17 Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

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Notion has made our lives simpler; you can create or use templates to help you track your habits, organize books, track deadlines using a calendar, set objectives, and so much more.

One of the best things about Notion is you don’t have to create such dashboards from scratch; thousands of users create and allow you to duplicate their templates and use them on the go.

If you find an inspirational template, you can easily duplicate it, but most helpful templates are dull, while you might want something more beautified and aesthetic. 

In this article, I will list the best aesthetic Notion templates that you can easily duplicate in your workspace.

17 Best Aesthetic Notion Templates – Make your Dashboard Aesthetically Beautiful

Notion has a huge community of users that creates templates for personal and professional purposes. If you are among those who prefer their journal writing, habit tracking, or note-taking to be more aesthetic, there are several options out there, and thankfully, most of them are for free. 

Let’s check them out one by one.

Table of Content

1. Ultimate Aesthetic Daily Dashboard

aesthetic daily planner

Having trouble keeping track of everything in one place? Ultimate Aesthetic Daily Dashboard is a beautiful Notion template that’s a perfect guide to aesthetic living, tailored just for you. You can now organize your life under one single dashboard. 

Get things done task manager

From planning your meals and managing your finances, to following your workout routine, tracking your reading progress, and many more things. Not to mention, it’s super easy to use!

meal planner ultimate aesthetic dashboard

At a very minimal price, this template offers cute widgets and beautiful aesthetic appeal that would make getting things done easier and more fun. 

Key Features

  • Task Manager comprising a built-in sleek progress bar
  • Functional widgets (clock, calendar, weather, counter, unit converter)
  • Event Reminders
  • Ultimate Finance Planner with Income goal widget
  • Easy meal planner with recipe database
  • Workout Routine Tracker
  • Reading list tracker indicating progress 
  • Bookmarks collection

And it has many more functions than that!

💡 notionzen recommends this template as the best aesthetic Notion template because it includes all of the features you’d need in your daily life.

2. Medicine – A medical student’s all-in-one home base


Medicine is one of the clean and free aesthetic notion templates for all medical graduates. There are many reasons one should use this template. It is not much fancy, but you will find tools such as assessment trackers, habit tracking, and several other databases. Once done, you can also customize them as per your need. 

Key Features: 

  • Course and assessment tracker for study.
  • Lecture database.
  • Built-In note taking templates.
  • Clinical skills and placement database.
  • Extra-curricular database.
  • Manuscript and abstract tracker to get a hold of your research.
  • Wellness habit tracker for improving lifestyle.

3. Your Daily Dashboard

Your Daily Dashboard

Your Daily Dashboard is one of the best picks to keep track of everything in your personal and professional life. Though there are several aesthetic widgets, what I like about using this template is the clean UI and nothing too fancy, which makes it also a good choice for professional purposes. 

Key Features:

  • Set reminders, events, and exam dates, in brief, using the calendar.
  • Calendar events can be made more aesthetic with the help of icons, cover image, text boxes and more.
  • Be thankful for your life events by writing a quick journal.
  • Organize your reading list like a bookshelf.
  • Plan your meals and manage your daily tasks.

4. Deborah’s World 

Deborah's World 

Deborah’s world is just the right aesthetic Notion template that one would love to have. This well-structured template helps you manage your life events, academia, hobbies, and career. It is what you can call both an appealing and multi-use template for everyday use. 

Key Features:

  • Each event card has a to-do list, scheduling, memo pads, calendar, and note-taking tools.
  • The Academia card has a detailed weekly planner for you to track your progress.
  • Working on personal and professional dashboards can sometimes be boring; use the Spotify playlist Notion widget to keep your mood grooving. 
  • Track your current projects, and your older projects are automatically imported into the project manager. 

5. Welcome Home 

Welcome Home 

Welcome Home is a simple yet aesthetically beautiful Notion template for multi-purpose. You can find a beautiful aesthetic video cover when you first duplicate this template and later choose to replace it with one of your Gifs to make it feel at home. 

Key Features:

  • Appealing weather and digital clock widgets
  • Listen to your Spotify playlist while you are working
  • A to-do list to track your progress and set your daily goals
  • Track academics and organize the reading list
  • Add a calendar widget and sync all your Google calendar events

6. Light Aesthetic Dashboard

Light Aesthetic Dashboard

Light Aesthetic Dashboard is a weekly planner Notion aesthetic template that makes planning your week more efficient. You can list to-do’s or goals you wish to accomplish with the weekly, daily, and monthly lists. You can keep adding widgets to this aesthetic dashboard and customize the dashboard as per your needs. 

Key Features:

  • Weekly, daily, and monthly daily tracker.
  • To-do list to make a more efficient dashboard
  • Easy navigation to other pages
  • Add more widgets to keep your aesthetic dashboard rich

7. Template Lifebook

Template Lifebook

One of the most aesthetic Notion templates on the list, Template Lifebook is a must-have. It is loaded with features that can make your life easier while also attractive to use.

Key Features:

  • Much detailed dashboard with widgets such as a to-do list, calendar, clock, notes to self, and event cards
  • Daily planner for efficient task management
  • Reward center to appreciate task completions and positively motivate towards goals
  • Write journals, affirmations, and track your habits on the go

8. Class of {20..}

Class of {20..}

Class of {20..} is the perfect student workspace/dashboard and is filled with aesthetics of blue of BTS. It allows you to pen down your everyday life in academics, plan and schedule your tasks, and list out your important jobs to do. What I like the most about this aesthetic Notion template for students is you can plan as per individual subjects; now, that’s quite detailed.

