5 Best Notion Travel Template

Check out the best Notion travel templates to plan your next trip.

Are you looking for the best Notion travel templates to plan your next trip? Check out this list of our top picks.

One of the toughest things to do is plan your travel, and this is something you need to do carefully. With all the bucket lists, travel locations, and things you wish to do, a great planner is important, and Notion makes it easier for you.

On Notion, you can find several templates that can help you bucket list all your favorite destinations, help you plan your trip, and manage tickets, travel, and other comforts.

In this article, we’ll look at the best Notion travel templates that make it easier and more convenient to plan and bucket list your favorite destinations.

5 Best Notion Travel Template – Travel and Plan Better

There are several kinds of Notion travel templates that allow you to bucket list and plan your travel better. However, choosing one template can always be difficult, as there is so much these templates have to offer.

But let’s keep it more specific to how you can use these travel templates on Notion; here are some of our top picks.

1. Notion Travel Manager

Notion Travel Manager

Notion Travel Manager is one of the best and simplest templates to plan all your travel and make a bucket list of your favorite destinations for your next trip.

On Notion Travel Manager, you can find a visually appealing dashboard with a board view where all your favorite destinations are visible right in front of you.

Once you decide on a place to travel to, you can easily create more sub-pages of all the places you want to visit when you reach your particular destination.

Now, this is crucial for planning, and the Notion travel manager makes it much easier with more in-detail planning and not just the destination.

But that’s not all; this simple yet efficient Notion travel manager also showcases a list of to-do items that can be used for your convenience in planning.

The default way is to help you pack your luggage and not miss out on any of your important things at the back, but since it is on Notion, you can customize and add more tables to make planning a better objective for your travel planner. 

Key Features

  • Get all your bucket list destinations right on the dashboard with the board view
  • Add more sub-pages, such as places to visit, and link them to the destination page
  • Create a to-do list of items for your luggage planning or create your own to-do lists as per your planning convenience
  • Add tags to a destination page such as planning, visited, or want to visit for organization; you can also create your own tags or edit the current ones
  • Get a “days until” label to keep track of the number of days left for your trip to your next dream destination

2. Ultimate Bucket List

Ultimate Bucket List Template

If you need something more than just adding destinations to your travel bucket list, Ultimate Bucket List is the best option for you with a detailed travel planner like no other travel template on Notion.

On the top of the template, you can find four well-prepared databases – ultimate bucket list, places and activities, country bucket list, and list of countries and territories.

The bucket list database showcases a table on the right with information such as country, region, year to visit, and bucket list items of things to do – a page reference.

In the plans and activities database, you can plan more details with parameters such as the name of the activity, type, desired level, year to do it by, and countries and territories.

This is something that will help you carefully plan all your activities and prioritize them accordingly to make a better travel plan. 

The template also showcases automated stats with a progress bar to always keep you on your toes to travel and track better.

The dashboard showcases a board view which is best when images related to the destinations are added to it, and you can always check-mark activities with a to-do list and accomplished table to keep completing your travel needs. 

Key Features

  • Multiple and useful databases to plan your destinations with things to do and places to visit
  • Automated stats to help you track all your travel goals
  • A to-do and accomplished items database to do everything you always wanted to do on your travel
  • Tags your destinations and places with tags based on the nature of the trip, such as hiking, museum, site, and more
  • Add countries to your bucket list or mark them visited with country, region, and subregion tags in one click from 250+ country options

3. Travel Planner by Dave

Travel Planner Notion Template by Dave

Dave is known to make some of the best Notion templates that are more than just visually appealing but efficient; Travel Planner is one such template that helps you create a much better overview of everything from the start to the end of your trip.

The template showcases four types of databases – documents manager, ticket manager, money manager, and travel checklist.

This is something we love using about the Travel Planner template by Dave, as everything is specific to your travel needs and is much more detailed and well-planned.

The databases with this travel template are perfect with all the required features, but there is more to it with a travel checklist.

The travel checklist helps you with detailed planning on reservations, luggage list, accessories, activities, and more.

Key Features

  • Document manager to carry all your documents digitally, especially in the times of COVID
  • Tickets manager to manage all your tickets directly from the dashboard
  • Money manager to help you keep all the money information, such as money conversions and leftover budget
  • Travel checklist database to never forget any of your travel agendas, luggage, accessories, and other items
  • Manage reservation information directly through the dashboard for hotels, departures, car rentals, and more

4. Travel Planner by Hugh Dawkins

Notion Travel Template by Hugh

To plan a perfect trip, small or big, one of the crucial things is organizing it and preparing a complete blueprint from start to end.

Likewise to the best notion travel templates on this list, the Travel Planner template by Hugh Dawkins is a complete self-trip organizer with the most ease.

With features such as a trip database and an interactive library to plan your itineraries, such as items, dates, cost, and more, you get to fully map out your plans for the trip with ease.

Moreover, you can find your trip reminders, so you never miss your departures and make timely visits to every destination on your list. 

To make your travel more convenient, you can find dedicated sections for flight, train, car, and all other transport bookings so you can manage them interactively rather than writing them down.

There are several other databases included in this travel template, such as trip status, research & plan, countries visited, expense tracking, travel journal & documents, which make your trip planning much easier.

Key Features

  • Trip database to track all your trips and itineraries with ease
  • Integrated with a trip journal where you can reflect on your journey and thoughts
  • Expense tracker to track your expenses and money conversions
  • Manage all your documents on the go with an integrated document manager
  • Dedicated sections of trip planning, such as departures, transportation, reservations, activities to do, and more

5. Trip Planner by Dana Griff

Trip Planner by Dana Griff

The last trip planner template on the list is the Trip Planner by Dana Griff. It’s a perfect self-guided trip planner that helps you organize and track all your trip needs.

For instance, we love the expense tracker, where you can create a count for all the trip members and add who paid for what expense to do a clear split later. 

There is also a booking section where you can add information such as destination, type of destination, cost per person, the total sum paid, and who made the payment.

The best part is, once you have the information added in the booking section, you can also view it in a calendar view to learn about your trips and bookings much more easily. 

On the main dashboard, you can find a board view where you can add information about your trips and find them organized for ease in planning.

You can add images about the trip, tags such as date, address, confirmation, links in the description, and several other blocks. This is a more fun way to create your itinerary and plan your trip with all the relevant information.

Key Features

  • Expense tracker to know who paid for what with a track of total expense.
  • The booking section helps you manage all your bookings with relevant and precise information.
  • The calendar view helps you to view all your travel and trips in a more convenient way.
  • Create itineraries for individual places to visit or things to do with relevant information such as date, address, description, tags, and links; you can even add more custom information with the help of custom blocks on your trip page.

Wrapping up: Best Notion Travel Templates – Travel and Plan Better

The above-mentioned templates are some of our top picks on travel templates for Notion. From expense tracking to creating itineraries, you can do it all with these templates and manage better.

To make sure there is no hindrance, you can manage documents, travel bookings, things to do, and other crucial travel parameters.

You can always travel better if you plan better, and these Notion travel templates make it much easier for you. Which is your favorite template from the list above?

Do let us know in the comment section. Also, have you checked our Notion template collection yet? Find some amazing and productive templates for your daily needs.

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