5 Best Notion Alternative Apps For Productivity

Alternatives to Notion that are simpler and work like Notion.

Are you looking for a Notion alternative app?

Notion is an excellent tool for a variety of purposes, including note-taking, project management, and collaboration. It can be customized to meet your needs. However, it can be quite confusing for some users as they may find the features overwhelming.

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the Notion alternative apps that are worth checking out.

9 Best Notion Alternative Apps For More Productivity

Some people may want to try out Notion alternative apps because they find Notion difficult to use. Some people may simply want to try out an alternative app that works and functions like Notion.

Considering both scenarios, I have listed down both the simpler Notion alternatives as well as apps that work like Notion.

1. Slite


Slite is a simple collaborative documentation tool that helps businesses stay organized and work more thoughtfully. It has Notion like blocks that you can insert to a page to start adding content. Slite is perfect for teams that are constantly collaborating on larger projects together. All your information is easily searchable and shareable, no matter who needs it and where they are.

It integrates with a variety of tools, including Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, Figma, and many others. The free version of Slite has a limit of 50 documents and can have unlimited members and integrations. Premium plans begin at $8 per month and it includes unlimited documents.

2. Evernote


Evernote is a note-taking app that lets you create and save notes on the go. All notes are saved on the cloud so every word you type in it is automatically saved. You can use it on any device such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It comes with many great features such as a web clipper to save anything from a web page with a click of a button, a to-do list to help you get organized, a calendar to stay connected, and much more.

Evernote integrates with many different services, making it easier to create a storage system that makes sense for you. You can integrate your Google Calendar, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more with Evernote. This allows you to sync all your files and notes quickly and easily between your different devices.

3. Taskade


Taskade is a team collaboration app that allows teams to chat, organize workflow, and get things done. You can start by creating a shared workspace and adding content with blocks.

Unlike Notion, Taskade only has a few essential blocks that are needed to create content and collaborate as a team. It lets you quickly switch between list, kanban board, table, and mindmap views for each project you create with a single click.

It comes with several templates to help you get started. The free plan of Taskade includes unlimited projects and tasks while the premium version adds version history, permission, and cloud upload.

4. Nuclino


Nuclino is a real-time document creation tool for teams. It can be used to build company wikis and share information with others. To visually explore and organize your knowledge, it lets you easily switch between tree, board, and graph views.

It has desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Nuclino has a free plan that allows you to access 50 items and 2GB of storage. You can upgrade to the premium plan to create an unlimited number of items with version history.

5. Coda

What is Coda? Meet Coda!

Coda is a powerful all-in-one document collaboration app that allows you to write content, create spreadsheets, and do a variety of other things in a single workspace. It includes building blocks that allow you to create tables, Gantt charts, and Trello-style Kanban cards. You can make use of its template gallery to help you quickly get started with Coda.

It integrates with popular apps such as Jira, Google Calendar, and Slack to eliminate the need to switch between them.

Coda has a free version that allows you to create an unlimited number of documents with a limitation of 50 objects per doc. You can upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $12 per month and allows you to create documents with no restrictions.

That’s it! These are some of the Notion alternative apps that you can try if you find Notion to be a bit confusing.

If you still want to give Notion a try and learn it, you can use the Notion templates, which will save you time and provide you with a ready-made workspace to work on.

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