Key Features:

  • Subject-wise database for detailed progress tracking
  • Daily-basis to-do list for task and goal completions
  • Teacher-contact database to connect on the go
  • Spotify integration to keep you grooving 

9. Home Cleaning Database

Home Cleaning Database

Cleaning your house can be messy when you are unorganized with your timings. Notion’s Home Cleaning Database aesthetic template will ease the job for you by helping you schedule your chores on a daily basis. 

Key Features:

  • List of daily cleaning chores with a progress bar
  • Database for monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning tasks
  • Schedule cleaning tasks with a detailed calendar viewer
  • Detailed task assignments on a day to day basis

10. Light Purple Aesthetic Template

Light Purple Aesthetic Template

Purplish and aesthetic, the Light Purple aesthetic template is the perfect choice for academics and personal life. Though there are no fancy fonts or widgets, the template still appeals to the users with the pale combination and selection of colors. Here, you will find every important widget to track your academics and some chapters of your personal life. 

Key Features:

  • Goals and habit tracker
  • A to-do list to track your daily tasks and a separate list for academics
  • Spotify playlist to groove
  • Personal dump with uncategorized lists and journal to write your heart and mind

11. Aesthetic Notion Template for School and Life

Aesthetic Notion Template for School and Life

It is a perfect student Notion template for those who don’t want their dashboard to be clumsy but simply aesthetic and helpful. The Aesthetic Notion template for School and Life does an ideal job for you to track your academics and personal life. This includes cleaning schedules, assignment tracking, routines and more. 

Key Features:

  • Track assignments with detailed parameters, including file upload
  • View your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly progress
  • Event cards such as academia, house cleaning, weekly scheduling, and routines
  • Spotify playlist to keep the music while you are working or writing a journal

For those who are specifically looking for the best student Notion templates, we also have a list of them. You can also read our other article, which explains how to use Notion as a student.

12. Anime Aesthetic Book List Notion

Anime Aesthetic Book List Notion

Unlike most of the templates on this list, Anime Aesthetic Book List Notion is a Notion book tracker template dedicated only to book lovers. Here, you can track your book reading progress, manage and organize books on the shelves, and create a wishlist of books you wish to read. 

Key Features:

  • Bookshelf to organize and manage books
  • Book counter and books to read target
  • Reading notes to pen down valuable information or quotes, you can also do a to-do for reading books

13. We Bare Bears Template

We Bare Bears Template

We Bare Bears aesthetic template is suitable for workaholics with widgets that make tracking and progress easier. There are several tools on this dashboard, but to pick up something different, you can find a manifesting widget and small memo cards to dump your thoughts and sticky notes.

 Key Features:

  • To-do lists for work and daily life
  • List to track dates of upcoming exams
  • A weekly planner and life notes
  • Individual subject cards to track the progress of each subject

14. Vantage Cozy Home

Vintage Cozy Home Notion template

A classic vintage aesthetic template, the Vantage Cozy Home is a perfect brownish dashboard for work, life, and academics. It comes with curvy fonts and is filled with useful widgets that make our lives simpler and aesthetically beautiful. 

Key Features:

  • Calendar view with a detailed planner
  • Save web pages and references
  • Track goals and projects, and create notes, resources, to-do lists, and a book library
  • Pen down a journal from your daily life

15. Life Magazine

Life Magzine Notion template

A well-designed aesthetic template to manage your life events, Life Magazine is a perfect single-page dashboard. You can manage your life events such as monthly, weekly, and daily planners, projects, notes, and daily goals.

Key Features:

  • Schedule your plans using a detailed calendar plan
  • Journal your gratitude, life events, and daily thoughts
  • Life notes with detailed goal tracking section
  • Each card is sectioned in a single dashboard along with quick links for easy navigation

16. Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Notion aesthetic template

Spring 2021 is a simple aesthetic and valuable Notion template for those who want to plan their day, goals, and time-based event scheduling. An additional and most helpful feature of this aesthetic dashboard is the option to set the dates and deadlines for your tasks which most other templates miss out on. 

Key Features:

  • Detailed calendar to set your meetings and plan your day
  • Regular and weekly calendar view
  • Date and deadlines for goal-based tasks
  • Direct links to calendar and google drive to access resources from other platforms

17. Dashboard – Aesthetic Template

Dashboard Aesthetic Template

The Dashboard aesthetic template is on the go dashboard for personal life events and organizing/managing. You can find prominent tools such as habit tracking, content planning, bucket list, and journal writing. There are more tools and options which make the dashboard a perfect choice. 

Key Features:

  • Agenda and content planner
  • Budget and habit tracker
  • Personal notes, recipes, workouts, goal panner and more
  • Shopping list and custom made planners for home cleaning

(Bonus) 18. Simple Project Management System 

Simple Project Management System 

Project management can be a tedious job, requiring analysis, research, and input. With the Simple Project Management System template, you can beautifully manage your projects, teams, and status. A timeline view gives you a detailed and well-planned schedule of your pending work and helps you organize it in time. I love using task management for teams displayed within small boxes and status, and it allows you ease in management, unlike any other aesthetic template on the list.

Key Features:

  • Best for projects and team management
  • Attractive card boxes for each event/task
  • Timeline and well-designed calendar view for all tasks and management
  • Progress for each task by added team members along with status and controls such as blocking them

Wrapping up: 18 Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

Aesthetic Notion templates are best to make your daily use dashboard beautiful alongside helpful. With all the Notion features, you will likely keep using it for a longer time, and a dull template can make your long hours boring.

With the free Notion aesthetic templates on this list, you can add beautiful widgets, Spotify playlists, and planners over a few boring tables and databases.

Which is your favorite aesthetic template on this list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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