer can quickly become overwhelming without the right systems in place.

Notion’s templates allow you to set up project boards, create and customize task lists, and monitor deadlines. This means less time spent on administrative tasks and more on coding. 

1. Notion for Devs

Notion for Devs

The Notion for Devs is a simple template for developers of all levels to kick-start their way to success. It lets you manage work, learning quests, content creation, side projects, notes, and more to bring out the 10x dev in you.

Key Features

  • Organize and access your favorite online resources, tutorials, references, and notes with a slip box. 
  • Includes Bookmark Manager, Code Snippets, Project Manager, Learning Planner, Weekly To-dos, and Idea Hub to help you with every problem to the best of your creative ability.
  • Maintain a consistent writing habit for your blog using a Kanban Board.

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2. Notion OS Software Bundle

Notion OS Software

The Notion OS Software Bundle includes 2 Notion templates, the Python Hub Template and the OS Software Developer Template. It lets you learn and organize all your Python knowledge in one place with the Python Hub template and effortlessly manage your and your team’s software development process with the OS Software Developer template.

Key Features

  • Bundle pack of 2 Notion templates.
  • Manage your entire team, including onboarding new team members and ensuring everyone is up to date.
  • Save and organize useful code snippets in a single location, preventing them from getting lost for later code reuse.
  • Collaborate with your team by tracking and managing merge or pull requests.
  • Access information by organizing project-related documentation, notes, and other resources.
  • Become an expert in Python with curated tutorials, interactive exercises, and practical examples. 

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3. Coding OS – Ultimate Coding Projects Manager & Tracker

Notion Coding OS

Coding OS is made for you if you’re learning to code, looking for a coding job, or already an experienced developer. The template will help you keep up with your projects, brainstorm ideas, and make sure everything is organized. 

Key Features

  •  Learn new coding languages, manage resources for them, and see how skilled you are with each.
  • A database for helpful resources, like websites or tutorials. 
  • Keep all your project ideas and current projects in one place.
  • A database of all the companies or clients you work with. Schedule and manage your meetings in one spot. 

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4. Notion Programmer’s Hub

programmer hub

Notion Programmer Hub is a template for aspiring programmers to level up their coding skills. It offers various features and resources to help users learn, practice, and track their progress in multiple programming languages. 

Key Features

  • 101 engaging coding activities to help you become a more skilled programmer.
  • A Language Tracker to help you master multiple programming languages effortlessly and keep track of your progress and proficiency.
  • A curated list of the internet’s most recommended programming resources.
  • A Coding Time Tracker to monitor your coding hours to maintain focus and accountability.

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5. Developer Brain

Developer Brain template

The Developer Brain template is like a toolbox for programmers. It lets you track your coding goals, organize your tasks, and learn different languages. It is designed to make coding easier and help you improve your skills.

Key Features

  • A Task Manager to manage your coding tasks and stay organized.
  • A variety of coding languages is included to expand your skills.
  • Access a curated collection of coding resources for learning and problem-solving.
  • Coding Notes to keep all the important coding snippets and notes handy for quick reference.

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6. 100 Days of Code Journal

100 days code challenge

If you’ve taken on the 100 Days of Code challenge, this template is the perfect find for you. It lets you record and track your coding progress throughout the challenge.

Key Features

  • See how far you’ve come in your coding journey with the Progress bar.
  • Pages are already set up for all 100 days of the challenge to help you effortlessly log your daily coding activities.
  • Access quick links to useful websites and resources that can aid your coding journey. 

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Notion Coding Templates for Learning

7. Notion Python Hub

Notion Python Hub

Notion Python Hub is another great template for capturing and organizing Python knowledge and projects. The template offers features such as Python courses, best resources, repositories, APIs, cheatsheet, project tracker, and template.

Key Features

  • Easily keep track of the programming languages you plan to learn, helping you prioritize your learning goals.
  • Comes with a beginner’s Python cheat sheet.
  • Dedicated project templates to monitor progress, make project-specific notes, and store essential lines of code.

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8. Notion for Computer Science Student

Computer science student dashboard

This template is designed for computer science students who want to organize their coursework, projects, internships, and resources. 

Key Features

  • Tabs on upcoming assignments, projects, and exams to ensure you never miss a due date.
  • Centralize study materials, lecture notes, textbooks, and reference links for easy access.
  • Includes a code snippets tracker.

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9. The Developer’s Home

The Developers Home

The Developers Home is for coders to organize their work and resources in Notion effectively. It includes free resources to learn Python and become a better coder.

Key Features

  • Includes 10+ free books, 15 best courses, a learning Python roadmap, 10+ YouTube channels and newsletter to follow, and 200+ Python projects with source codes. 
  • 100 Days of Code Tracker to help you stay committed to your coding goals.
  • A Project Timeline to maintain a timeline of your projects while storing related documentation, tabs, and resources.

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Wrapping Up: Best Notion Templates for Web Developers

Notion has become an invaluable tool for developers, programmers, and coders to organize projects, manage tasks, and level up their learning. With its flexible databases, customizable views, and integration capabilities, Notion provides the perfect workspace for technical professionals.

The templates covered in this article showcase just some of the ways you can use Notion. It can also be used as a project management tool to create various software development workflows. Whether you need to plan sprints, track bugs, or document code, there is likely a template that can help you. Read our below articles to find even more templates. 

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