10 Best Notion Chrome Extensions To Enhance Your Notion Experience

Add missing features to Notion.

If you are a fan of the Google Chrome browser, you must be aware of the myriad of extensions that could make your web-browsing experience better. There are a ton of chrome extensions out there for Notion, but not all of them are useful or necessary.

In this article, we’ll cover 10 of the best chrome extensions to use with Notion. 

Best Notion Chrome Extensions

We’ve handpicked some of the best and most unique chrome extensions for Notions.

Let’s check them out one by one…

1. Notion Web Clipper

Notion web clipper

Notion Web Clipper is the official Chrome extension from the Notion team. You can use it to save any web page to your Notion workspace. It allows you to capture and organize any articles, research, or inspiration you want into your Notion database.

Key Features

  • Save any web page with one click.
  • Choose the exact database where you want to save your web pages.
  • Organize everything in one place to check out later

2. Evergreen Notes

Evergreen Notes

Notion is a great and wonderful tool to organize your life. However, there are a few things missing with regards to seeing the connection between your different notes and topics.

Evergreen Notes is a Notion chrome extension that brings the power of networked notes and combines it with Notion’s organizational powerful database system and beautiful design. It allows you to easily see your related notes and utilize networked knowledge management to produce better work. All of your references, backlinks, relationships and mentions are conveniently located in the sidebar.

Key Features

  • See backlinks, mentions, relations, and related pages without distractions.
  • See all your page markups at a glance and navigate to them easily.
  • Add an ever-present Table of Content on the sidebar.
  • Search without losing flow and context.

3. Save To Notion

Save To Notion chrome

Save to Notion is another web clipper Notion chrome extension to quickly bookmark articles, but also for saving other kinds of data like emails, jobs, cooking recipes, books, movies, and others. 

Key Features

  • Save the whole page article, or just bookmark it.
  • Modify page properties directly in the popup.
  • Apply the Notion template while saving.
  • Create pre-configured forms for your different workflows.
  • When reading a web page, highlight a portion of texts to your Notion page.

4. notion-enhancer

notion enhancer

notion-enhancer is a customizer for the all-in-one productivity tool — Notion. You can use it to add in-app tabs, color themes, extra sidebar features, right to left text, database customization, icon upload history, and more to your Notion app. 

Key Features

  • Set custom fonts and themes

5. Tailored Notion

Tailored Notion

Tailored Notion is a Notion browser extension that enhances the appearance of Notion when used directly from Chrome. It adds handy little features that let you control the behavior of the Notion app.

Key Features

  • Pick a sidebar & top bar color
  • Set custom font from your device
  • Remove page’s icon and cover
  • Hide side & top bar
  • Pages get thinner padding when the width is 100%
  • Hide Emojis in the sidebar – get a slick look
  • Replace Emojis in the sidebar by Notion’s logo with the first letter of the page
  • Remove emojis from the browser tab
  • Remove the help button

6. NotionX


NotionX is yet another useful extension for improving the experience of your Notion Web App. It’s used to keep the UI consistent with a cute native app UI style.

Key Features

  • Page Content statistics such as word count.
  • Hide Table block’s ‘New’ button.
  • Add a “scroll to top button” in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Hide comments at the top of the page.
  • Switching Notion dark mode.
  • Support Multiple languages

7. Notion+ Mark Manager

Notion Mark Manager

The colored text and comment tools in Notion are multifunctional, capable of highlighting texts, taking notes, leaving a message, and so on. These marks, however, are difficult to organize and file. This is where Notion+ Mark Manager comes in.

Key Features

  • Import all marks with one click.
  • Scroll to the context of marks.
  • Export multiple marks quickly.
  • Filter the marks as you wish.
  • Supports dark mode.

8. Noto – Notion URL shortener and beautifier

Noto Link

Do you hate sharing those lengthy and ugly Notion URLs? Me too!

Noto Link is a Notion Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with URL shortener and beautifies the Notion links. It lets you easily create short URLs to pages, databases, and blocks. In addition, you can also create beautiful links and generate HTML and Markdown code.

Key Features

  • Convert ugly Notion URLs into pretty URLs.
  • Create beautiful links and generate HTML and Markdown code

9. Notion Boost

Notion Boost browser extension demo

Notion Boost enhances Notion with 20+ customizations such as an outline, small text, full width for all, and a scroll to top button.

Key Features

  • Show sticky table of contents for pages that have headings or sub-headings.
  • Set full width for all pages by default.
  • Set small text for all pages by default.
  • Add scroll to the top button.
  • Hide floating help button for all pages.

10. Notion Time Tracker

Notion Time Tracker

Add a Chronometer to your Notion database page and track time on the go without any manual interactions. 

Key Features

  • Track time and automatically update it in the database property

Conclusion: The Best Notion Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions for Notion are great tools for improving your Notion experience and adding missing features. We’ve listed some of the best extensions for the app and you can install the ones based on the features you require.

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