How To Add Vertical Divider in Notion

Divide content into sections by making use of vertical dividers.

How To Add Vertical Divider in Notion featured

Struggling to visually organize your Notion workspace? Adding vertical dividers is the perfect solution to neatly create separate sections and make your workspace clean and professional-looking.

In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how to insert vertical dividers to divide up blocks of text, images, to-do lists – you name it.

How To Make Vertical Divider in Notion

Although Notion doesn’t come with a built-in feature for adding vertical dividers, there’s a creative workaround that can make it seem as though your page has one. Let’s look at how to create one. 

1. Create columns on a Notion page

First up – create columns to work with. You can either use the handy slash shortcut /2c or just drag an empty text block to the end of the page to create a column layout. Easy peasy right? 

If you’re not sure how to create columns in Notion, you can read our detailed tutorial about it.

For this tutorial, I will use one of the Daily Planner templates which has three columns and I want to add a vertical divider in between them.

daily planner template with three columns

2. Add a Quote block to the top of the column

Now head over to the top of any column you want to add a vertical divider and add in a Quote block by typing the /quote shortcut. You’ll see a skinny little vertical line appear – that’s our divider coming to life.

add a quote block at the top of the column

3. Drop the column content inside the Quote block

Drag and drop the column content one by one inside the Quote block. This will increase the vertical line height as more and more content is added.

drag and drop the column content inside the Quote block

You’ll notice that there’s a default placeholder text added by Notion at the top. Let’s remove that too.

4. Remove the placeholder text from the Quote block

To remove the placeholder at the top, click on it and hold the Shift key together with the Backspace key to shift the column content to the top.

Shift the column content at top to remove the placeholder text

If you want to further increase the height, click inside the Quote block at the bottom and hold the Shift key together with the Enter key to expand the line. Keep going until it’s the height you want.

Vertical columns added in Notion

And there you have it! With just a few simple steps, you’ve added a vertical divider to split your Notion page into sections. Super easy and helps keep your Notion organized!

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