How To Add Table of Content in Notion

Are you looking to add a table of content to a page in Notion? If…

How To Add Table of Content in Notion

Are you looking to add a table of content to a page in Notion?

If you use Notion to write a lot of long pages, a table of contents would be useful to quickly jump to the section you want to read.

In this article, I’ll show you how to easily add a table of content to Notion and save you from long scrolling. 

How To Add Table of Content in Notion

Notion is an all-in-one productivity app that people from all business backgrounds use for a variety of purposes. As an example, I use Notion as an editorial calendar for my blog on a daily basis. I write all of my blog posts in Notion before exporting them to the website.

In my case, when I’m writing a super long in-depth guide, I have to do a lot of scrolling to get from one section to the next. This results in bad user experience.

This is where the Table of Content in Notion comes in handy. It allows you to quickly navigate to different sections of the page with a single click.

Notion is based on the concept of building blocks. To add content in Notion, you can use the various blocks, and Table of Content is one of them.

Use Headings Inside the Content

The Notion’s Table of Content block automatically scans the page content to create a table with links to important sections. The block only works if you have headings on the page. You can use any heading level between H1, H2, or H3 and it will create anchor links for them. 

Once you have the content ready, it’s time to add the table of content block in Notion. 

Add Table of Content to Page

To add a new block, enter a new line, hover your mouse to the left, and click on the plus icon (‘+’) icon. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut ‘/’ to open the block list menu. 

add new block in Notion

Scroll down to the Advanced Blocks section in the block list and select the Table of Content block.

Table of content block in Notion

The block will read the page’s content and generate a table with all of the headings automatically. You can simply click on any of the headings in the table, and it will automatically scroll you to that section.

To make your table of content stand out from the page content, you can hover to the top left of the block till you see the dotted square and click on it.

dotted box in Notion

This will open up a popup with options. You can hover the mouse over the Color section and either select the text color or background color from the list.

Add background colour to table of content in Notion

It will add a background colour to table of content box and highlight it compared to other content.

Notion table of content background highlighted

To further customize it, you can add a toggle block above the table of content in Notion and move it inside it. Isn’t this cool?

toggle table of content in Notion

That’s it! I hope this short tutorial helped you learn how to add a table of content in Notion to improve the user experience and save you from excessive scrolling.

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  • Erwin Rossen

    I was hoping to find how to customize the table of contents to only include h1 headers and skip h2 and h3 headers. Is that not possible, or is that just not mentioned here?

    • A

      I am sorry but this is not possible at the moment. I hope the Notion team will add this feature in the near future.

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